Custom Algo Trading Software: A Case Study


Infomaze, a leading software company, recently developed an algo trading software for a prominent stockbroking firm in India. This solution turned out to be one of the pivotal points for the company, enabling the company to execute algorithmic trading with remarkable success. The results are simply fantastic.

Your Ultimate Guide to Algo Trading:

Algorithmic trading, also known as Algo trading, is like having a genius assistant for your stock market endeavours. It’s all about using powerful computer programs (algorithms) to make lightning-fast decisions, just like a super-smart brain. By analyzing data, spotting patterns, and responding swiftly, algo trading aims to maximize profits and minimize risks. Embrace algo trading, and see your investments reach new heights.

The Challenge:

One of the leading stockbroking companies in India was in search of a software partner who could understand their business needs and create algorithms based on their strategies. After exploring various options across India, they found that existing software lacked the required strategy and execution speed.

When they came to us with this opportunity, Infomaze, having only worked on a few projects for different tech companies in the past, saw it as a challenge. Now, looking at the incredible results of our solution, it’s like adding another achievement to Infomaze’s list. This was something new to us initially, but today we’ve become experts in this particular area. Despite our limited experience in similar projects, Infomaze eagerly accepted the challenges of developing an algo trading software.

Guide to Algo Trading

Software Journey:

We developed multiple smart strategies that executed multiple algorithms for different types of stock futures and stock options. Even though the company already knew a lot about stock market terms, however, the project demanded a deep dive into the stock market, involving extensive research to understand the specific lingo and terminology for better understanding the client’s requirements. Infomaze’s top project managers and business analysts collaborated to provide a comprehensive solution that exceeded the client’s expectations in algo trading software development.

Fast fact:

Algorithmic trading enables traders to execute high-frequency trades. Once measured in milliseconds, today’s trades can be measured in microseconds or even nanoseconds (billionths of a second).

The Solution:

Infomaze’s expert algo trading software developers developed an efficient and easy-to-use admin interface , empowering stockbrokers to:

  • Explore different strategies.
  • Create customer accounts.
  • Monitor minute-by-minute strategy results for the day.
  • Measure the success of algorithms on a daily or monthly basis.
  • The user interface offered valuable insights, including real-time investment growth and useful business intelligence tools, empowering stockbrokers to make well-informed decisions based on the success of algo trading software.

The Achievements:

The solutions were developed in a way that the strategies could be further improved. The software also allowed stakeholders to make changes to the strategies themselves without needing developers. This means they could try different strategies before settling on the ones they needed.

Did you know?
The success rate of algo trading is 97%

All the work will be done by the program once you set the desired trade parameters. Bots monitor your trades to ensure you don’t reach a loss point, leading to a success rate of up to 97 percent.

Advantages of Algo-trading:

Advantages of Algo Trading Software

Algo-trading has several advantages that make it beneficial for investors:

  1. Best Execution:

    It ensures trades are carried out at the most favorable prices.

  2. Low Latency:

    Orders are placed instantly and accurately, reducing the chance of executing trades at undesired levels and avoiding sudden price changes.

  3. Reduced Transaction Costs:

    Algo trading helps minimize the costs associated with buying and selling securities.

  4. Simultaneous Market Checks:

    It can simultaneously analyze various market conditions automatically.

  5. No Human Error:

    Algo-trading eliminates the risk of human mistakes and emotional decisions that may affect trades.

  6. Backtesting:

    Traders can test their strategies using historical and real-time data to determine their effectiveness.


Algo trading, the future of the stock market, harnesses AI to eliminate human error and decision delays. Algorithmic trading offers a systematic and disciplined approach to trading, aiding traders in identifying and executing trades more efficiently than a human trader ever could. Additionally, it helps traders execute trades at the best possible prices and shields them from the influence of human emotions on trading decisions.

If you’re a stockbroking or tech company seeking similar advancements, our team at Infomaze is eager to understand your requirements and deliver a winning solution in Customized Algorithmic trading software development. Embrace the potential of algo trading and unlock new possibilities in the stock market.