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A Tribute to Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan

Infomaze, as a software development company stands by the government’s initiative to make India Self-reliant and is working towards staying atmanirbhar even during this Covid-19 pandemic.

We are no stranger to the Covid-19 pandemic that came out of nowhere, created panic and chaos among the general public and affected the daily lives of everyone, irrespective of caste, creed, and religion. Our government set a mark in the world by handling this crisis intelligently and with the caution it demanded. We have all been fighting this predicament at every turn of our lives now.


Covid-19 Economic Package Released

As we all know the Prime Minister of India, Sri. Narendra Modi announced an economic package, Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan (Atmanirbhar, which means remaining self-reliant), to support different sectors including the MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) recently, wherein in his speech he also advised us to go “vocal to local” so that each individual in our country can support in uplifting the economy in their own way.

We sincerely thank our hon’ble PM Shri Narendra Modi Ji for one of the biggest relief packages. India will rise up with the helpful guidelines of our heroic leader and go to the next level. Infomaze has been proudly serving the nation since 2002, and we fully support the government’s initiative to fulfill the nation’s dream of becoming self-reliant. COVID-19 crisis taught us why local brands are important. In the time of darkness, they have shown us light. It is time we strengthen local brands with our full support. Let’s go ‘Vocal for Local’ and back our own startups and young entrepreneurs. It’s time to bring a change in the Indian economic anatomy and show the world a new portrayal of strength. We need to support each other during and after the COVID-19 outbreak. We need to become self-sufficient and stand united as a nation.


Moving Towards a Self-Reliant India

“ThePrint,” a digital news platform that provides insightful analysis of the current economy predicts that artificial intelligence and technology, the soft power of India, a source which we do not lack, will help India remain Atmanirbhar financially during this tough time. As a Software Development Company, Infomaze is not far behind in turning this difficult time into an opportunity by overcoming all the hurdles that we come across on a daily basis, thanks to our employees, some working from home and some working onsite tirelessly and coordinating to not let the work be affected even during this crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Just like during the crisis India acclimatized to the situation and started the mass production of N95 masks in such a short time span and excellently high efficiency; together as a team, we at Infomaze are providing our clients the best in the business and nothing less, so that they can rest assured. As the government is doing their bit, so are we in our own way and joining our hands with their efforts.

So, here’s what we are doing to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic at Infomaze and continuing to stay Atmanirbhar effectually and not letting our work get the blunt end:

1) Adhering to all the guidelines the government’s Health Department has set for employees to follow at the workplace, which includes the compulsory wearing of masks while working onsite, maintaining social distancing, and maintaining the hygiene by washing hands with soap/handwash and using hand sanitizers regularly.

2) Employees have the option of working from home if they have any flu-like symptoms and are asked to stick to a strict hygiene practice.

3) We are providing N-95 and KN-95 masks in the office premises for our employees to maintain respiratory hygiene and, while sneezing or coughing, are asked to place tissue and cover their nose and mouth and discard the tissue immediately in the assigned designation.

4) We encourage our employees to carry their personal hand sanitizers to the office and bring home-cooked food, avoiding going out for lunch. Also, they are requested not to take a detour while returning home until and unless it is required.

Our employees so far have remained responsible, following all the necessary and required precautions. Infomaze thanks them and continue providing the support our employees need from our end. As our Prime minister, Modi Ji says, “We think together, we resolve together, and together we take the country forward” and not let this doomed time to affect our everyday life, mental and physical health. We are in this together, let’s fight against this unfortunate time and remain “Atmanirbhar”, and contribute from our end as much as possible for India to proudly carry out the “Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan”.

No crisis will stop us from providing you the best software development services. For any of your software development needs, feel free to contact us and our team is here to help you, Covid-19 or otherwise.


Do you want to extend your support?

Let us all be in this together and support our government’s initiative and be “Vocal to Local”. Reach out to us and get top-notch software development services and solutions.


How Business Intelligence Mobile App Development is Transforming Modern Businesses

Business Intelligence Mobile App Development, Business Intelligence application development, BI app solutions, mobile app development, Business Intelligence App Development, Custom BI App Development

Wherever the world tilts, so should your business to stay competitive. Being successful in this modern era is beyond online transactions and sending compelling emails to your customers. In order to ensure maximum growth, you must incorporate mobile business intelligence strategies into your business line. This is important to both your workforce and your clients.

Back when mobile app development was just in the early stages, no one anticipated it will grow to this extent involving powerful technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Business Intelligence. Today, many businesses are recognizing the value of empowering their workforce, business partners, executives, and suppliers with actionable information at all times.

