Corporate Social Responsibility

Build Company Reputation With Corporate Social Responsibilities

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is a thriving trend for any business, and it’s also a significant way to increase and diversify the income of nonprofit organizations by reaching new donors.

It’s vital to collaborate with local and global communities and use the available resources by the social responsibility of business to organize and plan events to develop societies.

Encourage Inclusive Economic Opportunity

No matter if you are a citizen of a developed or developing nation, you must ensure that every community, business, and person should benefit by providing an inclusive economic opportunity that helps develop the socio-economic welfare of society.

Infomaze always believes in investing and helping individuals, communities, organizations, and countries access the pathway to opportunity and growth. So, we work across various sectors to create solutions with everlasting impact, so when each of us grows, we all succeed.

So, let’s be true to ourselves and try to understand the unique provincial problems and challenges, exploring programs and partnerships to provide solutions that effectively advocate their community’s growth with CSR.

How Infomaze Involves in Corporate Social Responsibility Activities?

Corporate Social Responsibility of business is a way to do better in society and support the values of nonprofit organizations. CSR activities can include charities, matching gift programs, donations of goods, foods, clothes, volunteer grant programs, and many more.

Apart from the philanthropic elements, CSR activities can help brands stand out from their competitors. Several benefits include enhancing brand images, better customer loyalty, more investment possibilities, and enriched media coverage.

Support the right nonprofit(s) organization for their cause that will eventually aid in reaching a wider audience. See how Infomaze is involved in CSR activities.

Infomazians Expressed Love and Support for the Old Age Nursing Homes

The senior citizens, referred to as elders, face significant problems due to the social transformation. The transitioning from traditional to modern patterns requires adjustments and commitments.

Parents must guide and appraise their children to respect seniors, and children must vow not to send their parents to old aged nursing homes. Other vulnerable people living in these centers must be looked after by the citizens or NGOs so that they may not feel isolated. They are also an integral part of society.

All the senior citizens or older adults who have gone through suffering and traumas deserve a better place to stay where they can find love and respect for them. Since they are not sufficient with essential healthcare needs, they are not familiar with the knowledge and information concerning illnesses and diseases regarding their mental and physical health.


When we visited a local old age nursing home in Mysuru, we were surprised by the people present in the home. About 30 to 40 people were sitting, chatting, and sipping tea.

We greeted them with love and support and talked individually to everyone. We had brought food, blankets, clothes, and grocery items we distributed among the members. They were delighted and thanked us for the service.

Later, we clicked photos and bid farewell. The visit left a profound impact on our consciousness and us. We are determined to stand by our parents and elders through thick and thin.

Infomazians Visited Orphanage Houses for Children of Various Ages

The orphanage house is for children of various ages who have lost their families in natural calamities or have no family members to take care of them, which is heart-wrenching.

The orphanage is a local non-governmental organization in Mysuru. Usually, it has a caretaker who monitors and volunteers to care for the children between the 3 and 15 years age group. It’s a life-changing experience for Infomazians filled with sentiments and emotions.


As we entered the home, we were surprised to see more children, both boys and girls ranging from 3 to 15 years. Some watched television, playing, and others looked at us. We had brought blankets, food, crayons, drawing books, pencils, and more, which we distributed amongst the children.

Children were overjoyed to have food from outside and were even more thrilled when they received our stationery. Our employees set part ourselves and went to talk individually to everyone.

We spent a great time clicking pictures, narrating stories, and singing, and the children looked blissful in our company. For Infomazians, it was an insightful experience as we came back and learned some valuable lessons to be kind and playful with children, which made our day grateful.

Within the social responsibility of business at Infomaze, we stay conservative to help the community and workplace. We made excellent progress in providing as much as possible to orphanages and nursing homes, and we plan to cap more for the society and locals.

We will keep looking for opportunities to improve environmental and charitable activities in our local communities at the end of the year. We look forward to taking measurable steps to make a better future.