Ionic App Development Services

Build cross-platform/get Ionic hybrid mobile app development that gives you a Native experience.

The Ionic app developers at Infomaze, with their expertise and experience, keep up with the latest stable releases of the open-source Ionic Framework SDK to build high-performance PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) and hybrid/cross-platform mobile apps.

Our developers understand the project requirements, including your audience, timeline, and the product you need, and utilize the Ionic components with the correct interface framework - Angular JS, React, or Vue.js, or independently, to give you the perfect app that meets your business goals.

Our expert React Native developers assess your mobile app requirements and deliver a versatile, robust app with a native look and feel using the USPs that React Native offers.


Why choose Ionic mobile app development services

Using the web components and the chosen Javascript framework, you get a Native experience on your local operating system through our Ionic mobile app development services.

The interactive application obtained by leveraging the browser engine in a Native container allows access to multiple device capabilities, including camera, Bluetooth, and Geolocation, which is not achievable in mobile applications.

The Ionic framework app development takes less turnaround time with faster time-to-market and is reasonable than Native mobile applications.

How we can help with our Ionic app development services?

Our consultants guide you based on your business requirements and help define the SRS and develop rapid prototypes.

Utilizing a single codebase, Ionic components, and CLI, we develop the apps at a competitive pace.

With our agile project management, transparency, flexible work hours, and project co-ordinators assigned to the project, you get the best outputs that exceed your expectation.

If you have an underdeveloped/incomplete project, we take it from any point and complete it for you. Hire our Ionic Developer now!


Our Ionic App Development Services


Ionic App Consultation

Our Ionic Consultants at Infomaze have vast experience providing a strategy that best helps reach a timeframe for the ionic app development that meets your business goal, making us one of the top Ionic mobile app development companies to consult.

Ionic App Design & Development

Acquire the best intuitive UI and interactive cross-platform, hybrid, or native, ionic app development done with an appropriate framework, web technologies, and ionic components to provide the best UX for your users.


Ionic Widget Development

Get customized widgets developed with advanced features and functionalities that our ionic developers come up with to best align them with your business needs.

Ionic App Migration

Improve your legacy application or transform it from native to hybrid ionic applications and get an optimized UI/UX with our Ionic application migration services.


Ionic App Integration

Our developers provide seamless integration between your ionic mobile applications with smart devices, including smartwatches, geolocation devices, AR/VR devices to give a future-ready application.

Ionic App QA & Testing

Our team of ionic developers utilizes the best strategies to check on the functionality and the usability of the ionic app being developed and ensure you get an optimized application in the end.


Ionic App Support & Maintenance

Be it from deploying your ionic app successfully or enhancing the app to meet your updated objectives; we help you cruise through the process through our ionic support and maintenance services.

Our Methodology for Ionic App Development Services

With the frontend tech preference that you have, be it Angular, React, or Vue, our developers utilize the Ionic components and other web technologies, including HTML and CSS, to develop a client-centric Ionic mobile application using the Agile methodology. This methodology helps collaboratively review the development process and share feedback, maintaining complete transparency, leading to development with less turnaround time.


Our Industrial Expertise

Our Ionic developers have immense experience developing ionic mobile applications for different industry verticals adhering to every project’s unique requirements.











Real Estate




Law Firms

Why choose Infomaze for procuring Ionic app development services?


From App-modernization for your existing legacy apps, building industry-specific apps, we utilize the Ionic components’ full functionality, our expertise in Ionic CLI and Javascript Frameworks, and deliver the apps that drive your ROI and profit margin towards exponential growth.

With a better understanding of the technology and different platforms, you get the advantage of customizing your application to fit your business needs including, integrating it with a third-party or backend system, including custom plugin development, among others.

We offer our professional guidance based on our expertise, years of experience, and efficient methodologies to tackle your project needs and offer secure support and maintenance ionic application development services.

Our Happy Customers


Infomaze is the best technology partner any business could ask for they go above and beyond to satisfy my business needs and they will do research and develop anything you need, I will never switch to any other company, may your success be our success.



Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Ionic App Development take?

The project's timeframe depends on the app's functional complexity, configurability, and changes as per your feedback.

Are the Ionic apps you provide secure?
Yes, the ionic apps we provide are of the highest security level and are only delivered to you after a vigorous testing cycle.
What is the average cost of getting an ionic app developed?

The average cost of ionic app development depends on multiple factors, based on which we provide affordable estimates. Contact us for more details.

What kind of app can you build using Ionic?

mCommerce App, Enterprise App, Social Media App, Multi-Language Supported App, Gaming App, real-time or streaming apps, to name a few, can be built using the Ionic platform.

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