Business Central Integration with Keypay Payroll with Zoho People

Case History: The First KeyPay-Zoho Integration

The client had come to us with an issue that needed to be addressed at the primary level: manual data entry elimination.

As the HR management full-feature from Zoho was unavailable in Australia, the leave management, approval of time-offs and planning collaborative employee productivity, and other such inputs required manual data entry into the Zoho People, Zoho Books and KeyPay payroll system.

The client wanted to automate the employee-leave management and payroll, among other modules, to ensure compliance and accurate payroll management with all factors considered.

We provided the client with an extension for Zoho People, Zoho Books, and KeyPay integration to achieve the automation. The client was pleased with the output immensely and came back to us for their next project, which required our expertise in providing API integration services and customizing applications from Zoho and Microsoft. Read more in our Keypay Integration with Zoho Books and Zoho People success story.

As Zoho Authorized Partners and Microsoft Competency Partners, we were perfect for the client in helping them accomplish their requirements.

The Comeback: Our Client’s Return With a New Project

The client wanted to eradicate the difficulty of handling two applications in two different countries by the same organization.

Due to regional tax differences, regulation compliances, and other factors, a single organization may have to deal with two different payroll and business management systems, leading to many complications. Our client wanted us to help them address this issue.

With our expertise, we addressed the issue at its root cause. We had suggested a similar solution to the client once already – Creating an extension to integrate the two applications with seamless data exchange and custom workflows to guarantee specific functionalities.

The Requirement: A Seamless Business Central Integration with Payroll Management System

  1. The client wanted to develop an extension for the Microsoft App Store to effortlessly integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and KeyPay with Zoho People.
  2. Specific modules in Business Central did not have linkable and open APIs for integrating the corresponding modules on KeyPay. However, concerning KeyPay with Zoho People, the APIs were not a problem.
    For example, there was no open API for Business Central integration with timesheets in KeyPay Payroll, while the employee's module in both the applications had APIs and was straightforward. Hence the client wanted us to develop custom APIs for the same.
  3. A smooth, uninterrupted, secure, and compliant Microsoft Business Central Payroll Processing System integration with customizable workflows.
  4. The Zoho People Payroll system with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides a centralized cloud-based payroll processing system and streamlines business management processes without any hassle.
  5. Setting up the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Payroll extension in the Microsoft App store.
Get the Extension for Business Central on Microsoft App Store

The Technology: Used to build the Extension for Business Central & Keypay Payroll

We used PHP to call KeyPay Payroll, Zoho People, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central APIs.

At the same time, we used custom AL programming codes for every trigger and protected data manipulation (- Add new data or transfer data or combine data from multiple tables between the modules) for those of Business Central and KeyPay modules for which APIs did not exist.

We provided the data exchange through our API integration services for the modules with their API keys and OAuth authentication.

The Solution: An Easier Microsoft Business Central Payroll Integration with KeyPay Payroll Management System & Zoho People

Using the above-said technology and our ease of providing setups and configurations, we successfully placed the extension for the payroll processing system in the Microsoft App Store.

Every time the end-user wants to connect two modules between Business Central and KeyPay for which no open APIs existed, we worked to get the system to create a new, automatic subscription link to authenticate the user.

The Result: Business Central Extension on Microsoft App Store

Develop & Launch Your Apps in App Store Seamlessly!

With the extension development that we did for the client using PHP and the custom APIs for specific triggers in Business Central Payroll and seamless data exchange with KeyPay Payment Processing system and Zoho People, we delivered an extension that eased the integration of the two applications.

The extension also saves massive time for our client’s end-users by eliminating repeated data entries, data duplication, or the disadvantage of going through severe repercussions due to discrepancies in taxable amounts, employee overtime inconsideration, delayed leave approvals or confusion when planning collaborations.

Overall the extension that we created to integrate the payment processing systems helped the client increase the ROI, and the client relationship we had with them grew even more robust. The client still has a few more exciting ideas in the pipeline and discussions.

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