Cloud-based CRM Solution India

Affordable CRM solution that can be accessed online from anywhere

The Infomaze CRM Solution is a cloud-based model that is provided on the web. The solution helps you efficiently manage both your customers and prospects (leads). The solution manages the stages of a sales process perfectly by recording prospects and related data, creating opportunities, tracking various stages of an opportunity, comparing it with the forecast (overall versus that of individual sales persons) and running various reports that can be customized.

Infomaze CRM Customization Services in India helps you in better management of clients and higher conversion rates of prospects into clients This in turn improves your business helping you achieve long-term goals faster.

General Solution

This cloud system is built to be applicable for any Industry

  • Cloud-based CRM Software meant for all industries promises that your payment is entirely based on the modules that you have thoughtfully chosen. This also makes the software affordable by all sizes of businesses of any stream. Consult us for free if you are unaware of how to choose modules for you business
  • The client management software allows for multiple level access to allocate, hide or show all or few data as per your preferences from settings (this can be changed any number of times according to your need)
  • Leads – add leads manually or directly have them entered from your campaign, website or any other platform that you make use of
  • Merge, delete or categorize Leads as per your requirement
  • Convert leads to turn them into customers in just a single click within the software
  • Manage each customer with one or multiple contacts as required. This is especially great if you have companies as your clients
  • Create wider opportunities with either a prospect or an existing client
  • Track various stages of opportunities and assign a value to each stage. The same would reflect in the Forecast (specified by the admin) Vs Actual findings of the solution
  • Close opportunities to convert lead to become a customer automatically
  • Directly send Quotes of standard products to customers. Once approved by the customer, progress those quotes to directly convert them into orders
  • Create various follow up tasks for prospects as well as customers and events according to preference
  • See all tasks as per priority, due dates and much more in the dashboard or calendar
  • Run campaigns. The software links with MailChimp so you can use the same to run your smooth campaigns
  • Run customized reports as often as needed. These also make a great way to record certain data depending upon your business flow
  • Storage for leads and clients in the solution is highly customizable and you can add as many fields you want to manage your customer records
  • Links with various third party services and integrates with other systems with no difficulty.
Print Solution

This system is applicable for all types of Printers and Print Brokers

Print CRM includes all features just as stated in the General CRM in addition to dealing with carefully catered print specific needs as mentioned below:

  • Wider than the general system, this extended system meant for printers allows you to manage contacts with departments, cost center
  • Multiple addresses/contacts can be specified for a Company
  • Estimating wizards to check with various printing costs
  • Quotes can be branded with the company name/logo and emailed to the client in a PDF format. Use one of the templates for quicker creation of quotes or create a whole new quote altogether
  • Progress a quote to turn it into a job with a single click, create electronic job cards to assign to your staff and as a whole, manage job flow
  • Create Purchase Order for outwork quotes or paper purchases to have information about the order details that will aid you in future similar purchases
  • Real-time stock management of all of your products to avoid unnecessary purchases and save time and money
  • Trace and track of all workflow including quotes, jobs, purchases, invoices and much more
  • Customer facing stores so that they get to place orders directly from the web store
  • Plus, a  host of other features! Read Here

Contact us for merging your existing CRM and workflow into our web based, easy-to-use solution to automate your  customer relationship management.

CRM at Infomaze

Relationship of a business with it’s customer is sensitive and needs to be handled well in order to sustain them for a longer period.

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