Improving Customer Engagement with Zoho Cliq Notifications in CRM

The Client: A Company Utilizing Zoho CRM for Sales Lead Management

Our client is an established e-commerce company that has been in the real estate business for several years and has a growing customer base.

Our client is a company that uses Zoho CRM to manage its sales leads and customer information. The company’s sales team consists of Inside Sales Representatives (ISRs) responsible for following up with leads and converting them into customers.

The Challenge: Delays in following up with leads

One of the company’s challenges was that the ISR needed to be notified when a new lead was created in Zoho CRM. This could result in delays in following up with the lead, potentially leading to lost sales opportunities.

The company wanted to find a way to improve the efficiency of its sales team by providing the ISRs with immediate notifications of new leads and quick access to lead information.

The Requirement: Ensuring Real-Time Notification, Utilizing the Zoho Cliq Platform, and Providing a Link to the Lead Record

To address this challenge, the company had the following requirements:

  • Real-time notification:

    The alert system needed to notify the Inside Sales Representative (ISR) in real time when a new lead was created in Zoho CRM. This would ensure that the ISR could follow up with the lead as soon as possible and reduce the risk of lost sales opportunities.

  • Zoho Cliq platform:

    The company wanted to utilize Zoho Cliq, a team messaging and collaboration platform, to send the alerts. This would allow the ISRs to quickly access and review the alerts within their existing workflow.

  • Link to lead record:

    The alert needed to include a link to the lead record in Zoho CRM, allowing the ISR to access and review the lead’s information. This would save time and improve the efficiency of the lead management process.

Zoho Cliq Integration

The Solution: Real-time alert system using Zoho Cliq and a link to the lead record

To meet the client’s requirements, we developed a custom integration for Zoho Cliq that sends a notification to the ISR when a new lead is created in Zoho CRM. The notification includes a link to the lead record, allowing the ISR to access and review the lead’s information quickly.

  1. First, our team set up an integration between Zoho CRM and Zoho Cliq. This will allow the two systems to communicate and exchange information.
  2. Next, our experienced Zoho developers created a custom function or “Webhook” in Zoho CRM that will trigger the alert whenever a new lead is created. This function will use the Zoho Cliq API to send the alert to the ISR through the team messaging platform.
  3. The alert will be formatted as a message in Zoho Cliq and include the lead’s name, contact information, and a link to the lead record in Zoho CRM. This will allow the ISR to access and review the lead’s information quickly.
  4. Once the custom function is set up and tested, our authorized Zoho developers will deploy it to the production environment, where it will be ready to use by the sales team.
  1. Within Zoho CRM, the ISR team was added as a user group and granted access to the Lead module.
  2. The team’s Zoho Cliq account was linked to the Zoho CRM account, allowing the two systems to communicate.
  3. A custom field was added to the Lead module to store the lead’s name and a link to the lead record.
  4. A custom function was created within Zoho CRM to trigger the alert whenever a new lead is created. The function sends a message to the ISR team’s Zoho Cliq channel, which includes the lead’s name and a link to the lead record.
  5. The custom function was tested to ensure that it was working correctly and that the alert was sent to the correct channel in Zoho Cliq.

The Result: Improved efficiency and effectiveness of the sales team, increased revenue for the company

Once the company implemented a real-time alert system for all its ISRs. The company reported continued success with the alert system and an overall improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of its sales team.

The ISRs were able to follow up with leads more quickly and close more sales deals, leading to increased revenue for the company. The company has implemented the alert system for all its ISRs and has reported continued success in its lead management processes.

Zoho for real estate

One of the key benefits of using Zoho Cliq notifications was the ability to provide timely information to customers. With the alerts provided by Cliq, the sales team responded quickly to customer inquiries and provided relevant information, leading to a better customer experience.

This improved communication also helped build customer trust and loyalty, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

The ability to prioritize tasks and follow up on leads improved the sales team’s productivity and efficiency. With alerts, the team could prioritize their tasks and focus on the most important leads, leading to increased sales.

Streamlined communication and improved task management helped reduce missed opportunities and lost sales. Implementing Zoho Cliq notifications impacted Homeway Real Estate’s customer engagement and sales.

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