With mobile BI on the brink of widespread adoption, SMEs and large enterprises of diverse business verticals are already planning to launch their business data on mobile devices that can conveniently and easily enhance access to critical data. Infomaze builds strategic solutions aimed at deploying business data on various mobile devices to efficiently leverage the power of mobile action and visualization.

Also known as descriptive analytics, business intelligence (BI) is largely implemented to precisely describe the past and current state of any business. From concept to production, we work with clients worldwide to improve their mobile BI application strategies.

Business Intelligence Application Development - Infomaze

Importance of Business Intelligence in Mobile App Development

Now that the world of mobile app development is currently been occupied by Big Data, the importance of employing analytics and business intelligence cannot be overemphasized. As a matter of fact, any business owner who is not using these technologies can be compared to using a toolbox to work without a wrench. While they may still be able to perform their tasks, it is obvious that they are working without all the necessary resources.

Any business looking to make an impact in today’s tech world should be able to implement the idea of BI to improve their app. Having the world’s best app no longer matters; it is your ability to maximize appeal to your customer that counts. But how can you achieve this without business intelligence? Now is the best time to incorporate BI into your design decisions, else you will lose your customers to an inferior product.


Why choose Infomaze as your Business Intelligence App Development Partner?

Different business decision makers need differing types of data . As an experienced BI applications development service provider, our aim is analyzing the scopes of developing BI apps and implementing it seamlessly in order to flawlessly serve different business needs.

At Infomaze, we provide BI and big data analysis solutions that help organizations to analyze and make the best use of their business data in terms of cost, accurate decisions, customer experience, and maximizing profits. We want you to use our services for as many years as possible and not just switch to a new one in a year or so!

We render services to all business types or sizes and look forward to expanding our horizons for a satisfied clientele. Business Intelligence and data analysis tools are taking over the business market, and we have been focusing on finding improved solutions every single day. In our case, if we cannot find anything, we create it! And this does not happen until we have adequately trained our staff with the best of knowledge and expertise to build a suitable solution. Infomaze possesses the right amount of experience and skills to offer meticulous BI application development solutions to varied enterprises.

Our team has the experience in creating intuitive BI apps for various enterprises, ranging from large to small scale enterprises. Providing collective data from reliable sources is that the ultimate aim of our BI applications.

Our BI application development services include ETL, Data Integration and Management, Data Warehousing and Analytics, Data filtering and cleansing with manual and semi automated processing, Cloud-based Business Intelligence Solutions, Business Forecasting for Finances and Operations, Business Analytics Dashboards, Mobile Business Analytics Solutions (iPad, Android), commercial activity Monitoring and Reporting, etc.


Business Intelligence service offerings

    • Business Intelligence Consultancy
    • Custom BI App Development
    • Enterprise Reporting System
    • BI App Integration Solutions
    • BI Analytic Platform Development
    • Business Intelligence for Mobile Platform
    • BI for Real-time Reporting
    • Data Warehousing BI App
    • BI App for Mobile Workforce
    • BI for Business Process modeling
    • BI App Data Visualization
    • BI for Mobile Devices
    • BI App for Document Management
    • BI App for Business Process Automation

BI solutions for every industry

Industries we cater to - Infomaze

Linking WordPress site to Zoho CRM- A Case Study

Infomaze linked custom CMS forms for a client from their WordPress site to Zoho CRM using the Gravity forms Zoho CRM plug-in.

The Customer: Utilizes CMS WordPress platform

Infomaze helped a client, an international telecommunications industry solutions provider, automate the process of data integration. The company attracts regular traffic to their CMS WordPress website from their leads, who seek their consultation to other services from their property experts, which necessitated the need for automation.

The Challenge: Lack of Zoho CRM web to lead form plug-in

The data entered on the CMS WordPress platform on the backend needs to be sorted, recorded, and exported to a platform that lets an easy understanding of the accumulated information. The customer regularly received requests for consultations or for their other solution services, including sales of telecommunications lease, telecommunication tenure audit reviews, to name a few.

The client had been entering all the information received through forms manually into the Zoho CRM system, not only utilizing unnecessary time and workforce but, also at the same time not having a 100% error-proof system during the data entry process, making the whole process inefficient.

Link WordPress to Zoho

The Requirement: Zoho CRM integration with WordPress

As the client ran a telecommunications industry, they were required to respond and deal with a new lease or renewed telecommunications lease negotiations, prepare audit site reports, manage and review Land Access and Activity Notice (LAAN) objections in almost no time and respond to their customers. For every business transaction, time was of the essence.

