Our Services:

Hire Team

  • DevOps — 

    Consulting, Release automation, Service virtualization, Configuration, and Environment management.

  • Microsoft-

    .NET CORE, C#, ASP.NET, SharePoint, Azure cloud enabling and migration

  • Enterprise-

    Full MERN, MEAN stack, Business Intelligence, cloud migration

Mobile Apps

  • Android Apps 

    Multimedia Applications, Office applications, Travel Applications, Utility applications, Business applications, Security applications, Communication applications, and testing in a simulator and porting to mobile devices.

  • IOS Native

    Offers custom iOS apps, the latest iOS technologies, design guidelines, timely updates, bug fixes, and assistance with app optimization and enhancements.

  • Hybrid Apps

    Addressing updates, bug fixes, and app enhancements promptly, enhancing functionality and data synchronization, and developing hybrid mobile apps that work seamlessly on both iOS and Android platforms.

Application Migration

Migrating your existing application to advanced technologies. Our expertise in custom application migration includes Operating system Migration, Database Migration, CMS Migration, Code Migration, IT Infrastructure Migration, ERP Migration, and Cloud Migration.

Our Expert team handles major cloud platforms like Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Oracle, and many more.

Key Highlights:

We, as the Zoho authorized partners assist you with secure and reliable integration to Zoho CRM add-ons, and migrate data from your legacy applications to Zoho.

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