Java vs. PHP – A Comparison for Web Application Development

One of the main questions that need to be answered before developing a web application is choosing the programming language that will be most efficient as per the requirements. With a multitude of programming languages out there, here is a comparison between Java and PHP. The comparison is not to choose the superior language. Amongst the two, it is to guide which language to choose based on the project specifications.

Overview of Java vs. PHP:

  • Java is an object-oriented, general-purpose programming language that supports both server-side and client-side language. It requires code compilation before execution. It runs on the WORA (Write once, run anywhere) approach.
  • The language comes with a well-defined reflection concept, including interfaces, abstract or reusable classes.
  • Java-based applications run on JVM (Java Virtual Machine) connecting the source code and the binary code and need an operating system, a web server and an application server for the automatic transaction, Authentication, Authorization, and Lifecycle management.
  • PHP is a well-suited programming language for web applications development, directly executable from the command line and hence no compilation is required as it is dynamically typed. It is a server-side language and embedded in HTML.
  • Although PHP does not have a reflection concept built below PHP version 5, the higher versions have it.
  • PHP-based applications run on Apache server/IIS and require PHP Engine, operating system, and the webserver.

Significant comparisons of the salient features of Java and PHP

Comparing Salient Features of PHP and Java

Conclusion: Java vs. PHP for Web Development

Web Application Development through PHP vs. Java

Both the language have their pros and cons and their similarities and differences. Comprehending the usefulness of the language during web application development, choosing either Java or PHP is required. The developers prefer Java for web development of large enterprise applications for the stability, security, and performance of modular and open-source frameworks and PHP for small or medium applications web development.

But it necessarily does not mean you have to choose Java over PHP for large web applications development or PHP over Java for small or medium web applications development when you have the expertise and the knowledge to take advantage of the language used the most.

Are you looking to build a web application development and not sure which programming language to choose or yet to define the SOP of your project to best suit your business? Reach out to our consultants, and we will build the right web application for you without you having to worry about choosing between Java vs. PHP for web development.