RingCentral Integration with Zoho CRM – A Case Study

The Summary of RingCentral Integration with Zoho CRM

Infomaze, a software solution company, has recently worked on RingCentral Integration with Zoho CRM for a healthcare and consultation provider. The healthcare industry decided to go online due to the worldwide shift of businesses toward online platforms and the ongoing global pandemic communications in their practice. Our client sought to enhance their communication infrastructure by incorporating telephony services into their operations. They turned to us, seeking expert guidance through our Zoho consultation services.

About the Client- A Healthcare Required Telephony integration with Zoho CRM

Our client, a reputable healthcare, cosmetic surgery, and consultations provider was doing their processes manually and due to the pandemic wanted to make everything online for easy and secure access. The client In response to the challenges, expressed the desire to integrate telephony into their operations as a strategic measure. The customer approached us with the specific need for a solution that integrates seamlessly with their existing Zoho system.

The Requirements for an Effective Solution with RingCentral Zoho Integration


To make things online, cloud-based, and easily accessible, the client wanted to automate the practice of telemedicine.

Here are the set of requirements the client wanted in their customized CRM software:

  • Zoho VOIP Integration :

    Our client wanted to improve the way they care for patients by giving them quick access to conversations, prior communication, and medical records.

  • Telephony Integration with Zoho CRM :

    To avoid entering the same information again and to enable calls to be made and accepted from within the CRM, with patient record pop-ups displayed when a call is received.

  • Tracking in Zoho CRM :

    Implement a robust and organized call logging system for efficient tracking, providing practitioners with the tools to manage and document patient histories meticulously.

To improve processes and reduce the need for frequent application switching, the client wanted to integrate telephony with Zoho CRM. The main goal was to make video consultations inside the integrated system effortless.

Tool and Strategy Used in RingCentral Telephony Integration

As a Zoho-authorized partner, we provided consultation services, strategically opting for RingCentral to integrate telephony with Zoho CRM. This strategic selection, aligned with the client’s needs, showcased our proficiency in leveraging technology for optimal solutions, enhancing their communication infrastructure and Zoho CRM functionality.

RingCentral is a cloud-based platform for collaboration and communication that provides video conferencing, messaging, and VoIP services. RingCentral is a popular choice for businesses looking for all-inclusive and dependable communication solutions because of its reputation for flexibility and scalability, which enable smooth corporate communication.

The Solution We Offered- Customized Zoho Integration Services

  • Our skilled Zoho developers, who are experts with Zoho integration services, completed the RingCentral integration with Zoho CRM quickly and without any issues. Supporting the integration of Zoho-VOIP required an easy RingCentral account creation and a successful system login.
  • In response to the client’s request to place calls straight from Zoho CRM, we skillfully set up browser calling preferences. This required using the client’s Zoho account to enable RingCentral connectivity. With the help of WebRTC plugins, we were able to accomplish real-time browser calling and make video conversations from within Zoho CRM.
  • To enhance user experience, we fine-tuned browser calling settings to display pop-ups for incoming calls and retain visibility throughout ongoing calls. The RingCentral Zoho connection enabled real-time sync, which allowed call logs and recordings to be immediately logged for increased efficiency when necessary.

The End Results- Successful Implementation of RingCentral Integration with Zoho CRM

  • The successful integration of RingCentral with Zoho allowed the client to save valuable time during cosmetic surgery consultations.
  • No app-switching was required for placing or managing calls. This eliminated interruptions and streamlined the process of collecting and logging information during calls.
  • Zoho integration facilitated easy viewing and tracking of call logs and recordings, making patient service more manageable.
  • The time saved through integration empowered the client to attend to more patients, significantly boosting overall productivity.
  • The screen pop-ups facilitated quick access to patient history, allowing the client to brush up on details before or during the call.
  • The elimination of barriers and enhanced patient trust resulted in an increased inflow of online consultations.
  • The combination of accessible call logs, real-time video calling, and personalized consultations contributed to positive experiences for patients.
  • The overall impact made the client’s transition to telemedicine a triumphant achievement.

Benefits of using RingCentral integration with Zoho CRM for A Healthcare

Together, RingCentral, a cloud-based communications platform, and Zoho CRM, a cloud-based customer relationship management software, offer several advantages.

Here are the major advantages:

  • There will be a unified way of communication because RingCentral integration allows the professionals of healthcare to make calls and send texts directly from Zoho CRM.
  • For sending automatic appointment reminders via call or text, integrate RingCentral with Zoho CRM. This makes the overall cancellation rates are decreased and patient engagement levels increase.
  • By ensuring data synchronization between RingCentral and Zoho CRM, integration reduces the possibility of errors and ensures that the most recent data is accessible on all platforms.
  • Integration allows healthcare professionals to access patient data while on phone calls, providing effective and individualized customer care. to telemedicine a triumphant achievement.
  • Workflows based on phone conversations can be automated. For instance, with Zoho CRM, you can implement automated follow-up activities or alerts in response to specific call outcomes.
  • With security features like encryption, RingCentral ensures that private medical data sent over the phone stays private and meets HIPAA regulations.

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