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How to Solve the Biggest Problems With Data Visualization

Data visualization can solve business problems ranging from small to complex with the same effect, using various applications.

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Although a small word, data in reality is huge and ever growing. For a business, information is key to plan business strategy and information is carefully extracted from vast data.

Unrefined data is of no use other than it also takes up a lot of your space. It is crucial to get a tool to refine data into information and delete useless data regularly.

Vast amount of data

Data visualization is one of the best techniques to apply to information so it is rendered comprehensive for your decision makers.

In the recent years, data visualization has taken over many business challenges and solved them in the easiest way possible.

Data visualization Application

Regardless of the size of the problem, data visualization easily converts information and displays it in the chosen visual format. Artificial intelligence and data visualization go hand-in-hand and need to be used wisely to support each other. Hire data visualization specialist India from a renowned company that has good experience.

Exam Schedules on App
Info in Comprehensive Graphs

Business intelligence plays a major role in automating and transforming any business for the better. Data visualization is applied to BI to make information visual and thus comprehensive.

Data visualization not just displays plain information but also the correlation of the involved data sets so it is easy to identify patterns, whether numeric or text. It also helps create highly helpful reports. Business intelligence can even tame big data that your organization may carry. A smart business intelligence solution has the right algorithms in the back-end to display updated information at all time.

Problem solution can never be delivered if not for the right information. Data visualization incorporated with BI ensures that you have the right information in hand so the right approach for solution can be found.

Infomaze is a top software development company in India and has mastered BI solutions for over a decade. It has clients all over the globe who work under various industry sectors. The company has provided highly successful solutions and improvised businesses with passion.

Case Study:

A client – pest control services provider – found it hard to calculate the profit they gain and plan their business accordingly. Infomaze provided a pest control management software that had a highly customizable dashboard. Settings contained many widgets and other calculations, including contracts invoices with clear costing splitting plus profit.

Pest Control Contract Management

This helped them prioritize the more profitable contracts and thus retain valuable clients. Customized reports also helped in other important decisions. Now is the time to apply data visualization to your business and get automated.

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5 Tips for Choosing the Right CRM For Your Business

5 tips on how to choose a CRM solution that works best for your business. Should you choose a ready one or should you get it developed? Find out.

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The main goal of a business is to reach higher sales and that is directly proportional to customer satisfaction!

CRM or customer relation management is no longer a book with contact info that you can refer to when needed. It is vast and keeps increasing every passing day of your business.

CRM for your business

The last thing you want is to lose a potential lead just because you did not have an organized follow-up process in place. Or even worse, lose a loyal client by not being able to respond to their query. Whether you want to hire CRM developers to build the perfect CRM software for you or want to get a ready solution customized by Infusionsoft CRM developers or SugarCRM developers, consider the 5 questions below:

How is it different from other CRM software that claim to be the best in the market?

Look for something more than just CRM. The best CRM software even offers to follow up with your prospects and suppliers, other than clients. This way you can keep track of communication. Added reporting feature will help you study typical behavioral patterns of clients and prospects.

Power to being different

How is the software provided?

Opt for a cloud-based CRM software as the resources are easily scalable according to your varying business needs. SaaS model is even better as maintenance, upgrades, updates and everything else is regularly taken care of, by the provider. This also assures mobility, you can access the solution from anywhere.

Does it communicate the same info to all users?

Depending upon its size, a company has many employees and authorized users will access the CRM software often. Ensure your CRM has a centralized system so all users access the same, real-time data at all time. This wards off uninformed decisions.

Real-time Information

Ease of use

Now that you have shortlisted a few software to serve all your CRM needs, it’s only fair to want ease of use. So many employees that you authorize, will be using it and you don’t want to spend a lot on training them just to use it. It is important that the software solution is easy to use even by non-technical users.

Implementation and Compatibility

On one hand, it must be easy to implement. If you opt for a CRM software from a reliable provider, they will get you started right away and even provide you with the basic training. The software must also be compatible with your system without demanding too much. It must be ready-to-upgrade with newer technologies that would arise in the future. What good is a solution if it stops working in just a few months and forces you invest in a newer one?

