SugarCRM Customization

SugarCRM Customization

Open Source CRM System Customization

Leading provider of SugarCRM customization services in India take all the effort to provide you with the best services at a reasonable cost

Infomaze incorporates only the best practices to customize SugarCRM to fit your business well. The company has so far delivered over 350 applications and many mobile apps for businesses belonging to various  industries. We are confident that we will take up challenges and convert them to the client’s benefit.

The team is committed and well known to keep up deadlines, which means we always deliver your software solutions on time. We also offer many ready solutions from which you can customize your own tailor-made business software solution – meaning that this will take a fraction of the time needed to build one from the scratch.  

SugarCRM is preferred by companies all over the world for all their CRM needs. Infomaze has successfully provided expert SugarCRM Developers and customized solutions to various industries including the healthcare sector, B2B, B2C and other professional services.

From modules to fields to layouts, every details can be customized as per your needs. SugarCRM Customization Team at Infomaze undergoes rigorous training initially and also ongoing to keep up with newer releases/upgrades.

Steps followed:

  • Requirement discussion and analysis
  • Design and planning based on business workflow
  • Requirement implementation approach and customization of SugarCRM
  • 3rd party integration if required, using the best approaches
  • Constant support and regular project updates
  • Timely project delivery with outstanding performance of the software solution.

Infomaze provides state-of-art software solutions and open source customization is no different. We make the best use of your resources and provide services in best-in-class pricing. We can also host it for you on the cloud.

Alternatively, we can also migrate data from your existing CRM to your new SugarCRM solution seamlessly. Let us know if you are looking for expert SugarCRM Customization Services in India or globally or even in case of a free consultation, Contact us.

SugarCRM Customization

Not broadly known, open source tools can actually be customized to a great extent to fit your business better.

Infomaze is the best software development company & IT consultant in India that provides modern business software solutions at great quality