Field Service Management – Features

Field Service Management – Features

Universal cloud-based FSM solution

Field Service Operations Coordinator with multiple user roles and access

Infomaze’s Field Service Management Solution is a complete end-to-end solution for companies having to send workforce for installation, doing on-site service/install and others.

Field Service Management – Complete Solution

In order to help you in managing the mobile field service frenzy, we have come up with a solution that comes in two stages.

  1. The Cloud Solution – This part of the solution is for the admin.
  2. The Mobile Application – Each of your technicians will be able to manage the jobs assigned to him/her.

The integration between these two segments of the solution is so seamless, that it creates an extremely profitable solution for you right away.

Features of FSM Cloud Solution

Our Cloud solution has the best-in-breed features that empower you with the complete control of the whole process. Our Cloud Solution is leveraged to transform your Enterprise into a much, much better one. It allows you to:

  • Advanced CRM – Manage all your leads and customer/contacts within the application
  • Quote Management – Send quotes to the customer directly from the system in a clean PDF template with your own design, logo
  • Job Management – Convert quotes to become a contract (job) and assign
    • Allows you to manage visits – Single or Recurring
    • Inventory to be used during the visit with low level stock alerts
    • Team who will do the Job
    • Invoicing, Payment Receipts, Export to Accounting Packages
  • Service your clients in the order of the nearby places –Address-based Scheduling lowers the travel time and also the fuel consumption. (Service more number of clients in that saved travel time.)
  • Track the time duration taken by the technicians to complete each of their jobs
  • Pay Technicians per visit – generate report per Technician
  • Manage warehouse with stock alerts, purchase and stock history
  • Generate 100s of reports with Customize Report options
  • Personalize to suit your business

All of the above comes in the form of a Cloud Based solution that you can use as a SaaS (Software as a Service) model.

Features of FSM Mobile App:

By integrating our Cloud solution with this Field Mobile App, you will be making your technicians proactively efficient. You will be cutting down on the temporal overheads by reducing the paperwork and unnecessary detours. Most importantly, you will be keeping them streamlined to the workflow. This Mobile solution will allow them to:

  • Login and see their schedules from anywhere
  • See the start and end time of each job
  • See the high priority tasks that they have to start with immediately
  • Mark the job as “Completed” once they are done with it (Which you will be seeing on the Cloud Solution)
  • Create new tasks on-the-go and charge the client appropriately – Helps when the technician has to work on any emergency tasks which were not scheduled by you. It also helps maintain transparency.
  • View the changes that you make on the cloud solution in the form of notifications.

You can see that the whole process of Field Service can be accelerated with the help of our innovative solution.

The best thing is that even if you already have a software which allows you to handle the admin end of FSM, we can still help you in integrating it with our Mobile Solution. Contact us to discuss your process flow and how our application can meet your requirements.

FSM Solution

The solution can be customized to be used by any type of business that provides field services.

Dedicated field mobile app that helps your technicians & sales team to take business on the go and update real-time data into the system.