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Business Intelligence Solutions by InfomazeBusiness Intelligence Solutions by Infomaze

Infomaze pioneers in Business Intelligence (BI) services. We understand that business data needs to be analyzed to create strategies for accelerated decisions. And hence data analysis and presentation of these data in various forms including reports, analytics, dashboards, etc., is very important no matter the size of your business.
Infomaze delivers self-servicing business intelligence solutions, which makes it more powerful to view and customize the way you want to see those data.

Does your business need a BI Solution?

Most businesses including us started our Business Intelligence journeys using Microsoft Excel. The data was either acquired or linked through various data sources and the same was presented in different formats of reporting and charting. However, this single dashboard solution had its limitation with regard to volume of data and sharing these reports with other users.

If the similar limitations as above are stopping you from getting a better view of your data, then it’s time to switch to advanced business intelligence solutions from an experienced provider like Infomaze.

BI solutions help you identify and analyze current market trends to figure out the right areas that need addressing. Incorporating BI helps your organization stay ahead of the competition. 

Powerful BI Solutions with Graphical Dashboard

Time to switch to Advanced Business Intelligence Solutions

Now one of the top business solution providers, Infomaze started building customized & dynamic dashboards and reporting systems in 2007 and has evolved widely in creating user-role based dashboards and reports ever since. Of late, many advanced business solutions have been released, taking the whole business intelligence game to the next level. We have worked on many such solutions including:

Microsoft Power BI Solutions
  • Easy and can be integrated with any data source
  • Create advanced dashboards and reports
  • Drill-down options and more
  • Infomaze has used power BI to create eLearning, restaurants, sales-wages dashboard and other solutions
  • Allows a common user to generate interactive BI reports 
  • Fast tool creates interactive visualizations and reports in minutes 
  • Efficient in creating multi-dimensional maps with in-built geo-coding feature.
    Interactive data visualization
  • Time and effort saving 
  • Cost-effective 
  • Sharing of information online/offline
  • Maintains security
  • User-centric interactivity 
  • Find association 
  • Flexibility in access 
  • Fast analysis
  • Quick time to value 
  • Data integration
  • Business Analytics
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Embedded Analytics
  • Cloud Analytics
  • Ad Hoc Analysis
  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
  • Predictive Analysis
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Ad Hoc Reporting
  • Customizable Features
  • Performance Measurements
  • Intuitive dashboards
  • Adaptive User Experience
  • User Data Tier
  • Blends centralized and decentralized data
  • Multi-tenant Cloud Architecture
  • Enterprise Analytics
  • Embedded Analytics
  • Automated Data Refinement (ADR)
  • Infinite Connectivity Framework
  • Responsive and integrated HTML5 dashboards and visual discovery interfaces
  • Mobile optimization
  • Create, schedule, alert, and deliver highly formatted reports
  • Predictive Analytics Engine
  • Easy deployment

Why choose Infomaze as your BI Solution Partner?

Infomaze started very early with business intelligence, especially when it was providing CRM for various industries including Healthcare, Print, Field Service and Telecom. All these companies required a better view of their data, major focus being on the importance of reporting & dashboard. Having served them for over a decade, Infomaze has mastered the art of providing the right solution for our client.

Services Offered by Infomaze

ConsultancyInfomaze analyzes your requirement and recommends the best solution in the form of data mining, warehousing, migration, visualization and use of the right tools to convert your data into actionable intelligence.
Data Warehousing & Migration Services
  • Consolidate your data across various sources into one, easy to use database
  • Aggregations and Duplicate Checks
  • Usage of tools by industry leaders like IBM’s Logical Data Model (LDM) and custom LDM as per client requirement.
Reporting & Dashboard
  • Create Interactive and Dynamic Dashboard
  • ‘Build your own report’ feature  allows you to select your own columns, filters, criteria, drag & drop feature to build/save your report
  • Auto-refresh of data as and new data is updated
  • Mobile Friendly.
Data Visualization using Online Tools
  • Building data source connection with online BI Tools
  • Experts in Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Pentaho, QlikView, etc.
KPI and Data Analysis
  • Switch to advanced KPI and reduce manual efforts of checking the KPI within your organization
  • Drill down the data by various filters and criteria
  • Trend Analysis, Predictive Analysis, Forecast and helps you in making strategic Business Planning

Discover new insights to your data and give power to your users to make faster and more accurate business decisions. Try our Business Intelligence Services today.