As for the challenges and reasons mentioned above, our client required us to make the contact as well as the lead data entered in the WordPress backend to automatically integrate it into the CRM system that they were using. This integration would not only reduce the turnaround time to reach a desirable, appropriate action, be it reaching out to their clients to assist LAAN management or reviewing of the LAAN tenure, but also saved workforce energy.

The need to link WordPress website to Zoho CRM

About 60% use WordPress as their CMS platform worldwide, with a vast amount of data added every minute on its backend. With the numbers so high, it was no different for our client to consider the need to link their CMS website to a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solution to make use of the data that gets added on in the backend to reach actionable results in no time. Especially when wasting workforce, time or any other resources is not an option to boost the ROI.

And, this is where Infomaze comes in as we have the best CRM developers as well as the CMS developers to take care of all your specific business needs.


The Solution: A successful Zoho WordPress integration

At Infomaze, we choose the best solutions for our clients to provide an excellent user experience and automation in their business workflow. To fulfill what our client desired, we offered an integration of Zoho CRM with their CMS WordPress along with upgradation in their website plug-ins using Gravity forms.

Our CMS developers provided easy integration with the Zoho Contacts, Zoho leads, and automated integration of the data entered in the WordPress forms along with notifications every time a new lead contacted them through the forms.

The Result:

With our integration services, the client would get notified every time a lead sent a form and helped them stay ahead in their business to give quick responses to their customers. Also, the company benefited tremendously as the process of data assimilation from their WordPress contact forms, and lead forms were efficiently automated, maintaining, and building better client relationships.

The client could easily map the contact, and the lead data on the Zoho CRM platform as it automatically got sorted during integration and did not have to worry about errors in the data as no data entry was required from our client anymore.

The client could rest assured about the security of the data involved as Infomaze provided a solution that ran on a highly secured SSL encryption.

With CMS WordPress to Zoho integration, our client achieved automation in data integration and overall exponential growth in their business as a telecommunications industry solutions provider.


A Case Study on BigCommerce App Development to Calculate Shipping Rates

In this case study, we discuss how our BigCommerce developers built a real-time BigCommerce app to calculate shipping rates for a leading eCommerce company based out of Florida.


Based out of Florida, our client was on the lookout for a fast, reliable, and efficient BigCommerce application that calculates shipping rates from point A to point B in real-time for eCommerce businesses aiming to define their own shipping rules and delivery charges in the backend.

The Challenge

One of the biggest pain points that many eCommerce businesses face these days is figuring out how much money to charge their customers for shipping based on the distance and various other parameters.Also, it’s not always feasible to offer free shipping or two-day delivery, as it might not cover their costs.

The client was seeking to build a shipping rate calculation app that displays all available shipping services from the warehouse to the end-user’s destination.The store owners did not have the authority to define their own shipping rules and set their own delivery charges.

The next major challenge was that large shipping companies were charging excessively, leading to high cart abandonment rates.When customers are scattered across the globe, the cost of shipping an item to one customer can vastly vary from shipping the same item to a different customer. Hence, the client was looking for a unified solution that calculates weights and dimensions for each package in real-time.Their top requirement was to provide their customers with powerful, easy to use, and accurate shipping results at checkout.

BigCommerce shipping rate calculation app

The Solution

After thoroughly analyzing their requirements, we built an advanced shipping rate manager that gives store owners full control over their eCommerce store’s shipping while saving them time and money. Here are some of the features that were included in the solution.

Real-time shipping rate calculation –
Offers real-time rates for domestic and international orders and allows estore owners to set a unique zip code for any item so that shipping is calculated from the exact origin.

Shipping courier backup –
In case of a server failure, the Shipping Courier Backup feature adds a layer of protection to your estore by enabling UPS and FedEx to backup each other.

Shopping cart stimulator –
The Shopping Cart Stimulator allows you to test shipping rates without placing test orders and will give you calculated rates, so you can be sure your variables are setup correctly.

Markups and markdowns for individual items –
Allows store owners to set a markup or markdown for any shipping method available and add the necessary charges items that need extra care/packaging.

Delivery date estimator –
This feature shows the exact delivery dates for all the available shipping methods, taking into account the processing time, cut-off time, holidays, and weekends.

Real-time duties and taxes – International shipping –
Enables international customers to see if there are any additional fees to pay with real-time taxes and duties calculation for up to 48 countries.

Track history – The company can effortlessly track the transaction history of up to 13 months all at once or daily.

