Award winning solutions for the Wine Industry

Content Management from anywhere for the wine industry with the help of the online ordering feature

Infomaze specializes in content management & new product development solutions for the wine industry. We have worked with leading wine makers and brands in South Africa through our channel partner to create and maintain their websites.

The CMS solution was marked by:

  • Clean and high definition design for the brand
  • Corporate site for the company
  • 100% admin driven Content Management System
  • Social media links with feeds/tweets
  • Special splash page
  • Special individual brand page
    • Information related to the brand
    • Photo gallery of each brand
    • Tasting Notes
    • Food pairing
    • Awards showcase
  • CMS pages for the creators, estates and others
  • Club section for Members
  • Online ordering (Ecommerce)
  • News, feeds, blog
  • Links with Mail Chimp for newsletter and others

For  new product development, we created a dynamic process for monitoring each stage of new product development. This was further linked with a Digital Asset Management system to create a single point of content, media, product info, tasting notes and other document distributions.

We are currently working on a Label Management solution for the wine industry. Watch this space for more information.

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CMS Solutions for Wine Industry

Wine industry is considered as one of the finest and it is important to pay attention to the branding.

Social media marketing plays a huge role in the growth of your wine industry and helps you grow like no other.