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A Print Management Information System (Print MIS) – PrintPLANR was developed for printing businesses and print managers to manage their business much better. PrintPLANR is a cloud-based Print Management Solution for management of various print industries such as Printing Companies, Print Managers and Promotional Businesses. Web2Print Solutions allows you to create unlimited corporate or generic print shop for e-commerce. 

The aim was to develop a solution to help a smooth workflow right from estimation to print output. Here are some features:

  • Print estimation was a hard process, given that there were too many factors that decided the estimates. PrintPLANR was developed to make the estimation automatic.
  • The solution worked well for not just regular print businesses, but also for digital printers, offset printers, signage printing and promotional companies.
  • Advanced CRM module and customized dashboard.
  • Job management module with electronic job cards made the task that much easier.
  • Invoice manager module to help generate invoices in a snap and export them easily. Custom invoice reports for future use.
  • B2B and B2B online stores with client’s own corporate branding.
  • An outstanding Online Design Studio where customers can view and even edit print designs before confirming their orders.

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PrintPLANR Solution

Real-time data that can be accessed with the advanced search option.

Don’t settle for the basics when advanced modules are available.