Popular JavaScript Frameworks to Use – 2021

5 Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks to Learn in 2021

JavaScript is a profoundly used and preferred programming language and remains one even in 2021, even after its completion of 25 years. The JavaScript frameworks are in demand as they provide pre-built, readily usable functions for web developers. From being a multi-paradigm, with dynamic-typing, while conforming to the ECMAScript specification, JavaScript helps create highly interactive web pages.

An active community works on improving JavaScript, and hence its scope has remained intact for years and has been the most trending programming language for more than eight years. JavaScript frameworks are open source and are used to create highly interactive web pages, large apps, and mobile app development. The compiled JavaScript works efficiently on all browsers and provides the developers with robust features for creating complex interface elements.

The JavaScript frameworks that have been downloaded the most in GitHub shows the demand that JavaScript still beholds. Each JavaScript framework, including React, Angular, Vue, Svelte, and Ember JS, to name a few, is shown to be in demand from a recent survey conducted in 2020. The survey results can help predict the top 5 Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks to Learn in 2021 while also reflecting on the job openings opportunities and prospective offers.

List of 5 JavaScript Frameworks that are in trend this year.

Five JavaScript Frameworks in Trend


ReactJS is a flexible JavaScript front-end library that is used to build interactive user interfaces. As it is component-based, this library makes it easy for the developer even to build complex UIs.

While using the mix-and-match approach of multiple frameworks, ReactJS makes it easy by providing hooks that let you interface with other libraries and frameworks. Declarative views make your code more predictable and easier to debug.

The flux control of the application workflow and the virtual DOM that upgrades the view automatically helps better the performance. The JSX markup syntax, similar to HTML, makes it easier for the developers to write React components.


VueJS is a progressive JavaScript framework that is open source and used to build engaging user interfaces. It is incrementally adoptable and scales between a library and a full-featured framework.

It is lightweight, making it perfect for mobile development. IT is also easy to learn and use. The framework is also compatible with other JavaScript libraries, reduces development time, and delivers quicker debugging solutions.

For applications that require real-time changes, the Vue JS two-way binding directive allows the virtual DOM to change data whenever needed, making its reactivity one of its best features.


An open-source component framework launched in 2016 compiles Vanilla JS codes consisting of libraries and third-party codes. Svelte helps create web applications that are exceptionally fast with great performance & zero dependencies.

A recently conducted survey makes Svelte the third most framework developers wish to learn in the future. Svelte applications require no virtual DOM but manipulate the DOM with its codes and add reactivity to Javascript itself.

The low-code (40% less than React), multiple top-level elements, and version 3 that utilises Typescript, an advanced superset of Javascript, provide an excellent developer experience.


PreactJS was created as an alternative to ReactJS with a size of 3kb. The framework takes such a small part of the application that it accommodates a larger part of your code. From buttons to data providers, Virtual DOM components make it easy to share reusable.

Preact’s design lets you seamlessly use thousands of components that are already available in the React ecosystem. PreactJS can be used to build certain parts of an app without complex integration.

The time required to understand and learn Preact JS is less, and it’s a production-ready and highly compatible framework with advanced React API, making it the most sought lightweight framework.


EmberJS is a JavaScript framework that’s open-sourced and used to build ambitious web applications. The framework is based on the Model–View–View Model (MVVM) pattern.

It facilitates scalable, single-page web applications with minimal coding. EmberJS can be used to create unique desktop and mobile apps as well. It lets you build even complex front-end web applications quickly.

Designed with developer ergonomics in mind, its friendly APIs help developers get the job done efficiently. Ember.js is built for productivity.

With more frameworks being added, developers have more options, and they can easily use multiple of these during development.

Is Typescript taking over Javascript?

Although Javascript has been in the limelight for years, Typescript is catching the developer’s attention, and many are in line to learn the new scripting language with its prototyping feature

TypeScript a superset of JavaScript

Typescript uses types and interfaces to describe the data in use and supports JS libraries & API Documentation. Programming with Typescript requires prior knowledge of scripting and has a stiff learning curve. But, the intuitive and powerful ecosystem allowing static typing.

For all the advantages that Typescript poses, its community is small compared to Javascript. Hence, even though Typescript is gaining popularity, the Javascript frameworks are still majorly used for web application development, from small to large web applications.

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