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Team Augmentation in India

Infomaze boasts of best-in-class talent to provide you with the best services

No matter what requirement you have, Infomaze’s team augmentation services provide you with what you need.

Hire a programmer or as many programmers from India as you need to manage all your web and mobile projects! Infomaze has always been a client-centric company and over the years, has provided services and tech staff to clients across the globe. The engagement module has worked out great for all our major clients, for the following reasons:

  • The members up for hiring comprise of web and mobile experts who can easily recommend the right solutions and alternatives for your requirements.
  • Flexibility of hiring staff as full time, part time, monthly basis or even on hourly basis.
  • Developers and testers with good command over English language so verbal communication will never be an issue.
  • Development Tracker to monitor the developments, estimated time of arrivals (ETA) and task status throughout. You will also be able to read comments and notes about the same.
  • Code is maintained over Source Safe’ along with the entire history and transferred to your server on a weekly basis. This ensures that you always have access to the latest version of the application.
  • Our programmers work on a defined process flow and hence any new or existing members can be replaced within a short time to start off from just where it is required. 
  • Robust security to ensure protection of your application and knowledge base (IP) via Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

A sound knowledge of the project is the first step towards building an amazing solution as per your expectation. Your hired techie members will leave no stone unturned in clarifying all your requirements before they start the project.

Infomaze offers the perfect team augmentation services for offshore development from India. Hire an offshore development team or a solution that gets your business going smoother than ever.

Cost and other benefits:

  • Huge cost saving in terms of infrastructure and building team.
  • Programmers who are industry and technology ready, to jump start your project – no training required.
  • Superior and quality services at a much lower cost that easily compare to many other bigger, renowned firms that provide solutions that are far more expensive. 
  • Benefit of ready code libraries from our research crew (yes, crew) to ensure very less time is spent on newer and/or complicated functionality.
  • Latest hardware and software to ensure that the involved members work together amidst a commendable development environment. 
  • Infomaze gives you a chance to hire affordable developers in India for quality work so great that you will be surprised. 

How does it work?

  • Based on your requirement, we will share with you the every programmer’s profile. Add or reduce resources at any point of time.
  • Select your programmer from relevant profile/s. If required, we can even let you speak to the team via telephone or a video communication.
  • We sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and other proprietary protection documents. Price is highly affordable while being negotiable to a fair extent.

Hire Developer

We have experts for each technology and they are all well trained. If you are already with us, you would know that you even get to choose the same developer if you wish, for all projects that you plan. Depending upon the project, we can suggest you if you need to hire more than one developer based on the scope of the project and timeline. Given that you can hire developers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, you enjoy the most flexibility. Interaction with the chosen developer will never be an issue, we have a system in place for communication that involves the latest audio and video chats, whichever you prefer.

Hiring with Infomaze will ensure quality development and maintenance of your project at an affordable cost, with superior quality. It also helps you cut down on the tedious job of interviewing to shortlist a programmer as we provide nothing but the best services to pick out the best suitable team for you.

Programmers with fluent and sound knowledge of technologies along with a good amount of experience working no similar projects can take up any challenge, even offshore. for any existing software from a different vendor, you can also hire a software maintenance team from Infomaze.

Just like our solutions are mostly modular and you only need to pay for the modules that you have chosen, even hiring one of our great developers is affordable.

The services we provide are not just till the solution is sold; our support system staff in India is always available to serve you – and for as long as you need. Other than India, we also have local services in all major parts of the word so you can have access to our support services without interruption, in the applicable local time zone. This makes us one of the best offshore service providers in India.

Other than development services, we also provide maintenance, testing, WordPress Customization services to your benefit. Get in touch with us to customize your package of resources – whether for your existing or brand new projects that you are aiming to create!

Hire Team from Infomaze

Although there are many roles that you can hire, developers and testers are the most sought out roles for technical services.

Employees at Infomaze are experts in what they do and most of them are well-versed with multiple modern platforms and technologies.