Custom IoT solution for a Healthcare Provider – A Case Study

Leveraging the advantages of our customized IoT solutions for healthcare management!

The Client:

The client is a health care service provider in Israel that provides necessary multi-specialty treatment for chronic diseases. They approached Infomaze to build a healthcare report management system to diagnose reports by collating parameters from various medical devices directly to an app that the doctor uses.

The Requirement:

The need was to build a mobile application that communicates with the healthcare professionals’ diagnosis machines, including ECG, CAT, MRI, and CT scan machines. The reports generated should be directly sent to the healthcare professionals’ application to review and proceed with further treatment.

The application was also required to have separate logins for doctors and patients with categorized management options.


The client had a challenge recording the device results manually after each diagnosis for different patients. The task was time-consuming and prone to errors due to the number of professionals and patients the healthcare was managing. 

The reports are manually hand-written or sometimes generated by a token printing machine post-diagnosis and segregated before sending to the doctors. With the significant amount of data and the number of patients, the task was getting difficult.

The client wanted a more efficient and automated mechanism to help healthcare professionals receive the reports directly from the medical equipment and equally review and share the information with their patients. This IoT solution for healthcare will indeed increase the reporting system’s accuracy, better doctor-patient communication, and finally, a better user experience.

IoT for healthcare management

The Solution:

A customized, secure IoT management setup and a management application to track patient records. With this IoT set-up, the reporting management is automated, providing better tracking of the patient’s health.

Developers at Infomaze helped the client leverage IoT’s full potential and built secure communication between the medical devices and the application where the healthcare professionals can view the results right after diagnosis. 

IoMT(Internet of Medical Things) has many devices requiring different communication modes to function as designed. The reports were required in real-time to assist the patients on a critical basis. A robust Bluetooth communication protocol lets the device send notifications directly to the authorized doctors post-diagnosis.

Once the diagnosis is complete, the device sends the reports to the application in real-time. By this, the healthcare professionals would review the information and communicate with the patients on further treatments.

Our take on creating a customized solution for our client helped bridge the gap of efficient real-time communication and data management. The results were available in real-time to the doctors. The healthcare professionals were able to monitor the reports and make decisions on a priority basis. The patients also had instant access to their medical health records.

Our solution also included a secure cloud storage system to securely store all the user data in one place and make it accessible as required.

Technologies used:

After analyzing the client’s requirements, we set out a strategic approach in implementing the best and feasible technologies to fulfill the project. Our industry-specific developers handle each project with utmost care and priority. Our team of experienced developers brought in the best front-end and back-end technologies to build a customized Android application and an IoT setup with an external Bluetooth library.

Here is the list of technologies we used to complete this project:

  • Java: A simple but robust and secure high-level programming language that helps build android applications. It is an object-oriented programming language that is also dynamically secure as it does not use explicit pointers.Java performs efficiently due to its strong memory management and exception handling behavior. It is platform-independent which means, the code is written once and deployed across cross-platforms.
  • PHP: An open-source server-side software development framework that provides custom classes, methods, functions, and variables to your application. An API offers better efficiency and personalized integration with a better user experience.
  • SQL: A relational database server programming language is portable, provides multiple data views, and makes it easy to code. SQL database allows faster query processing and hence data retrieval and manipulation more efficiently.
  • SQLite: SQLite’s robust and sophisticated data structuring manner eases the data retrieval more efficient. It serves as an offline database.We choose to build an offline database to store data safely when the devices are offline. Once the system is online, the data is pushed to the server and then to the patients.
Custom IoT services

The Result:

Developers at Infomaze enhanced the healthcare report management system and increased the user experience with a unique IoT development service.

Real-time reporting: The solution improved the way real-time reports were made available to healthcare professionals.

Improved patient monitoring system: Critical data was instantly made available to the doctors, thus decreasing the decision-making time.

Instant notification: We set the device to send instant notifications to healthcare professionals on any emergency.

Data accuracy: Improved data accuracy as the data is sent directly to the healthcare professional’s hand-held device.

Offline database: The offline database holds all the medical information and pushes it to the authorized server and then to the patient when the system goes online.

Overall, our team’s IoT solution proved more beneficial to the healthcare team’s current data management system. This IoT setup reduced the time-consuming process of the medical reports management system.

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