Infomaze creates ZOHO Integration for Lob

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Infomaze has been in the IT industry for over 16 years and has provided solutions, IT consultancy and other IT related services including API services to global clientele. Based on India, Infomaze also provides a wide range of unbeatable offshore services to any location.

Unique solutions for Worldwide Clientele

The latest client is Lob, customized API services provider that opens up competitive advantages for your business. That also means, API was not something Lob was seeking from Infomaze. The company had a different requirement that Infomaze decided to address through ZOHO integration.

Lob lets you add Address Quality and Direct Mail capabilities into your applications. Lob provides high quality Direct Mail services to its clients; including automatic triggers, smart delivery networks and dynamic control over not just emails but also letters.

The goal of Lob is  to provide timely, relevant, and personal customer experience that’s fully automated and trackable.


Lob found it hard to send out the same letter but customized for each lead with a particular status. Thus, had to send separate letter for each lead. This took up most of their time.

Infomaze Elite

How Infomaze helped:

With the help of ZOHO, Infomaze created a ZOHO integration that made letters customizable for a particular set of leads. The ZOHO integration helped Lob create letters just one time for all Lob leads with a particular status.
Lob used its APIs to send out customized letters based on specific action events. The documents are secure so only targeted customers can view them.

Letters to Leads

This saved time as creating letter was just a one-time thing and it could be customized for given set of leads with the same status. This saved up most of the time for Lob employees so they could concentrate on other tasks.

The seamless integration turned out highly successful for Lob. If you have any similar requirement, look no further than Infomaze – reliable, affordable and highly efficient, customized solutions provider.

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