A Complete Guide On Hiring MEAN Stack Developers

In this modern world of digital technology, businesses are looking forward to increasing their online presence by creating websites and web apps using the latest technology. There is a demand for MEAN stack application development for web and app projects across all niches.

If you are searching to hire MEAN stack developers who can adapt to various technologies and challenges, you’ve come to the right place. This blog will discuss the MEAN stack and its applications, the benefits of hiring MEAN developers, and the best tips for hiring MEAN stack developers for your next project.

A Brief Insight to MEAN Stack Development

MEAN is an open-source and collection of JavaScript technologies used to build dynamic, scalable, and feature-rich online applications and websites. Due to its friendly nature, you can create quick and dependable web apps using the full stack development tool (MEAN). JavaScript technology is used across the whole system, from the client and server to the database. You can easily create efficient prototype web-based applications using the MEAN stack.

There are four different technologies combined to become a MEAN.

  • MongoDB:

    or MongoDB express is a NoSQL database system which is an open-source, cross platform database developed in C++ and uses binary data formats like JSON to store data.

  • ExpressJS:

    is a server framework used to build single-page, multi-page, and hybrid web apps in Node due to its lightweight, adaptable and mature framework.

  • AngularJS:

    is an open-source and robust JavaScript framework that presents Model, View, and Controller (MVC) architecture to handle specific development aspects of browser-based applications.

  • Node.js:

    is a server-side JavaScript execution network and a runtime environment that allows proficient developers to build online applications and web servers.

Applications of MEAN stack Technology
  • MEAN stack application development has very adaptable and has personalized use cases. Due to its scalability, it is ideal for cloud-native, mobile, and similar applications.
  • MEAN stack web development is one of its fundamental applications and has an incredible ability to manage numerous users simultaneously.
  • The AngularJS JavaScript framework, which deals with the front end of the stack, is designed to build dynamic SPAs (single-page applications).
  • You can also create multi-page apps using MEAN stack, but it is best suited for creating single-page apps such as news apps, maps, and calendars.
  • There are numerous advantages of MEAN stack technology, but the main benefit is that having a skilled and experienced development community aids in offering innovative solutions for the queries of multiple MEAN users and developers.
  • Avoid overhead costs such as resources, infrastructure, and equipment by hiring multiple MEAN developers or teams for your front and back-end needs.
  • Hire MEAN stack developers who follow the best security practices and implement industry-acclaimed standards to protect your crucial data from phishing issues, MITM attacks, and cyberattacks.
  • Another significant benefit of MEAN stack developers is the easy server deployment of mobile and web apps without any hassles.
  • Make your application active and highly responsive to user requests by integrating isomorphic code for your server and browser to facilitate faster loading times.

Best Tips to Hire MEAN Stack Developers for Your Next Project

  • It’s vital to narrow down all your project success metrics and requirements and search for a proficient developer with the required expertise. With MEAN stack application development, you can speed up the project delivery and manage the client and server sides of an application, and you may allow MVP development too.
  • Your MEAN stack developer for hire should have prior expertise in the field and know about multiple technologies. Ability to drive the project in the proper direction, operate following the company’s vision, and understand the issues faced by the customer and provide resolutions.
  • Ask the MEAN stack application development company to show their previous work samples and client testimonials to comprehend their development skills and project success rate. A MEAN stack developer must have credible past development projects and good command of various technologies.
  • It would be best if you asked MEAN stack developers a few questionnaires while taking technical interviews.
    • What differentiates MongoDB from SQL?
    • What is the discrepancy between binary and linear search?
    • What is the contrast between interfaces and classes?
    • What do you MEAN by “callback“?
    • How to create a private counter through closure?
    • Describe Decorators, Service, Routing Guard, and Scope in JavaScript.
    • Determinate the contrasts between jQuery, AJAX, and Node.js.
  • Hire MEAN stack developers who are well-versed in popular web development technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5 and have knowledge of other web programming languages, such as Ruby, Symphony, Perl, PHP, AJAX, Java, and more, to provide top-notch web development services.
  • Sometimes business development teams need help understanding the technical aspects of the project, so proficient MEAN stack developers may lead projects, manage technical teams, or recognize various phases of MEAN stack web development and give precise strategic timelines for the resources employed in a task.
MEAN stack Application Development
  • As technology improves every day, MEAN programmers for hire must know the requirements and anticipations of prospects. So a professional MEAN developer needs to understand the latest technological trends and stay updated to incorporate them into their projects for better productivity.
  • Proficient MEAN developers should have excellent collaborative and interpersonal skills to work and communicate with a team. A developer will work on diverse projects, so it’s vital to understand the business needs, communicate project details and progress, navigate obstacles, and provide technical assistance to the team or clients when required.
  • Considering all the above aspects, it’s time to hire MEAN stack developers to help drive your company’s growth in an organized and efficient manner. If you need to prevent commercial troubles, hire MEAN stack developers who are skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable about technology trends and aspects of the development process.


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