Compatibility of CRM software

Infomaze is a reliable software development company in India that has provided software solutions and related IT services for over 16 years. Clients spread across the globe, as Infomaze provides professional business solutions that live up to international standard while also being affordable.

Infomaze Elite
IT Consultancy and Solutions

Over the years, we have provided CRM customization services India for many industries including B2B, healthcare, printing, field services sector and many more. We offer expert CRM developers India based on your requirements, including Infusionsoft CRM developers and SugarCRM developers.

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Why Mobile Application Should Be Your First Focus

If your business has it all but no mobile app, it’s just not enough! Learn why you need to have your business on the go. Switch into modernized business world!

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So you are a business who aims to reach higher, faster – just like any other business. At least that’s how consumers look at you!

Aim Higher

Whether you are a start-up, small or medium business or even large enterprise, you will have your own challenges.

If you are just starting up, you may find it the most difficult to afford a solution. In this case especially, mobile business app that does not need too much of an investment comes as a savior!

You need to start somewhere. As a start-up, you have the most available options to make your identity through the industry. Why not start mobile and then bud into a fully bloomed website accessible by people all over the globe?

Mobile App for Start-Ups

Infomaze is the best mobile app development company in India that has been in the IT market for over 16 years. It has delivered 360+ web as well as mobile solutions for many an industry, to clients all over the globe. The company has expert mobile apps team built by expert mobile app developers that specializes in hybrid cross platform mobile development, android, iOS and more.

Our cross platform mobile app developers and ionic mobile apps developers are highly qualified and are experienced in building scalable mobile business apps based on business size.

Below points give you a heads up on why mobile application should be your first focus:

Business from anywhere

As an owner, a mobile application lets you effortlessly handle your business from anywhere just with a mobile. This way, you don’t have to worry about losing out on important business tasks even when you’re not able to make it to the office.

Take Your Business with You

Mobile First Consumers

Current world’s consumers check your mobile app first before they even consider your website, as most people do not have the time to browse. Mobile is something a user always carries and it is the first interface that introduces them to your app. People also judge your business on the basis of ongoing technology trends. You don’t want to be left out just because you don’t have a mobile app!

Increases Website Presence

Website must also be your priority. Linking your mobile app with your official website not only increases traffic for your website but also makes your presence expand. Your brand identity is thus rendered stronger. Online presence has always been a mandatory factor rather than an option. Now, mobile presence portrays an even stronger hold.

Increased Website Presence

Impressive User Experience

Mobile apps can be built to have seamless navigation for users. This results in the best user experiences. It may also result in users recommending you to more people they know, who would be interested in your business. Make your customers want to stay longer on your mobile app by getting more creative with your app design.

Future of Mobile

Mobile is here to stay. In fact, it may be extended to other mobile devices such as smart watches built with applied IoT. Mobile app is the first step towards a secure business future, technology-wise. Attract more downloads by optimizing your app for the targeted app store (Google Play Store, Apple’s App Store, etc,.).

Future-Ready Mobile Apps

Infomaze is a top Mobile App Development Company In India specializing in top-notch mobile business apps. Mobile app solutions affordable by any business size and best-in-class services. Our highly qualified mobile app developers give app development has a whole new meaning.

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What are the advantages of CRM for your business?

Sales profit is directly proportional to happy customers! And how can you manage to have happy customers when you still manage your ever increasing database on papers?

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When companies that are not into sales are giving so much importance to customer relationship management or CRM, it’s only fair for sales companies to now feel pressure.

Sales profit is directly proportional to happy customers! And how can you manage to have happy customers when you still manage your ever increasing database on papers? Something to really think about.

Customer Management

Your marketing team is doing great and you have many leads coming in, but day after day you can’t seem to keep track of these leads and wonder where the data is? This is a clear-cut proof that you need a CRM software iteration for your business.

Automation makes every task easy! A great CRM solution is much more than just a software to store basic information. One such is created by expert CRM developers India at Infomaze and allows you various operations to completely automate and change your CRM game.

CRM Automation

Infomaze is a top provider of CRM customization services India with highly qualified CRM developers. Infomaze specializes in creating CRM solutions using the best tools including Sugar CRM. The company successfully operated in the IT sector for more than 16 years and has so far provided customized CRM software for businesses such as:

  • Field service providers
  • Printers including signage and promotional companies
  • Print brokers/managers
  • B2B and more.

