How our Microsoft Azure DevOps services will help boost your business growth?

An overview of how an ideal DevOps organization structure provides an efficient internal culture.

Microsoft Azure DevOps, previously VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services), is a cloud platform that provides source code management control for developers for agile project management with Azure DevOps.

Our developers at Infomaze have the expertise and the experience handling the Microsoft Azure DevOps project management tools including Azure DevOps Pipeline, Azure DevOps Architects, Azure DevOps Repos, and more for providing, from Azure DevOps consulting services, Azure DevOps migration from Azure DevOps on-premises to Azure DevOps Online, implementation to upgrades for a full-cycle application management in your IT infrastructure.

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Why should you choose DevOps solutions over other application lifecycle management solutions?

To answer the above question, we will first explain, “what is Azure DevOps used for?” with which we will provide a comprehensive list of Azure DevOps benefits.

How the agile planning tools from Azure DevOps can help run your businesses.

Having the right agile planning tools without the right think tanks to utilize it or otherwise, is no use to your company. With the right Azure DevOps team and Microsoft Azure DevOps services, you can get the best of the Azure DevOps project management capabilities.

At Infomaze, with our knowledgeable developers’ help, we bring you the best Azure DevOps solutions with top-notch implementation training.

Here is a list of the benefits you can get from the agile planning tools.

  • Azure DevOps provides an Integrated Development Environment (IDEs) on its platform and GIT, using which, with the help of Visual Studio, our developers create a plethora of software that takes your business to the next level or to provide it in the azure DevOps extension marketplace.
  • We customize Azure DevOps boards, be it team dashboards, kanban boards, reporting dashboards, or any other kind, from tracking workflow, reaching better communication, to streamlining your business processes.
  • Let us know your business workflow process. With that, we will automate your specific IT software development process and bridge a gap with your operations unit with the help of Azure DevOps Artifacts for the source packages, and Azure Pipelines to obtain a Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD).
  • Using Azure DevOps Repos, with the immense GIT repository access it provides, we built custom APIs and webhooks to bring your products into the marketplace quickly.
  • With the help of Azure DevOps test plans, we help you automate and eliminate manual, repetitive testing, be it end-to-end, performance or security, by providing you with unique Azure DevOps software that we customize for your business specifically.
  • With the help of Azure Monitor-Management Tools, be it for infrastructure automation and configuration, we help you increase your visibility, agility, and manage your IT solutions with live metric tracking.

Azure DevOps benefits you reap by implementing the agile planning tools in your business

With the tools, philosophies, and practices that Azure DevOps offers, along with the advantage the Azure DevOps pricing provides, with our assistance, you get the best consulting services to let you reap the Azure DevOps benefits listed below

  • Speed. with the Azure DevOps Pipeline, using Jenkins or similar software for continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines offers a faster delivery process from building to the deployment of the application.
  • Security and reliability. with the Azure DevOps Monitor services, the performance of virtual machines, Azure Kubernetes services, networking, and Azure database, to name a few, can be managed and monitored at all times. From response time, performance health, and dependencies check to security logs to gain visibility selectively; you get secure and reliable monitoring. With Azure Repos, one can always record, monitor, and keep track of all the changes made in the code.
  • Communication. With Azure DevOps Kubernetes dashboards, team dashboards, it becomes easier to communicate and collaborate between the developers and the operations team while writing programs for microservices to its deployment, following the complete workflow in the pipeline, and much more.

Why should you choose Infomaze’s Microsoft Azure DevOps Services?

Infomaze’s Azure DevOps services include Azure DevOps consulting services, CI/CD Pipeline development services, implementation management services, to name a few.

We assure you that you get the most effective, seamless planning services, implementation services, including Azure DevOps migration, Azure DevOps server installation with upgrades, and managed services. We also provide Azure DevOps training with the right implementation strategy.

In short, incorporating Azure DevOps in your business not only provides a high-quality internal culture but leads to an exponential growth in your company.