.NET Full-stack Consulting

.NET Full-stack Consulting

While you hire .NET full-stack developers from Infomaze, we provide consulting services that best serve your business purposes, delivering the .NET full-stack services.

.NET Full-stack Migration

.NET Full-stack Migration

If you have legacy applications and want to modernise or move to an upgraded version of the .NET framework from your existing .NET application, hire our .NET full-stack developers who get the job done seamlessly.

.NET Full-stack Development

.NET Full-stack Development

From developing embedded systems powered with IoT, interactive web applications, windows GUI applications, web portals, scalable CMS to other full-stack .NET applications, you get top-notch development services. Hire .NET full-stack developers now.

.NET Full-stack Integration

.NET Full-stack Integration

Power your applications with the right integrations securely and attain robust .NET applications that provide business automation, improves efficiency by eliminating double data entries, low productiveness and more to take your business to the next level.

.NET Full-stack Database Management

.NET Full-stack Database Management

From the correct protocols, conditional dependencies to the integration of the data securely from multiple .NET applications, hire full-stack .NET developers who know what they are doing to manage your databases.

.NET Full-stack Cloud Solutions

.NET Full-stack Cloud Solutions

Hire .NET full-stack developers to get the best, robust, scalable applications with cloud support and benefit from the custom cloud solutions.

Infomaze's Affordable and Flexible Hiring Modules

We are flexible in offering our services, solutions, and .NET full-stack developers as per your business needs.

Hire full-stack .NET developers and choose a full-time, part-time plan that meets your project needs.

Have an idea and need to work on a fixed cost basis? Fret not; our fixed cost module will deliver high-quality .NET applications at an agreed cost.

Check out our hiring modules for full-stack .NET developers for your web/cloud/mobile app development project requirements. We can reduce your fixed cost and deliver the best quality .NET solution for your business needs.

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Fixed Price Hiring Engagement Module

Fixed Cost Project Based

Engage us to work on your .NET application project development on a fixed-cost basis. We need the project requirement, and our team can take it from there, be it for .NET migration, integration and modernisation. Projects are delivered on a milestone basis and undergo a testing process before providing a well-written and tested .NET-based solution.

Flexible Engagement Module to Hire Developers

Hire .NET Developers

Hire a .NET developer or a team for your project needs and engage us weekly, monthly, or long-term. You can start with a trial task and hire the team based on the results. The cost gets more competitive with the duration of the engagement. Based on the project, we recommend the best team with similar experience to deliver top-notch results.

Hire Software Developers Team on Demand

Hire Team on Demand

Often you may not require a full-time or a part-time team to work on a task or project for your .NET-based apps. This model lets you engage our team on demand and takes care of any immediate or urgent needs. Our team of full-stack .NET developers for hire can start immediately in a strategic and organised manner.

The .Net Project Management Process our Full-stack .NET Developers Follow:


Share Project Requirements

Give us a call or drop us a line and share your creative idea to help us understand your exact specifications.


Hire Full-stack .Net Programmers

Screen our talent pool and choose from a list of our full-stack .NET developers' profiles to work on your unique project.


Get the Project Completed

We will keep you in the loop during the entire development process from designing, coding, project management, and QA.


QA & Testing

Once the project is complete, we will run meticulous QA (Quality Assurance) tests on your solution for a successful implementation.


Hire Full-stack .NET Developers for various Industry Verticals

  • Travel Agency

    Travel Agency

    Travel Agency

    Hire .NET full-stack developers who bring you the first-in-class business management and automation .NET applications.

  • Bank and Financial

    Bank and Financial

    Bank and Financial

    Get robust .NET-based, high-performing applications that serves banking and financial needs that provide excellent customer satisfaction.

  • Manufacturing



    Get a business performance efficiency boost with the workflow management software by hiring a full-stack .NET developer.

  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

    Real Estate

    Maintain tax regulation-compliant property and client listing that eases your business processes with .NET applications. Hire full-stack .NET developers now.

  • Education



    Hire full-stack .NET developers who build robust .NET applications that provide quality education to the students and a coordinated administration.

  • eCommerce



    Build unique, appealing and user-friendly eCommerce .NET applications with the help of our full-stack .NET developers for hire.

  • Healthcare



    Get custom regulation-compliant .NET-based cloud applications, including ERP, CRM, HRMS, DMS for doctors and more. Hire us now.

  • Solar Industry

    Solar Industry

    Solar Industry

    Reach maximum potential and excellent customer satisfaction in your business with the niche-based .NET applications.

Why choose .Net Full-stack Developers from Infomaze

Why should you choose to
Hire Full-stack .NET Developers from Infomaze?

Our full-stack .NET developers for hire have worked on multiple projects for various industry verticals and built solutions that have changed businesses across the globe.

Experience and the expertise our full-stack .NET developers for hire possess comes with real-life overtime problem-solving experience. We provide solutions for all leading OS for both web & mobile versions.

Infomaze signs NDA with all its clients – making it safe and secure for the client to invest.

With excellent communication, straightforward execution, and upgradation suggestions for the solutions provided, you get 100% commitment to your project.

You get to interview our Dot NET full-stack developers before choosing them based on coding, other technical aspects, and the developer's friendliness. We will contact you with the best candidate based on your preferences.

Here are a few solutions that our developers have worked on:

  • Workflow Management System

  • Inventory Management System

  • Request For Quote (RFQ) System

  • Integration of MIS with accounting package and other third party API

  • Supply Chain Management System

  • Silverlight Interface

  • Knowledge-base Management

  • Pest Control Management

  • B2B Solutions with Online Ordering Option

  • Third-Party Integrations.

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FAQs while Hiring Full-stack .NET Developers

FAQs while Hiring Full-stack .NET Developers

Being an ISO 9001:2015 and 27001 IEC certified company, when you hire full-stack .NET developers from Infomaze, the signed NDAs and security protocols are stringently followed to ensure your data remains secure at all times.

With the latest versions of technologies and industry practices followed, we incorporate agile methodologies in our project development processes when you hire full-stack .NET developers from us.

Our recommendation depends on your project requirements.

  • If you need the application developed sooner, choosing a full-stack developer works as an advantage. Even though the full-stack developers are priced slightly higher, you get an economical solution as less time is spent developing it.
  • Hiring specialised backend and frontend developers with a project coordinator is recommended when you need a complex application that requires deep knowledge in the programming languages and technologies used.

Yes, we do. We provide aftersales support and maintenance free of cost and any further upgrades at minimal cost, depending upon the project complexity.