Infomaze provides specialist developers:

  • Infusionsoft CRM Developers
  • Sugar CRM Developers

Our built-from-scratch CRM software solution includes:

  • CRM database with customized fields
  • Multiple addresses option for same contact (if applicable)
  • Tasks/calls feature with each case assignable to suited staff member
  • Status and notes for tasks/calls
CRM System

Cloud-based CRM software is always a better choice as it allows you to scale resources up or down according to varying business needs.

Cloud based CRM Software
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Things You Should Know Before Getting Into The Offshore Software Development Center Industry

Time has evolved for the IT so much that even development services can now be rented! This is exactly what offshore development service providers do.

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Business in every sector is getting smarter and choosing software development services from reliable providers across the globe. Whether it’s customization or building a new solution for your business needs, choosing a software development center can be tricky.

Time has evolved for the IT so much that even development services can now be rented! This is exactly what offshore development service providers do. They outsource their development work to clients across the globe.

Hire offshore development team India

Companies are getting smarter and opting for offshore development services for multiple reasons, the main reason being to cut costs. Although, there are a few areas you should investigate before choosing an offshore software development center to outsource you their work:


Being a company, the offshore development center would already be setup with the perfect infrastructure for all development related activities for your project. Find out about the infrastructure the company provides its developers and if it looks promising.

Friendly Infrastructure


This entirely depends on the firm you are choosing; the best offshore development centers have enough experience in not just offshore services but also a strong hold on onshore services. They host a highly qualified team to deliver professional level services and have clients all over the world.

Check for payment options

It is a good sign if the offshore software development center provides you with multiple payment options. Hourly basis is always a better option to choose and allows for easy calculation of costs. Multiple benefits of a country like India makes it possible for you to hire highly qualifies talent at fraction of cost that most developed countries involve.

Payment Options

Interviewing before hiring

Ensure that the offshore service provider gives you a chance to interview the team they claim to be best suited for your project development. You should ask them any questions you have in mind, including technical, before you nod.

Interview the Team


The quality of work a development company provides can easily be measured based on their portfolio of past projects. If you cannot find any on their website, there is nothing wrong in asking them to share some details on the same.

Well knit team

A new team will always have trouble getting used to, thus wasting your precious time. The team the offshore center provides would probably have worked together before. Ensure the same by discussing your concerns as a good team would have delivered successful projects before and knit together well for a better output.

Team Bonding


How often do they send you updates? Daily is great, but weekly updates is ideal too, saving you both time. This also gives them more flexibility to complete phases efficiently. Moreover, you can always check on them in between, if you feel the need to.

Remember the above discussed points before you hire offshore development team from India. Be smart and get the most out of your investment. With an offshore team well managed by your provider, you don’t have to manage the team at all. This gives you more time to concentrate on more important areas of your business.

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Infomaze as a ITaaS Provider

With the least investment, ITaaS addresses issues with approaches that your organization would never have thought of.

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Digital transformation is slowly but strongly taking over most industries and the main aim is automation. ITaaS is an operational model unlike SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) that are all cloud computing service models.

What’s common with ITaaS and the cloud models is that both provide an easy fee (entirely based on your requirements) that is paid on a monthly basis.

With the least investment, ITaaS addresses issues with approaches that your organization would never have thought of. IT as a service opens up the best strategies for you to manage your IT resources and flow, resulting in optimized IT.

Best Strategies

Optimized IT also ensures security of your information, given the various strategic tools it imposes on the company. IT for your company requires hardware, software and optimal support and most times a company is not in a position to implement separate software solutions or IT models to handle these phases.

Computer Hardware Maintenance
Automate your Business

IT Infrastructure as a Service(ITaaS) ensures that you are never left lagging behind and transforms your business with automation. ITaaS model helps you provision resources according to changing needs of your business such as the workload. ITaaS also helps you handle the management better for optimal performance and thus improved output.

