A Guide to Choose React Native for Mobile App Development

Are you planning to build a mobile application in a highly effective manner? React Native is an open-source development framework created by Meta platforms using JavaScript that mobile application developers use to save money and time in building robust, scalable and interactive mobile apps.

React-native mobile app development is a thriving solution today that allows developers to write code in JavaScript and render it with native UI elements. As a result, you can reuse a more substantial part of the codebase platforms using a best-in-class JavaScript library for building user interfaces, primarily iOS and Andriod.

What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source UI framework for mobile app development developed by Meta Platforms in 2015 using JavaScript. React Native has large JavaScript libraries for building attractive user interfaces.

React Native allows developers to build scalable mobile applications by pivoting up JS threads that decipher JavaScript code by making a native bridge between the application and the targeted platform.

Today, many big tech giants use react-native for mobile development because one can write all the code in JavaScript, share it across Android and iOS and does not need to pay for two separate teams for the react-native app developers to maintain two different code bases.

What are the Benefits of Mobile App Development With React Native

  • React-Native app developers need not build two separate code bases for iOS and Andriod platforms; instead, you can use JavaScript for both. Reusing code boosts efficiency, delivers quick development results, and reduces overall costs.
  • Mobile app development with React Native helps quicken the development process due to its existing UIs and open-source libraries. If you have a mobile application on React Native, then you can easily reuse the code to create a new mobile application.
React Native App Developer
  • Using React-Native for mobile app development includes live and hot reloading functions at its core to make real-time changes and fix issues in no time while the application is loading. The live feature can automatically reload the entire app after the changes.
  • While the hot reloading feature only reloads the particular area of the change, the testing and development processes will be easy and justifiable and make development intuitive, efficient, and faster.
  • Mobile app development with react native gives you an authentic feel because the native components map 1:1 with native development, allowing programmers to increase the agility of the app, draw interfaces faster and help create authentic native apps.
  • With the existing code, you can seamlessly integrate with native software, making it ideal for adding extensions to existing native apps.
  • Mobile app development with React Native supports two types of third-party plugins; Native modules and JavaScript-based, which meet the components of specific business requirements.
  • For instance, React Native allows you to link any plugins with third-party modules if you need to integrate with Google Maps for your mobile application development.
  • Due to industry popularity, React Native has the most solid community support among cross platforms. Developers can benefit significantly by gaining help from community support to find relevant information from libraries to develop a React Native-based application.
  • As we discussed earlier, React Native is an open-source platform, so developers can use Reactiflux chat to get quick answers to any question they need. It has many tutorials to increase productivity.

Know the Reasons to Opt for React-Native for Mobile App Development

A developer must have user experience across multiple platforms with JavaScript, APIs, and native UI libraries to develop a hybrid application because React Native supports cross platform app development.

You can develop apps faster due to single code, which helps find a bug faster and using an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), you can quickly launch the first version of your app with bare minimum functionality.

With React Native apps, you can add new features in the build process and update apps without going to the app stores.

If you are a startup and need to stay within your tight budget, you can hire an experienced React developer instead of hiring separate developers for iOS and Android.

With simple and easy-to-read code, you can reduce development complexity using Meta UI libraries to implement React JS.

React Native components are mindful of other native elements used in mobile design. Instead of single components that render features across both platforms, it takes the building blocks from the native UI and combines them with JavaScript.

React-Native app developers can use many ready-made solutions and libraries to facilitate mobile development activities.

React Native for Mobile Development

React is supported by Meta platforms and constantly updates frameworks, and adding new features helps solve problems efficiently.

React-native app developers can get personalized UX due to the segregation of Framework code, styling, and Native code, which aids in creating various styles from the server-side to develop an interactive mobile app.

Another important reason to choose React is the availability of a robust online community backed by Meta to ease the development process more straightforward.

Access to Native APIs helps React developers integrate with the existing code since it is consistent with native software. Thus react-native app developers can thus create complex applications using simple code.

One of the essential advantages of using react-native for mobile development is having a single reusable code base for iOS and Andriod for updates, which eventually helps easier debugging.

When to Choose React Native for Your Project?

Whether you are a startup or a thriving business, React native mobile development depends on your unique business idea. Consider these factors for choosing React Native for your unique project.

  • To create projects with uncomplicated functionality.
  • To create attractive designs with efficient user interfaces for social media and eCommerce platforms.
  • To create applications based on JavaScript.
  • To develop apps rapidly with short iterations.

But react-native mobile app development might be a not good solution for the following features:

  • If you have a complex visualization.
  • If you want to develop feature-rich heavy gaming apps.
  • If you want to develop an interactive app with various background processes.
  • If you need to build platform-specific apps.

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