Hazardous materials shipping –
This feature allows store owners to add an extra charge to hazardous items that require special packaging and precautions when shipping them.

Shipping method populator –
The Shipping Method Populator features automatically displays all applicable shipping methods and rates to customers on the checkout pages.

Results, ROI, and future plans

BigCommerce application development company
    • Increased operational efficiency.
    • Enhanced client satisfaction.
    • Improved end-user adoption.
    • Executive engagement.
    • Overcoming obstacles.

With the support and guidance of Infomaze’s certified developers, the BigCommerce app development went as smoothly as the client had hoped. As a result, they realized measurable savings and gained a competitive edge in the marketplace with an added layer of security.The app development took no more than a few weeks, and the results were phenomenal.


The company achieved its objectives and are now able to save money and better control their business.They drove triple the revenue with our BigCommerce app development and have grown at a consistent rate of 10% month over month, and the transparency dramatically reduced discontinued orders.

The client was much impressed with how our team went out of their way in customizing the solution and concluded us to be the best BigCommerce app development company. The company is currently planning on automating more areas of shipping and aims to widen its reach. Our team is working towards the same.The client further emphasized that the app was simply outstanding and will continue to consult us for all their future projects.

Do you have a similar requirement? If yes, please contact us, and our expert BigCommerce app development team will build a solution that fits your unique business needs.

Why choose Infomaze for BigCommerce app development?

As an experienced BigCommerce development company, Infomaze can create mobile apps with great UI/UX to give your business an edge over your competition.For our skilled and experienced BigCommerce developers, no job is too big or too small. We have been building BigCommerce apps for many years and have full command over the platform so that you get the best results possible.

Our BigCommerce development services include BigCommerce app development, BigCommerce theme customization, BigCommerce API integration, BigCommerce plugin development, responsive web design development, payment gateway and integration support, store redesign, and more.We have a large pool of eCommerce developers who can assist you in creating a sophisticated web designsto turn your ideas into visual reality.


Salesforce for a Financial Institution – A Case Study

Infomaze a cloud-based SaaS solution provider helped a financial service company by customizing Salesforce financial services cloud solution.

Salesforce CRM Cloud

The Customer

Our team of proficient developers helped a financial institution in automating their business processes by providing a holistic view of all of their customer data, tax regulations, etc and an easy means to manage all of their business requirements.

The Challenge

The client approached us with data on their legacy system including their client’s profile data, household data, to name a few, and difficulty managing their business processes. Being, an eminent financial company, they had to handle large deposits, and monitor money lending/debt returns to/from its customers, along with planning investments for corporate companies. The company had to maintain and manage all the data related to commercial banking services to investment banking services in an efficient way for the growth of their company and also, for the growth of their clients.

The customer was wasting their most important resource, time in manual data entry which was prone to frequent errors and as well as led to data duplication. As all of their data was not available on a single platform, the client was spending more time in data processing and reaching an actionable insight. And, as the company could not provide real-time insightful data to its customers, because of their outdated legacy system, they were losing their clients and in turn incurring losses. This was a huge no-no for the company.


Their Requirements: A financial services software solution

Our client wanted seamless data migration from their existing legacy banking software and integrating it into a scalable cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system along with data cleansing.

The customer wanted Infomaze to choose an effectual CRM system to manage their clients as well as the prospective clients, contact information, account management and obtain predictive sales forecast, to help provide immediate assistance to their clients and ultimately an excellent end-user experience by directly involving them in investment decisions.

Integrating their Jira ticketing tool to the new CRM system to stay ahead in responding to the tickets raised.

Further, productive automation of data aggregation in the CRM system once data is entered in the banking software to prevent data re-entry along with auto-detection of discrepancies, be it data reduplication or missing data in the end, either in the banking software or in the new CRM system.

Technologies and tools used to provide the solution

Our dedicated developers used ETL technology along with the Salesforce financial service cloud solution as its choice of BI tool to provide a matching database-schema between the new salesforce customized CRM cloud system along with their legacy banking software system. Using Salesforce open source code, we integrated the Jira ticketing tool that our client had been using to track and manage raised tickets.

The Results

Infomaze, with its expertise, chose the best BI tool for the client to provide a financial services software solution, Salesforce for financial advisors. Our dedicated developers migrated the data from the client legacy system and provided a successful Salesforce implementation with almost no time.

The Salesforce cloud integration with our client legacy banking software allowed our client to achieve process automation in data collection, be it stock details, tax regulations or asset information and easy analysis of the above data using the Salesforce financial reporting software. This not only saved time but also helped them in making rock-solid decisions that induced an exponential growth in their company.