Below are the advantages Infomaze provides with its ITaaS model:

  • Customized model according to your requirements.
  • Highly affordable modular solution as you only pay for the modules that you need
  • No hidden costs – costing is transparent based on the modules. Monthly once fee
  • Simplify and accelerate even the most complex workflow with expert automation
  • Regular software upgrades
  • Secure data on the cloud
  • Assign access rights to your chosen trusted staff
  • Support system with expert solution providers.

IT as a service accelerates and manages the workflow of your business for a quicker and better ROI without requiring you to put in a lot of time or effort to take care of it all. Up your business game and carve a strong place in the business competition for years to come. ITaaS model provides actionable insights for your business decision makers to take the best decision that would help your business stay at its best.

Try the ITaaS automation form Infomaze for yourself. Contact now for a free professional consultation. The team at Infomaze will get you exactly what you need.

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Web Application Development: Why Is It Important for Business?

Web application development is a lot more affordable and can be customized as you need without the hassle of shortage of space on any page.

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With mobile apps taking over the business world and more and more people opting for the same, it might be surprising that web application development is still crucial to keep your business on top.

Website is still the first thing prospects look into to get familiar with your company & it is important to have an attractive design. It may not be that interesting to read about a lot of content on a mobile, the reason why website is still the preference by millions around the world.

Web Application Development

Thus if you have an amazing mobile app to business but do not have any website, it is quite unlikely to attract more customers. We note down a few points why you must still opt for web application development for your business:

    • Worldwide Presence

Your company’s presence in the region of targeted audience is of utmost importance. Make sure your website is accessible in all these regions without any glitches. A real-time website eases communication with your audience using chat bots, etc. and also strengthens your online presence.

    • Affordable

Web application development is a lot more affordable and can be customized as you need without the hassle of shortage of space on any page.

    • Mobile friendly

A single-page website is currently the trend as most information is available on the same page and the users don’t have to visit too many pages to get the information they need. This sort of website is also easier to navigate with a mobile phone.

    • Easier navigation

Many people still prefer the bigger screen for better view of websites and also the accessibility from multiple devices including iPad. In fact, it can even be made accessible on mobile phones.

    • Ready to use

Web application do not have to be purchased or downloaded from an app store. Neither is there a need for approval.


Provided as SaaS models, Infomaze includes regular maintenance of the application including software upgrades, updates and quick fixes. All in all, you do not have to invest in more to hire an IT team to take care of the maintenance.


Infomaze is a web application development company in India that has developers who have built over 360 highly successful web applications over the years and are highly experienced.

We have provided web application development services to clients across the globe for more than 16 years. Interview our web application developers if you wish to hire one, or choose from our range of highly successful web applications that can be customized to your needs. One-time free consultation!

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10 Signs You Should Invest In Business Intelligence

It just isn’t fair when you have invested so much to make everything sync for better profits. This is the major reason why you need business intelligence.

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How would you feel if you have the perfect software to manage your business but there isn’t any BI tool in place so the output you get out of that software is never optimized?

It just isn’t fair when you have invested so much to make everything sync for better profits. This is the major reason why you need business intelligence. Another benefit is information that can directly be shared in real time. Updates can also be easily made in real time.

Business intelligence services include anything and everything from consultation to delivering you a solution that works optimally.



Unmanageable paperwork can mean that you still rely on older methods to store your data and struggle to get your problems sorted miraculously. There may be two reasons for you to avoid investing in a software to organize your business:

  • You feel that a software may dig a hole in your pocket.
  • You don’t find your staff using it as they have no technical knowledge .

Luckily there are software that actually overcome both issues – that is, they are affordable and also do not require technical knowledge to operate. And once you switch, you will obviously not be needing to carry out any kind of paperwork.

Paperless BI
FieldPlanr Dashboard


You find to many errors in information stored in your system or on papers. This should not come as a shock as manual work by staff is prone to human error that can surely be reduced, but never avoided. A BI tool works like a computer and thus errors are zero to negligible.


You find the collected data to be all over the place and don’t know how to filter the important data and organize it. A BI tool will render this data into meaningful information that can be used to make best business decisions.

Understanding Analytics

Analytics is based on the collected business information and you find it hard to differentiate between all the available information. Business Intelligence displays analytics in a comprehensive format and anyone even with no technical knowledge can understand the same to make the best business decisions to gain better profit. Reports are a great way to measure your business growth.

