Zoho CRM Integration with Google Drive – A Case Study

The client: Looking to hire Zoho Creator developers

The client, an illustrating and design company, used the Zoho Creator app to collect data about their clients, leads, and sales, and was looking for automation in data storage in Google Drive.

Infomaze helped them by integrating both the applications using the Zoho Creator integration task successfully.

The challenge: Overcoming manual data-entry from their Zoho creator app

The client had been using a Zoho creator app to collect all relevant data about their customers, sales order and leads, and was manually making the data entry in .txt format.

The manual data entry increased the occurrence of errors, be it messing with the delivery date or the time of pre-booked appointments that led to the incurrence of loss for the company.

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The requirement: Zoho customization service provider for Zoho Creator Deluge customization

The client wanted to integrate their Zoho Creator app with Google Drive for automation in storing data. 

The client also wanted the data being stored in Google Drive to be in .txt format and required us to customize the Zoho Creator Deluge.

The client came to our Zoho Creator consultants with the above requirements and their concerns to procure a secure and uninterrupted data integration between the two applications. 

The solution: Zoho Creator Deluge script customization to automate data storage in .txt format in Google Drive

Our Zoho Creator developers, with their expertise in providing the most reliable Zoho customization services, used the Zoho Creator deluge script-library to render a fast and secure integration between the Zoho Creator app and Google Drive.

Our developers for the automation of the Zoho Creator documentation process on Google Drive to occur in .txt format used the right Zoho Creator deluge field actions and deluge variables needed.

The Result: A successful implementation of our Zoho Creator deluge script customization services

Our Zoho Creator developers using the right Zoho Creator deluge field actions and deluge variables to get automation in the process of data storage from the client Zoho Creator app on the Google Drive in .txt format provided a successful implementation of the first-in-class Zoho Creator deluge script customization services.

The client saved time and workforce due to the Zoho Creator deluge script customization services that we provided as it overcame the challenge of manual data storing requirements. Also, the client could improve their business performance along with an increase in ROI.

On the whole, the client benefited from our Zoho Creator deluge script customization services and is planning to hire our Zoho Creator developers for further Zoho customization services.

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