Why Outsourcing your IT Help Desk to Infomaze Can Reap More Benefits?

How graveyard shift for one IT Major helped them cut costs and provide efficient services to its customers?

Infomaze has taken over the graveyard shift or night support of an IT major in the US to provide continuous, uninterrupted IT Help Desk Support to its customers. The service includes a full 360-support, including taking over the tickets that are still open, processing new, and passing enough information to the next shift to process any pending tickets. The IT Support solution provided will soon be extended to 24X7 support as it has saved costs and has resulted in better processing time than ever before.

The Customer: An IT Service Provider

The client, an IT service provider who provides 24×7 support to their customers, was—looking for an efficient way to keep the IT Support Services seamless without affecting the quality of their solutions and increasing customer satisfaction.

The Problem: Reduced quality of IT services offered

The client had a high attrition rate for the graveyard shift owing to the odd working hours and boredom for the engineers working at that point of the day.

The client had to invest in a backup team, spent good time and money in hiring and training new staff, and it often resulted in the depleted quality of the service and, as a result, followed the angry customers.

However, they were skeptical about outsourcing these services due to retaking a hit with the quality and not ready to risk their data privacy and trusting the efficiency of support services outsourcing.

In the client’s own words,

... we cannot go wrong with communication and improper English... all our customers are on premium support, and they cannot be provided with less professional or communication that isn’t up to the standards….

The dilemma of the client: How our Graveyard Shift partnership began?

While the customer was still not convinced, deciding, negotiating whether to outsource or not, a couple of the engineers put their papers. The client had to find a new team on an urgent basis to keep the IT Support going!

The client reached out to us, and this was our chance to provide them with a solution to their dilemma while providing our IT help desk services.

“Infomaze explained its IT Help Desk Services and got a trial run done.”

Systematic Transition to Outsourced IT Help Desk Services

With the systematic approach that we follow, taking over the IT help desk responsibilities was not a cumbersome task for our team.

Our IT support services consultants discussed the work in detail with the managers and the outgoing engineers to understand the process they followed, allowing us to replicate their processes easily.

We assigned our best team to the job at hand, and in no time, our team set to action and took over the shift in a smooth manner.

... The transition from their in-house to our team happened effortlessly in a way that it seemed our The team was stationed right there!….

The Result: Outsourcing IT Help Desk Services Done Seamlessly.

With the immediate deployment of the necessary hardware, networking, security protocols (ISO 9001:2015 certified), and stringent NDA policy & IPS agreement with our employees, the client could rest assured that our systematic approach worked.

The client started seeing the benefits from week #1

Being experienced outsourcing IT help desk solution expert, our strategically implemented solution helped the client with substantial cost savings. In contrast, no compromises in the quality of the solutions that were offered to their clients occurred.

With the competitive costs and increased customer satisfaction, what started with just one team has now turned into a full-year contract with a bigger team and more business coming our way.

Benefits of Outsourcing IT Help Desk Services

How did the client benefit precisely?

Why choose Infomaze as your IT help desk solution provider?

Secure Scalable Outsourcing IT Help Desk Services

With the experience that we possess, we recognize and exactly know how to fill the IT help desk gaps in your business to make it run without any lags and grievances from your clients.

Our methodological approach, well-defined proactive strategies, and experience dealing with real-life problem-solving make us the competent team that you need to deal with all of your IT help desk queries. With Infomaze’s exceptionally advanced infrastructure, you benefit from reducing expenditures, low-cost hiring, and an overall increase in profit margin and ROI.

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