Zoho CRM API Integration with Zoho Campaigns – A Case Study

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Zoho CRM API Integration with Zoho Campaigns – A Case Study

The Summary – Zoho CRM API integration with Zoho Campaigns for a mortgage company

Infomaze built a custom solution for a US-based mortage company that assists people with purchasing houses by providing low-interest rate loans by integrating Zoho CRM API with Zoho Campaigns.

We linked their Zoho Campaign with LoB for an automated direct mail process to send personalized letters, payment reminders, etc., to their clients. The Zoho CRM API integration provides high-quality direct mail services; including automatic triggers, smart delivery networks, and dynamic control over not just emails but also letters.

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The Challenge – Synchronization between Zoho CRM, Zoho Campaigns, and LoB

Our client being a mortgage company started their email marketing using LoB, a powerful email marketing solution entirely unrelated to Zoho. Previously, they were using LoB to send mass emails to their customers and leads.

The customer found it hard to send out the same letter but customized for each lead with a specific status. Thus, they had to send a separate message for each lead. This took up most of their time.

They required an option to upload contracts and documents so that everything is at hand as and when it is needed, in a way to centralize all of the documentation on a single location.

While LoB is a great email marketing solution in itself, it doesn’t have a fully automated two-way sync to manage leads and contacts that are handled on a daily basis along with campaign stats. The company’s target goals were:

  • They needed more in the way of integration between LoB, Zoho CRM, and Zoho Campaigns, which would allow them to sync data in two ways.
  • They were looking for an automated system that would help improve their sales processes, to handle a higher volume of sales without adding headcount.
  • They needed a system that helped them to organize their massive database of contacts, which included contacts from all segments of the industry, from real estate agents to brokers to their own subscriber database.
  • The client also needed to be able to track new subscribers to their membership program.

How Infomaze helped?

The client’s requirements were well-defined in detail at the start of the project for a secure collaboration, seamless lead management, task management, and running email campaigns.

The first step in developing the solution was to implement Zoho CRM so that our client can capture leads and generate sales directly into the system.

API integration was not something they were looking for. They had a different requirement that we decided to address through our Zoho customization services. Their goal was to provide timely, relevant, and a custom experience by running fully automated and trackable email campaigns.

We integrated Zoho CRM with Zoho Campaigns to synchronize leads and contacts on a daily basis to target campaigns accordingly. Their old newsletter list was also migrated, and the newsletters are now sent via Zoho campaigns. Stats such as locations, clicks, bounces, reads, etc. can be easily found in the backend and automatically syncing each time an email is sent out.

Zoho CRM is an ideal tool for capturing leads and segmenting them by any number of demographics like name, business type, location, contact information, and more. Lists were created in Zoho CRM and then synchronized to Zoho Campaigns to target those lists depending upon the type of email campaign. The synchronization between Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns meant that it wasn’t required to export spreadsheet lists and import them into a third-party email marketing software to run campaigns every single time.

The process of shooting bulk emails got much more straightforward, allowing their staff with zero experience of HTML coding to generate visually appealing emails. At the click of a button, the mortgage company can see stats such as clicks, reads, bounces, and more.

Zoho Compaigns Integration
  • Capturing new leads from the business website contact form
  • Lead conversion management
  • Storing contact data, business-related fields, financial information, and so on.
  • Email templates for repetitive accounting processes
  • Workflow alerts based on time triggers such as tax return dates etc.
  • APIs to send out customized emails based on specific action events.

Results and ROI

So far they’ve been sending out numerous campaigns to make announcements, generate sales, and manage their workflow from a single place. Their staff is now recording all their potential projects in the CRM along with the stage and various other data fields. Added to this, they’re currently using the system on their mobile devices, enabling them to track the status of leads and deals in real-time.

By migrating to Zoho Campaigns, the company now has a single place to look after all their CRM and email marketing needs. They are now able to create target lists in Zoho CRM and automatically sync Zoho Campaigns to shoot emails and then view the stats in Zoho Campaigns, each time you run an email campaign.

The long-term benefit of this Zoho integration is that all new leads as a result of email campaigns are automatically pushed to Zoho CRM and then converted to sales. This wouldn’t be possible with a separate CRM and email marketing solution.

A project portal was added that allows the staff to create milestones and add tasks to track business development amongst the team, therefore giving an effective project management tool for the company.

Why choose Infomaze for Zoho CRM API integration

Infomaze has been in the IT industry for over 19 years and has provided solutions, IT consultancy, and other IT related services, including API services to a global clientele. Based out of India, Infomaze also offers a wide range of unbeatable offshore services to any location.

Our Zoho customization services include Zoho implementation, Zoho data migration, Zoho implementation, Zoho app development, Zoho consulting, Zoho admin services, and more. As a Zoho authorized partner, we offer holistic solutions to streamline and automate business processes from finance, human resources, sales & marketing, custom solutions, etc. Added to this, we have extensive experience in the implementation and management of numerous client engagements.

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