LoB and Zoho CRM Integration for Email Automation – A Case Study

Summary of Zoho Campaigns Integration with Zoho CRM for a Mortgage Company

A Texas-based mortgage company, helping clients with home searches and providing various loan solutions. They faced challenges in efficiently managing extensive online and offline communications. Seeking a streamlined solution, the client came to us for our help to enhance their mail management system. We responded by customizing an integration with LoB and Zoho Campaigns, automating and simplifying the mail-sending process, and ensuring increased efficiency.

About the Client- A Mortgage Looking Zoho Campaigns API Integration

Our client is a Texas-based mortgage company that offers a wide range of financing choices and assists clients in finding potential houses. Given their extensive services, it was a significant effort to send out online and offline service and payment reminders to consumers. Consequently, our client requested that we offer a way to organize the mail management system effectively.

The Requirements for Zoho Campaigns Integration with Zoho CRM

  • The business sends bills, emails, and letters to its clients everyday. This task involves controlling the generated data with an eagle-eye precision.
  • The client requested an online web application for more structured and accessible data organization.
  • Our client wanted to automate the mailing process, providing tailored data to customize the unique needs of each lead.

The Challenge- Customizing Zoho Campaigns for Leads

When the client initially started using a simple mail-sending approach, emails, and letters sent to leads and customers had to be manually personalized. The process grew tedious as the number of everyday service notes and invoices increased, which resulted in errors and inefficiencies in timely communication with clients.

To make things better, Infomaze stepped in with customized Zoho solutions, which sped up the entire process and increased productivity with automated mailing processes integrated with LoB.

The Solutions We Offered - Zoho Campaigns to Send Emails; and LoB to Automate Communications


Email automation emerges as a safe and effective way to promote the company’s services. It offers an efficient and adaptable approach to send customized, appropriate messages to specific customers while also ensuring security.

By effectively integrating LoB with our client’s Zoho Campaign application, we increased the efficacy of its direct mail services by automating the process of sending mail.

  • We developed the email campaign software, Zoho CRM after considering how to organize the amount of data that a small team could manage. Being a certified Zoho partner, our developers altered the software to satisfy the client’s business needs.
  • The client was able to simplify their composite data and display all the important data in a single-page dashboard because of the simple and easy-to-use user interface.
  • An additional feature of the Zoho CRM helped the client keep track of invoices and make payments on time, which helped the client’s firm manage data more accurately and with fewer errors.
  • The Zoho CRM email campaign app we used was more reliable, user-friendly, and secure.
  • Additionally, our client could completely rely on this feature-rich CRM tool for their commercial operations.
  • The client was a mortgage service provider who wanted to market their services and contact their customers using email communication. They intended to attract potential customers with a more professional approach because of the offering’s competitive loans and financial services.
  • The client was short-staffed and faced risks while handling the numerous letters and invoices that needed to be delivered to the customers regularly, both offline and online. The integration of Zoho campaigns with Zoho CRM was our decision to simplify this work.
  • We were able to integrate the Zoho campaign with Zoho CRM as a go-to marketing tool. The client’s business can operate to its maximum potential because of this integration. The customer now has additional information about which messaging templates work best for their various leads due to the CRM connectivity between Zoho Campaigns and Salesforce.

The client can adjust their communication strategy to specific target decision-makers and leads.

  • Infomaze automated the direct mailing process by integrating Zoho campaigns API with LoB’s API mailing service. This allowed the client to arrange and deliver customized information, service offers, and reminders for payments to their clients.
  • By taking on the client’s problems and customizing its API integration, we were able to simplify operations, cater to customer preferences, and provide specialized solutions.
  • By boosting the verification of delivery addresses and reducing errors, LoB’s solution allowed the client to access the new business line.

The Results - Successful Zoho Campaigns Integration with Zoho CRM

  • Organized Data Structure
  • Accurate Delivery of Mails
  • Automated Email Marketing
  • Timely Delivery of Bills and Invoices
  • Reduced Manual Checking
  • Cost-effective Work-flow
  • Seamless Data Analysis

Advantages of using Zoho Campaigns in a Mortage Company

Here are the key advantages of Using Zoho Campaigns:

  • Automation Features :

    The scheduling of emails and follow-ups is made possible by Zoho Campaigns’ automation features. In addition to saving time, this ensures prompt customer communication, especially during crucial times in the mortgage application process.

  • Cost-Effective Solution :

    For mortgage companies, Zoho Campaigns provides advanced features at an affordable pricing point, making it a cost-effective choice for a range of business sizes.

  • Seamless Integration :

    Zoho Campaigns easily integrates with other Zoho applications and other tools that are frequently used in the mortgage industry. Workflows are streamlined by this integration, enabling a more connected and effective.

  • Analytics and Reporting :

    Extensive analytics capabilities are available on the site, providing insights into the success of campaigns. Metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates are easily monitored by mortgage companies, facilitating data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement.

  • Targeted Approach :

    The targeted audience could be divided into groups according to the platform’s many features, including loan types, client profiles, and levels of engagement. This targeted strategy ensures that messages are appropriate and distinctive.

Why Should You Get Zoho Campaigns Integration from Infomaze?

  • Infomaze responds to any challenge you face by offering customized solutions. Our skilled Zoho developers respond to client inquiries quickly and start customizing Zoho apps right away.
  • As an authorized Zoho partner, we have made a reputation for ourselves by offering our clients a very reasonable and affordable solution.
  • We are the go-to source for dependable business solutions among our clients.

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