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Hire a .NET/ASP.NET full stack developer to build quality solutions for your requirement

Hire an ASP.NET full stack developer with Infomaze for web application development. ASP.NET forms the core of Infomaze’s team and we have developed many enterprise level solutions and content managed sites. They will also take care of the front-end responsibilities, being full stack developers.

With an experience in handling over 200 web solutions, you cannot go wrong while choosing our ASP.NET team. Our in-house team utilizes the benefits of Microsoft ASP.NET framework and is experienced in the following:

  • Web Applications – ASP.NET MVC
  • Desktop – Windows Forms, WPF, XAML Browser Applications
  • Database – MSSQL SERVER 2005/2008/2012/2014/2016, MYSQL
  • UI and Animation – HTML4/5, XHTML, jQuery, CSS, AJAX
  • Others – Web API, Web services, WCF.

Our ASP.NET team has worked on many solutions for various industries and hence you can select the developer that is best suited for your project. Some projects worked on previously:

  • Workflow Management System
  • Inventory Management System
  • Request For Quote (RFQ) System
  • Integration of MIS with accounting package and other third Party API
  • Supply Chain Management System
  • Silverlight Interface
  • Knowledge-base Management
  • Pest Control Management
  • B2B Solutions with Online Ordering Option
  • Third Party Integrations.

Industries that these projects were worked upon for:

  • Print & Packaging
  • Telecom
  • Service Industry
  • Healthcare
  • Wine Making
  • Educational Sector
  • Engineering
  • Other General Categories.

Why you should choose to hire from Infomaze:

  • Every developer signs a NDA with Infomaze. Also, Infomaze signs NDA with all its clients – making it safe and secure for the client to invest in.
  • Solutions for all leading OS for both web & mobile solutions.
  • Experience counts! And Infomaze only has developers who have learnt over time and attained expertise through hard work.
  • You get what you expect! Great communication involves good understanding of clients’ views and our developers have just that.
  • They will even suggest the best way to perform a task if you may have opted for a less reliable one without knowledge.
  • Once you hire a developer, we assure you that they are only committed to your project/s. Better concentration equals better output.
  • You get to interview them before you choose them if you are confident of coding and other technical aspects.
  • If you have no technical idea, fret not! We will get you the best candidate based on your preferences (and availability of the developer, of course!)
  • Last but not the least, all services that we offer are affordable!

Contact here to hire a developer or a team. If you are looking for ASP.NET developer, click here.

.NET Full Stack Developer - Hire

Offshore services allow you to get the work done from afar while getting constant and regular updates about your project.

Our developers are highly trained and the work they deliver is outstanding. They go to great extent to ensure the same.