PrintPlanr Dashboard

Financial Dilemma

You find it really hard to figure out what bills to clear of purchase orders or what payments to receive from your clients. Business intelligence will display the exact over-dues in real time so you don’t have to make a decision, you just follow what is already there!

A good business intelligence team creates a BI tool that works exactly like your business needs. If you relate to any or all of the above, it’s a clear sign that you need to invest in business intelligence services from a reputed provider.

Infomaze is one such company that has a committed business intelligence team in place that has provided business intelligence services to clients across the globe for many years.

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The History Of Outsourced Software Development India

History of the rise of software development in India dates back to over 50 years. As years passed, the growth was gradual but remarkable.

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History of the rise of software development in India dates back to over 50 years. Software outsourcing services quickly picked up about 20 years later on when India was seriously making it’s space in the IT industry. As years passed, the growth was gradual but remarkable. Many companies were soon formed and milestones were set to make India a successful outsourced software development center in the world.


Software Outsourcing India is now adopted by many companies from start-ups to large enterprises. Thus, India is also renowned for providing software development & many other IT services in different price ranges.


The best companies provide software services that easily match international standards with a support team great in communication. The happy clientele is therefore spread around the world while the companies offer outsourcing services handled by top notch developers. Outsourcing of software development has been a major contributing factor for the economy for India for nearly 30 years and is getting better with time.

More and more companies are now aware of the high quality services provided in India at a much affordable pricing as compared to local services and are thus opting to get their software projects carried out in India. There are numerous renowned companies that are highly reliable when you are investing so much for an IT software solution.

Other than developers with a particular technical skill, you also have access to many full stack developers (those proficient in multiple technical skills, both front-end and back-end related). Most companies also let you interview and then hire the developer or team that you find most suitable to fulfill your requirements. Look for options of payments on daily, hourly, monthly basis or others.

Whether it is web development, mobile development, regular updates can be demanded from the developers of the outsourcing company to stay aware of what’s going on with your project.


Other than developers with a particular technical skill, you also have access to many full stack developers (those proficient in multiple technical skills, both front-end and back-end related).

Outsourcing of Software Development is one of the areas of expertise of Infomaze. The company has been providing outsourced software development services to clients around the globe for many years. Infomaze also provides free consultation and suggests the best options for you.

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Should you opt for .NET Core development?

.NET Core provides a great platform to build high-quality mobile apps, as the developer follows standard set of practices.

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.NET Core provides a great platform to build high-quality mobile apps, as the developer follows standard set of practices. This also makes the resulting app easily testable while the final software would be easy to maintain.

ASP.NET is the highly portable framework for .NET core.

.NET core is the boosted version of the .NET. The .NET core and ASP.NET offer a lot more, including:

    • New Toolkit

.NET incorporates a whole new toolkit with many tools that simplify the development process.

    • Container Friendly

.NET Core is container friendly and allows the usage of Docker containers.

    • The .NET Core is open source

Open source means possibilities are endless.

    • High performance

Incorporating only necessary NuGet packages results in lightweight apps with improved better security and thus higher performance.

    • Cloud compatible

Cloud-compatibility for resource scalability makes it apt to use in all project sizes.

    • Cross-platform

Support for cross-platform makes it highly portable.

    • Side-by-side .NET application versioning on the same server.

ASP.NET core supports side-by-side app versioning.

    • Microservices

Supports the use of microservices.

Although the .NET framework is strictly for Windows, the .NET Core is modern and one of the main reasons of its creation was to enable its platform-independent feature.

NET Core Icon

As we can see, .NET core is not just an easy platform with many options for the programmer. Applications built with .NET core are highly user friendly and of high performance. It supports development for small or large projects equally well. NuGet packets make it highly modular and allows you to only pay for those that you use.

The ASP.NET core includes MVC framework. Web UI and APIs can be easily built with ASP.NET core MVC.

Infomaze offers expert developers who are well-versed with the basic as well as advanced versions of the .NET core. Hire .NET full stack developer or hire ASP.NET developer for best software development services and much more. Free consultation.