Zoho CRM Customizations to Streamline the Zoho Quote System

The Client: Seeking Zoho CRM Customization

An IT solution provider for the printing industry wanted to improve their operations workflow. The client wanted to streamline their quote system within the Zoho CRM.

They came to us requesting a Zoho CRM multi-currency automation. The client wanted the prices to get updated automatically every hour, directly from the Google exchange rate.

The primary concern of the client was to eliminate:

  • Inaccurate pricing in their quotes.
  • Manual entries of prices during the generation of quotes.
  • The usage of generalized and standard quote templates, available within the Zoho CRM.

The absence of the above features within the Zoho CRM made the client look for Zoho CRM customizations. The client came to us, as a Zoho-authorized partner, and we provided an efficient Zoho solution.

The Problem: Lack of Zoho CRM customization to Streamline Operations

More than building customer relations and concentrating on their business growth, the client was busy running the operations accurately. A lack of automation in the generation of quotes led to a lot of stress. The client had been facing severe inconveniences with inaccurate pricing within their quotes.

Errors in the quotation because of exchange rate differences affected their customer relations. This led to the incurrence of loss to the company. The clientwas unhappy with the generalized quote templates available within the Zoho quote system.

As the generalized quotes did not align with their branding, the quotes failed to impress their end customers as well. Also, the generalized quote templates offered little to no customizations for the customer. Because of this, the client could not get multiple kinds of quotes using the same fields.

Instead of working on scaling their sales department, the limitations led to the company spending more time:

  1. Checking for inaccuracies in the quotes because of varied exchange rates.
  2. Manual errors during data entry.
  3. Creating quotes that did not align with their end customers’ requirements.

The client, frustrated with all the setbacks because of a lack of automation, sought Zoho CRM customization services.

Google API Currency Converter to the Rescue

The Requirements: Zoho CRM Multi-Currency Quote System

  • The client wanted a Google exchange rate integration with the Zoho CRM. In order to provide currency exchange rates automatically updated every hour.
  • The client wanted us to create a personalized template or quote design that would align with their branding.
  • To streamline the process of quote generation, followed by its sharing.
  • An easy way to create two kinds of quotes using the same personalized template. The client’s end-users requested majorly two kinds of quotes:
  • An itemized quote that had pricing and discounts for individual items.
  • A consolidated quote that would provide the overall pricing and the overall discount only.
  • When creating quotes, a single button option for saving the fields within the quote as a base package for the future.

The Technology Used for Providing Zoho CRM Multi-Currency Quote System

With the expertise in providing Zoho customization services:
  • We designed the quote templates to look professional and aligned the design to go with the brand.
  • Using the Google API, we provided the Google exchange rate integration with the Zoho CRM.
  • We used custom Deluge functions to update the exchange rates every hour within the Zoho CRM.
  • We created a custom deluge function to generate two types of quote templates using the same fields.

The Solution: Integration using Google API to Get Currency Rates Streamlined

As per the client’s request, using the Zoho customization services, we provided the automation required in the quoting system with the Zoho CRM.

Without affecting the client’s everyday business, here are the solutions that we offered to the client:

  • The Zoho developers built a quote system within the Zoho CRM that allowed the client to add the required fields of the quote and save it as a base package easily.
  • Using these different base packages, previously saved, we provided an option for the client to generate fresh quotes.
  • As per the client’s request, we provided an integration using Google API. With the Google API to get currency rates, we enabled an option for the client to update the exchange rates on the price of the item directly.
  • With the custom deluge function, we provided two types of quotes: Itemized and Consolidated quotes.
  1. Itemized quote:

    In this quote, we provided an option for the client to add; individual, actual, and discounted prices of the items with actual and discounted total price, respectively.

  2. Consolidated quote:

    In this quote, we provided an option for the client to add the items and show only the consolidated total and discounted price. A lot of the client’s end users did not want the individual item price or discount.

  • We designed a user-friendly, personalized template for the client to share the quotes in PDF format.
  • To streamline the sharing of the quote with the client’s end-users, we wrote a custom function that would trigger an automated email.
Zoho CRM Automated Quote System

The Result: A Successful Google API Exchange Rate Integration with Zoho CRM

The client was extremely happy with the fast turnaround time we offered for the Zoho customization services.

With the custom function we wrote, the client could add items to the quote easily using the title, product description, or even the item features. With this feature in the Zoho CRM quote system, the client saved enormous time and workforce energy. And finally, could spend it on strategizing to scale their sales operations.

Based on the items added, through the Google API to get the currency rates, the price added would be accurate. The client could achieve zero inaccuracies because of no difference in the exchange rates.

The automation through the currency converter API from Google, the client, could remain stress-free. The automation prevented human data-entry errors. As a result, the client did not have to face uncomfortable situations or unhappy customers.

With the easy-to-save “quote packages” that we provided, the client saved time and effort in creating similar quotes repeatedly.

Also, by using the ready quote packages, the morale of the salesperson improved as it reduced their stress as well. And, this resulted in a productivity boost and they saw the salesperson’s productivity double.

The newly designed quote templates provided a better user experience that helped our client convert more leads to their customers. Also, the client could choose between the itemized or consolidated quote effortlessly and share the same with their end-users.

The client, as a result, increased their overall sales and also their ROI. Being a Zoho Authorized Partner, we provided an efficient Google Exchange Rate integration with Zoho CRM.

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