How to Get Your B2B Online Ordering System Done Faster

In the recent old times, B2B meant sending out salespersons to your corporate customer’s doorstep with heavy catalog books to portray what you have to sell.

And the costing for colored prints for the books, photo-quality paper would mean a lot of expenses with no durability, as hard copies are prone to wear and tear. Plus, image the search for the required product! This meant having to get these catalogs created multiple times over, and often.


This not only consumed more time but also cost a lot for transport and could never have optimally scheduled meetings. Sometimes B2B marketers even had to send salespersons to potential leads without a B2B eCommerce software. These days are still not far gone and some B2Bs still follow the same. 

Automation is the first key to ward off the above manual processes. Already have a B2B system? There’s more to consider than just a basic software that is designed for any business. Is it a B2B online ordering system? Is it a B2B order management system? B2B eCommerce platform is the quickest way to make your identity in the market and increase your chances of reaching out to more customers.

Customized B2B ordering system is as important as your business itself! It is important to portray what YOU have rather than what everybody else has that you do too.

Create a B2B site for your client that is good enough for yourself to shop on. Increase sales with various attractions such as offers.


B2B ordering systems overcome all these challenges and are adapted by many B2Bs in today’s market. Having your own marketplace created with B2B eCommerce software would attract consumers like never before. Most consumers prefer online shopping versus visiting a store as it saves time and energy. It is also more secure as you have the seller details at your fingertips.

Infomaze is the top software development company and IT consultant in India that creates professional B2B ordering systems.


Case Study

Infomaze created a full-fledged B2B ordering system for a client who runs a print business. The B2B software solution made displaying even complex products, easy. With this B2B ordering system, client’s customers were happy to edit print designs and then place the final print order from wherever they are, online. 


Various options to hide pricing from certain dealers as opposed to others. Multiple offer creations to drive clients to shop more and thus boost sales.


Infomaze created B2B online ordering system with multiple benefits in the shortest time. We ensure that when you have invested so much in the B2B order management system, you should not have to wait to implement it! The fastest import techniques let you import any data records you may need, into the new system. 


With the ease of use that is targeted to non-technical users, there is no separate training required to start using the solution. Highly modular and customized solution is now affordable and highly cost-effective.