Custom IoT solution for a Healthcare provider – A case study

UncategorizedCustom IoT solution for a Healthcare provider – A case study

Custom IoT solution for a Healthcare provider – A case study


While technology can’t completely eradicate chronic diseases all at once, it can at least make healthcare easier and accessible. With the use of IoT, there are unparalleled benefits that can improve the quality of healthcare processes and treatments.

Infomaze helped a leading healthcare company from UAE to leverage the full potential of IoT by building web and mobile application that tracks the whereabouts of the patients as well as hospital staff. In this case study, we discuss how RFID ( (Radio-Frequency Identification) and IoT helped to improve our client’s healthcare environment, services, and drove patient satisfaction as a result.

The Challenge

Before contacting Infomaze, our client was manually handling patient records on spreadsheets and word docs. They were seeking to establish better patient security, increase patient satisfaction, update the hospital staff’s availability, improve internal processes, and identify gaps in general. They were hence looking for a centralized IoT solution to bridge the digital divide.

IoT app development for the healthcare industry

How Infomaze helped with their IoT app development requirements

After analyzing their requirements, we came up with a unique IoT solution to automate their processes in real-time. Our expert IoT developers built a web app on React JS using MongoDB database and mobile application on React Native to drive about automation across the hospital. The IoT app we built seamlessly communicates with the smart bracelet by incorporating advanced features such as Geo-fencing, RFID activation, contact syncing, fall detection, tracking patient’s medical history, setting up boundaries, along with instant alerts and notifications.

The smart bracelet uses RFID to pass information such as the patient’s data as well as past medical records. It alerts and sends notifications to the admin on the patient and the staff’s whereabouts. It also allows to set up boundaries wherein employees and patients have to be present within a specific range, and the admin will be alerted if they move out of the specified border. The bracelet tracks step count, calories burnt, heart rate, Blood Pressure, and body temperature, therefore providing an early warning for any disease.

How the user benefited through our IoT app development

Improved real-time visibility
The solution enables the hospital staff to better monitor the patients, the family members can be notified about the next appointment, and the housekeeping staff can be informed when the patient leaves the room for cleaning purposes.

Instant notifications
With the geo-fencing and fall detection sensor, the hospital staff will be notified in case of mishaps, and they can also detect potentially dangerous areas to avoid the patients from going there as a measure to prevent accidents.

Enhanced internal processes
All the events connected to the patients (movement across different departments, appointments, and so on) are recorded in one place, therefore giving insights on how to proceed further without having to juggle through papers.

Assessing patient flow and hospital admissions
The RFID data that is amassed help healthcare professionals in predicting the patient flow and admissions for long-term planning to properly utilize medications and pieces of equipment, so that they don’t remain idle.

Regular treatment tracking
The RFID tracking helps the patients receive notifications on their smart bracelet if they forget to take medication, miss out on a specific appointment, by pinpointing the exact location and send reminders of upcoming events.

Improved monitoring of the patient’s location
Real-time visibility into each patient’s whereabouts is especially important for elderly patients, children, patients with neurodegenerative diseases, etc., so that they don’t wander about and lose their way back to their ward.

Why choose Infomaze for IoT app development?

Why choose Infomaze for IoT app development
    • Client focused and economical budgeting.
    • Experienced team of IoT developers.
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
    • Rapid results.
    • Highly secure solutions.

Unlike others, we don’t just make tall promises but deliver quality solutions at affordable rates. We bridge the gap between the real and digital world by offering our clients, the most innovative IoT solutions that streamline their internal and external processes and generate revenue at the same time. Our highly skilled developers build enterprise and consumer IoT applications that harness the power of machine learning and analytics. Added to this, we make use of the fastest and most competent IoT platforms, including IBM Watson, AWS, and Microsoft Azure.

We offer a complete range of custom IoT app development services from hardware integration to custom IoT app development services to transform your devices into AI-powered smart devices. We offer high-end IoT app development services tailored to fit the unique business requirements of various industries from retail, manufacturing, sports, technology to healthcare. Want to discuss your project idea with us? Talk to Infomaze, and we will quickly analyze your requirements and provide a free proposal.


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