Advantages of using MERN Stack for your next Web Application!

If you plan to develop a web application, you get a great deal from the beginning till the end of the project. Which platform to choose? Which technology to use?

To answer such multiple questions to ensure the application developed is secure, reliable, scalable, and flexible enough to accommodate further customizations.

The MERN stack has significant benefits that help you manage your customer data, estimates, job production, scheduling, order fulfillment, shipment, invoicing and accounting, and much more from one platform. There are many advantages of MERN stack if you choose for web application development which will be discussed in this article.

What is MERN Stack?

The MERN stack includes open source components, including frameworks, libraries, and databases based on JavaScript; this makes it popular with its compatibility and easy learning curve.

MERN stands for MongoDB, Express.js, ReactJS, and Node.js, each of which is defined below.

  • It is a schema-less, document-oriented database. The database uses JSON-based query language to handle the web application’s backend. The documents can have different sizes, content, and the number of fields, making MongoDB, a No-SQL database, highly flexible and easy to use.
  • MongoDB does not store similar data on tables or need field primary key and entity keys for access, making it faster and impressively high-performing than MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  • MERN stack advantages make the database an intelligent choice with more comprehensive driver support, horizontal scalability, and built-in sharding support.
Benefits of MERN stack
  • Web framework with a minimalistic structure for Node.js eliminates the need to write repeated server code as required on Node.js.HTTP module.
  • Various benefits of MERN stack have extensive features and plugins that effectively work with the backend web application framework to build fast web applications and APIs.
  • With the frontend React JavaScript library, one can efficiently build user interfaces rendered in HTML. React acts as the View layer in the MVC model and has declarative views.
  • Creates repetitive DOM elements with JavaScript, a fully-featured programming language, and works best for SPAs (Single Page Applications).
  • It is the JavaScript runtime environment. The component of MERN, built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, uses asynchronous language.
  • With an effective backend, you get an increased speed in loading and faster web application development.

Advantages of using MERN Stack for Web Application Development

After thoroughly understanding the components of the MERN stack, we now list the advantages of MERN stack in web application development.

Know-How MERN Stack Works With 3-Tier Architecture

MERN stack is a cluster of powerful and robust technologies used to create scalable web applications. The MERN architecture allows you to seamlessly construct 3-tier architecture, including the frontend, backend, and database components, using JSON and JavaScript.

Advantages of MERN stack
  • The topmost tier of the MERN stack is React.js, the JavaScript framework for developing a client-side application in HTML. You can build complex interfaces via simple elements, connect to data on the backend server and yield them as HTML.
  • The advantage of the MERN stack is that React is solid and impulsive, handling data-driven interfaces with minimal code. It is a one-stop solution for supporting forms, lists, events, and error handlings.
  • Another vital benefit of the MERN stack is the Excpress.js server-side framework operating internally of a Node.js server. Express.js is an unopinionated, fast, and minimalistic web framework for Node.js and has modules to match an incoming URL with a server function to handle HTTP responses and requests.
  • You can connect to Express.js functions that boost your application by making XML HTTP requests or getting POSTs from the React.js frontend. The functions use MongoDB’s drives of Node.js by a callback to update and access data in your MongoDB database.
  • One of the advantages of MERN stack helps store data of content, user profiles, uploads, events, and comments. It would be best to have a seamless database to work with Node, Express, and React.
  • React.js creates the JSON documents in the front end and sent to the Express.js server to process and store instantly in MongoDB for recovery. Get significant benefits of MERN stack by creating a web application purely dependent on the system’s functional requirements.

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