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Complete print management information system streamlines workflow


Struggling to manage print jobs on one end and customers on the other? Infomaze has just the solution for you.

PrintPLANR’s outcomes impressed clients at an even more impressive price

Features that change the way you work

Customer Relations

Handle customers, prospects & suppliers in one place – effortlessly. Never miss on follow ups – thanks to the feature of assigning tasks and calls to your staff.

Sales Forecast

Set sales forecast for any quarter and compare targeted vs. actual values. Measure performance of either individual sales persons or as a team. Take best business decisions.

Product Stores

Web2Print that offers customized unlimited B2B storefronts and B2C print shops with your own branding to promote your identity. Unlimited images.

Cloud Management

Cloud-based PrintPLANR ensures that your location never hinders your business! Access from anywhere with just internet and a browsing device. Ward off unnecessary worries.

Advanced Data Search

Whether customer records, supplier, inventory or any other data that you urgently require – can be retrieved in seconds, with the help of advanced search with multiple filters.

Be different

The first approach towards becoming a leading print provider is to be different. The customer wants to see an effort that’s different from other competitors in the market. PrintPLANR will be customized according to your needs and is rendered a unique solution to your business challenges and overall handling.

Every print solution claims to be the best. But how do you find out if they’re right? By comparing with other solutions available in the market, of course. PrintPLANR is different. The print management information system is complete and stands out from its competitors; it provides you a highly modular solution that you can customize to fit your business uniquely. Every feature is advanced and is built to seamlessly modify itself as your print solution not just currently, but into the future. 

Manage business from anywhere

Cloud-based solutions are not hyped, they completely deserve attention they are gaining from businesses! These solutions are offered via numerous models, the top one being SaaS (Software-as-a-service) that works great for all business sizes. A reasonable start up fee and a fixed monthly fee there onward, make these cloud-solutions very affordable. The cost is also inclusive of regular maintenance including updates and upgrades. 

Given that PrintPLANR is provided on the cloud, you can access the software from anywhere. Keep track of your employees by referring to real-time data they have entered from the office. Relax and let PrintPLANR handle all the burden! Let your print management solution automate your workflow while you gain a better and quicker ROI. 

Customers and Online Presence


In a time where converting a prospect into lead is a challenge in itself, the last thing you want is losing a strong client. With e-commerce taking over the sales industry by a great margin, it is really important that you have your own online stores – whether it’s for your corporate customers or public.

PrintPLANR lets you create unlimited B2B storefronts and attractive B2C print shops with your own branding. This strengthens your identity in the market while also impressing your customers and making them stick with you. Other features include order tracking and fulfillment for customers with delivery notes. The solution also offers quick integration with third party services.


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