Data visualization, Data Analysis and BI services

Data visualization, Data Analysis and BI services

Enabling data-driven decision making with our Data Visualization, Data Analysis, and BI services.

Get more out of the raw data with our solutions on data analysis, visualization, and real-time business intelligence. Interactive and real-time dashboard widgets most represent these both in the form of charts and tabular data & reports.

Our BI and big data analysis solutions help organizations to analyze and make the best use of their business data in terms of cost, accurate decisions, customer experience, and maximizing profits. We want you to use our services for as many years as possible and not just switch to a new one in a year or so!

We build both custom dashboards and reports as well as integrate with popular BI tools that are in the market, including:

Microsoft Power BI
Yellowfin BI
Clear Analytics
Pentaho BI.
SiSense (and many more)

Here are five reasons why Infomaze is the preferred choice for data analysis, data visualization, and in recommending the correct use of BI tools:

1. Our design is sleek, and the information does not clutter over each other.
2. The design is compatible with various platforms and devices, including PC and Mobile.
3. Lightweight, auto-update of data as per the scheduled manner.
4. Big Data Analysis.
5. Integration with the right tool that suits your business needs.

Your data can be anywhere in your system – desktop or cloud, in a third party software or a SaaS-based solution, we can provide an easy connector between your system and that of ours and/or third-party BI tool to get the desired tool.

We cannot include the complete portfolio over here due to data security and NDA. At Infomaze, we look at everything through the bigger picture and create Business Intelligence solutions that not only go with the existing trends but foresee many years into the future as well.

We render services to all business types or sizes and look forward to expanding our horizons for a satisfied clientele. Business Intelligence and data analysis tools are taking over the business market, and we have been focusing on finding improved solutions every single day. In our case, if we cannot find anything, we create it! And this does not happen until we have adequately trained our staff with the best of knowledge and expertise to build a suitable solution.

Get in touch with us;we are looking forward to developing your project (s).