Advantages of MEAN Stack Development

MEAN is a modern version of the web development approach and a collection of JavaScript programs that helps develop top-notch applications and websites with valuable tools, resources, and plug-ins that reduce development time.

With modern technological advancement, the advantages of MEAN stack web development using MEAN technologies will help to produce state-of-the-art web applications with more productivity.

For today’s web-building trends, you will need strong allies like libraries, environments, database systems, front-end frameworks, servers, and quality server support to create first-in-class yet innovative applications.

MEAN is an acronym consisting of four primary technologies MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js. One of the most significant benefits of MEAN stack is that the whole code is written in JavaScript and open-source.

With MEAN stack development services, we can build scalable and profitable web applications and websites faster and easier. Due to these never-ending benefits, many developers have shifted to MEAN stack technology.

Characteristics of MEAN Stack Development

  • Easy to build dynamic and customizable full-stack applications with single language development – JavaScript
  • Easy to use and flexible to understand with a huge module library and quality community support
  • Cost-effective, maintainable solutions and stores data in JSON format
  • The rapid development of prototypes and applications, avoiding irrelevant groundwork
  • Supports MVC (Model View Controller) framework for a faster development process
  • MEAN elements are independent, accessible, simple to learn, and apply to practice
  • MEAN expands the development cycle process from front-end developers to back-development
  • Allows developers to customize according to their requirements and help to keep web development organized
  • Supports isomorphic code and simplifies server layer
Benefits of MEAN stack

Top benefits of using MEAN Stack Development Technology

  • The MEAN stack is open source, and due to this, MEAN stack technology gets frequently updated for its features and components.
  • For any developer, MEAN stack development is easy to learn, understand, grasp, and apply during development, whether for back-end or front-end developers.
  • JavaScript applications share the same JavaScript code between the web application server and browser client, making transferring code from one robust framework to another easy and faster.
  • Various MEAN stack development companies are researching and discovering new technologies and functionalities to achieve perfection in developing dynamic and robust websites and applications.
  • The primary benefit of MEAN stack development is that it offers complete code in JavaScript and includes development from the client to the server. If you want to be a MEAN stack developer and learn from scratch, MEAN is the perfect technology.
  • The overall development cost is less if you use MEAN stack technology because it uses public repositories and libraries. Moreover, MongoDB uses cloud functionalities in the application, reducing disk space expenses.
  • You can develop an app with basic and essential features of what users search for in a product. Developing an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) using frameworks is crucial and takes the shortest time possible to test the product in the market and cut down costs.
  • Due to the nonblocking architecture of Node.js, MEAN stack development is reusable and high in speed. Moreover, AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework that offers maintenance, reusability, and testability.
  • JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation, and MEAN stack developers use JSON everywhere in MEAN stack. MongoDB, a powerful database framework, also stores all the essential data in JSON format.
  • Node.js and Angular offer JSON, and MEAN uses JSON everywhere in the development process to streamline smooth data flow without reformatting various layers and rewriting the code.
  • Another significant advantage of MEAN stack is its enormous library with a wide range of JavaScript module libraries of Node.js, which enables creating modules from scratch, making web application development effortless.
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MEAN stack Development Service
  • Once you’ve completed application development, a developer can quickly perform the testing on a cloud platform without any hassles. Due to its high flexibility and versatility, you can develop, test, and deploy applications in any environment without hassles.
  • MongoDB is tailored for the cloud and provides full cluster support and automatic replication. Hire MEAN stack developer to add any new functionality that needs to be incorporated into an app by simply adding an extra field on the form.
  • If you plan to build an application using MEAN stack technology, then cost is a significant factor to consider in the application development process and getting an affordable solution that benefits the business.
  • To reduce the cost of building each application, you need to hire a developer who is well-versed in various frameworks and technologies like PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript. Hire dedicated MEAN stack developers proficient in various combinations of technologies at cost-effective rates.
  • As JavaScript is a universal programming language, users can access constant support to resolve queries of other MEAN developers globally from leaders, experts, and entrepreneurs who own MEAN-powered applications.
  • MEAN stack has an evolving community where you can find solutions in a more effortless and accessible manner. If not, you can contact the MEAN stack development company for result-driven MEAN stack creative solutions, utilizing their expertise and experience in JavaScript.


Due to various advantages of MEAN stack, such as code reusability, high flexibility, massive libraries, and cutting-edge cloud support, many industry-leading companies like Paypal, Amazon, Uber, and LinkedIn have their applications based on the MEAN stack.

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