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The team consists of experts for each service – Development, QA, Consultation and more

Commitment of the team ensures on-time project delivery, each and every time

The software development center India promises best-in-class software solutions at an affordable price. For every project, requirement collection from client followed by thorough analysis is carried out before starting any work on the project. Based on this, a reasonable timeline is drawn out and explained to the client well enough to keep the process transparent.

A standard set of technical steps with most effective approach allows us to create software solutions that serve your requirements and more. Choose from a range of services that Infomaze offers.

Our Service Offerings


Business Intelligence

If you want to get an intelligence in place to get your business organized to aid in best business decisions, you are at the right place. Infomaze has an outstanding Business Intelligence Team for a supply chain company. The software development company has used various in-house tools and various online tools:

Infomaze refines your raw data and presents it in a compact, graphical or any other comprehensive manner through a tool created with the latest business intelligence techniques Infomaze has an outstanding Business Intelligence Team for a supply chain company. The software development company has used various in-house tools and various online tools:

Mobile Application Development

Infomaze understands the pressure on you given the war of mobile apps! We build mobile apps that are highly competitive and offer you solutions built with the latest technology and versatile enough to work efficiently across devices. Below are some industries that Infomaze has delivered solutions for:

The mobile apps team involves highly qualified cross platform mobile apps developers and ionic mobile apps developers. Hybrid cross platform mobile development is highly opted for as mobile business apps thus developed can run across multiple platforms equally well. With these mobile apps, your business can work the same from wherever you are. Make your business mobile and serve customers better. Curious? Contact us for a chat.


Web Application Development

Infomaze specializes in web application development for all types of business. Infomaze’s web application development services are highly professional. Given the experience of over 16 years and expertise in the team, you can be assured of getting a solution built with latest technology that is also highly scalable. Below are a few industries that we have catered to, and our clients based In these industries are highly satisfied with our software:

If you want to know more about web applications and other web-based software that we provide, contact the Web Application Development Company, Infomaze for a free consultation.

Hire Programmer

If you want to handle a project all by yourself but need technical help, it’s time to hire programmer! Infomaze has expert programmers for every technology and an ever increasing knowledge base to deliver perfect solutions. Consult us to interview the developer or a team before you hire! We are the best when it comes to support as well and this means communication with the developer is very easy. You can hire programmer as per your requirements:

Our developers send you regular updates so you never feel the need to check on anything! Look no further for a highly committed team or developer. Ask for a free consultation and get an interview with developer before you hire


Application Migration Services

Infomaze cuts out your worry about data loss during application migration. We provide application migration services that are as seamless as can get, regardless of why you are opting for it. Modern techniques used for these services ensure higher efficiency of your business and thus productivity. Services provided.

Database Migration older versions of MSSQL SERVER to MSSQL SERVER 2008/2012; PostgreSQL to MySQL and vice versa; MS Access Database to MSSQL SERVER or any other. Web Application Migration – Classic ASP to ASP.NET (C#); CGI Perl to PHP; Desktop applications to Web-based solutions. After a detailed study of the domain, technology and process of your applications, the team performs migration that is most efficient and cost effective. Request a free consultation for more.

Cloud Migration Services

While planning to migrate to the cloud, it’s natural to be concerned about the risks involved with it. Infomaze is a leading provider of cloud migration and consultation services. IT offers the best solutions with minimum down-time and maximum up-time. Our highly professional team will assist you in all the stages of cloud migration and will ensure that your expectations are exceeded. The stages involved in cloud migration are as follows:


Open Source CMS Customization

You can only get optimal use out of an open source tool when you have a technical team that can customize it to suit your business best. Infomaze collects your requirement, analyzes it and suggests you the best fit open source tool for your project. The expert team customizes the tool so you can get the best out of the open source. For your unique business preferences.

These are the few open source customization services Infomaze has provided: CMS Customization with popular platforms – e.g. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. E-Commerce Customization with highly preferred platforms – e.g. Magento, PrestaShop, Shopify, etc. CRM Customization with top rated software – e.g. Suite CRM, Sugar CRM, Vtiger, Hubspot, etc.

Infomaze has also used web hooks to enhance functionalities of the tool. Talk to us about any concern and ask for a free consultation.Read more Infomaze has also used web hooks to enhance functionalities of the tool.Talk to us about any concern and ask for a free consultation.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance services need in-depth technical knowledge and Infomaze hosts expert QA teams that is dedicated to give you the best services. Top-notch QA services offered by our highly experienced team assures the maximum life cycle of your product. This also mitigates risk to an extent that almost eliminates risks in the long run, minimizing cost. In turn, your customer receives better services from you and thus gives you a better rating! Below are some QA services that we excel at:

Affordable QA services ensure that you can concentrate on the product rather than the defects as they reduce significantly on carrying out QA regularly. Contact us for a free consultation



With the advance of Internet of Things (IoT) into building solutions for a range of industries, it is important that you move with it so you are viewed as a potential service provider by customers. Infomaze uses IoT to create solutions that are powered by innovation and convert your needs to differentiators to stay on top of the competition. Below are a few industries that have opted for our IoT based solutions:

If you aren’t acquainted with the technology, you can opt for a free consultation and our team will be delighted to guide you through.

API and Web Services

API and Web Services require good technical knowledge and Infomaze with its years of experience, pioneers in providing API & web services to its clients. Infomaze has worked using both REST and SOAP APIs where all software technology challenges of client were overcome. Regardless of the service provided, Infomaze promise to store and utilize your data in a secured environment. Below are a few API applications that Infomaze has worked on:

Infomaze offers customized API and web services for your concerns and has so far delivered many successful solutions with maximum benefit. Contact us here to know more.


Big Data Services

Is your organization growing fast and is data getting so vast that it’s hard to manage? Find out how big data can help solve this issue for you. Infomaze provides big data services from the scratch with the major part being analysis of future requirements, so you have nothing to worry about. The answer to organized data that can be easily accessed to perform any operations, is the Big Data Analytics solution by Infomaze. The team at Infomaze uses Hadoop for big data deployment with the most accurate predictive analysis. Infomaze’s solution assists you to work out the unstructured or semi-structured data with the best approach.

Contact us to know more details about big data management and solution. Read more Do not find something that you’re looking for? We offer many other IT related services. Our experts will be happy to give your business the solution it needs.