Internet of Things based Services India

IoT services with modern implementations to change the way you look at business

Of late, Infomaze has been getting a lot of requests for solutions that clients need to be built with the application of IoT. To do this, there was a thorough research from the relevant team here, for a dedicated duration. Infomaze was then confident enough to build it’s first and highly appreciated solution. Now, Infomaze pioneers in IoT-based apps.

Having gained its name in the year 1999, Internet of Things (IoT) is the inter-networking of physical devices – for e.g., machines, vehicles, buildings and so on. It is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines.

Basically, any device with a sensor on it will be able to communicate with other similar devices or ‘things.’ This communication is termed as IoT. The connected devices are handled via IoT, which acts as the central place. IoT connects the worlds of physical and digital objects.

Some fields for which Infomaze has built solutions utilizing the IoT technology are as follows:

  • Healthcare – Heart monitoring implants.
  • Energy – Detect problems in power plants.
  • Transportation – Automobiles with built-in sensors.
  • Clothing industries – Smart clothing – such as those that include LED lighting, also known as wearables.
  • Technology – Fitness/Activity trackers.
  • Home Appliances – Automation of lighting, heating.

Wearable Devices

These are one of the major examples of IoT applications.

  • ‘Wearable Devices’ are widely known as ‘tech togs.’
  • Other renowned names are – wearable technology, fashionable technology, fashionable electronics, wearable devices or just wearables.
  • The sensor technologies could be embedded into devices such as watches, glasses, textiles, smart fabrics or even jewelry.
  • Fitness bands track the activity the owner does while wearing it. The calculations found could be number of miles jogged, GPS, calories burnt, a heart-rate monitor, etc.
  • These tech togs are a major part of IoT.
  • They work on in-built sensors/embedded software enabling the objects the connectivity with other connected devices or a manufacturer/operator.

The objects in the picture do not require human interaction or command to complete a given task. IoT turns regular devices into intelligent ones that can function by themselves. Contact us here to know more.

Internet of Things Applications

A sensor can be as simple as a mere touch, or a little more complex such as a software code-embedded chip.

As more and more people are turning more health conscious, they are also inclined towards fitness goals. Wearable devices such as tech togs help monitor heart rate, calories, etc.