With our customizations in the Salesforce CRM cloud, the client received automated error-notifications when the software recognized any discrepancies between the client banking software data and the data in the new CRM system.

Our developers set custom Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) considering the client business pipeline that allowed the Salesforce management system to predict the sales forecast to help them make useful business decisions accordingly and to motivate them to reach their goals at all times.

Also, Jira integration with the Salesforce CRM cloud allowed our client to respond to all the tickets being raised in real-time. We customized Salesforce CRM to provide task prioritization reminders according to the client financial business needs which lead to better client relationships and an increase in their revenue in the end.

Overall, our client benefited hugely with our services and the solutions that we provided along with Salesforce implementation training with a 100% user satisfaction.


Customized DOMO Dashboard Integrations for a Real Estate Company – A Case Study

The Customer The client is a real estate enterprise, with a requirement to securely maintain and analyze big data pertaining [...]

The Customer

The client is a real estate enterprise, with a requirement to securely maintain and analyze big data pertaining to its development, sales, marketing, brokerage, and property management.

The Challenge

Our client was using two different data sources, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Salesforce to store all of their real estate data related to different areas of the real estate industry. Inefficiently handling, sorting and analyzing big data results in a delay while making crucial business decisions leading to the incurrence of loss and for the same reason, our client leaning on real estate data sets from two different sources to obtain a single report was not worth their investment in terms of time or any other resources.

Therefore, our client wanted all their data on a single platform with a means that would provide quick aid in visualizing stats reflecting the sales and overall growth of their company. At the same time, the client wanted to share relevant data reports on social media platforms to help them in their strategic marketing.

DOMO dashboard development

The Requirements

1. Cataloging all the commercial properties, lands and houses for sale.

2. Maintaining an updated information log of the builders, investors, locality, including the number of gas stations, schools, to specialty grocery stores around the area that would affect while appraising the property price, property tax history, details about the lands, houses including how old the property is and more.

3. Store a record of current and predicted mortgage rates, factoring in all the appropriate data.

Talk to our expert consultants if you need help with the Domo dashboard integration.


Technologies and tools used

Our solution providers used ETL technology along with the tools available on the DOMO-cloud platform, including DOMO magic ETL, DOMO data integrations and DOMO visualizations, to provide an overview of their business’s progress. We chose DOMO as SaaS, as it offered scalable solutions along with ad-hoc reporting features.

Our Solution

The client contacted us with their problem and the results they expected from our solution. Our skilled developers at Infomaze, with the client’s needs in mind, came up with a solution that provided them with an all in one solution, integrating the data from the separate data sources that were in use with a Business Intelligence (BI) tool that would provide real-time progress reports and access to social media platforms for sharing pertinent snapshots of the reports.

With our expertise, using the DOMO Integration cloud, we securely integrated the different data sources, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and Salesforce that our client had been using to store real estate data so as to acquire data access from a single data source.

Also, we provided customized DOMO data visualization to obtain and govern real estate data analytics reports by providing unique KPIs to the BI reporting tool to monitor the company’s progress from an increase in their ROI to managing their workflow efficiently.

To provide data sharing across several platforms for our clients, including reports that would affect their marketing, our experienced developers using the in-built DOMO API connectors, integrated their DOMO operating system to social media platforms.

Using the right machine learning algorithm, our experts in AI technology built a predictive analytics BI reporting tool to govern the current as well as predict the mortgage rates and to provide a forecast of the condition of a building. The predictive analytics tool was designed to factor in Inflation, gross domestic product (GDP), employment rate, Monetary Policy, mortgage-backed securities (MBSs), and age of a building while conducting a predictive analysis.


The seamless data integration carried out by our knowledgeable developers between the two independent data sources, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Salesforce that our client was using, allowed our client to instantly access all the real estate data sets on a single platform and thereby, save time while getting actionable insights.

With our customized DOMO visualization real estate data analytics, a BI reporting tool that Infomaze built, our clients could implement favorable changes in their workflow successfully, and also, increase their ROI as DOMO visualization through DOMO dashboards provided easy reporting snippets in no time.

Also, taking advantage of the DOMO connectors, the in-built DOMO APIs that our proficient DOMO integration providers used to integrate social media platforms with the DOMO dashboards, our clients could easily share data visualization reports across social media, attracting more engaging customers and also positively impacting their sales and marketing.

Using the predictive analytics tool that our adept developers built using AI technology at Infomaze, our client could provide a fair overview of their current and the predicted mortgage rates and the condition of the property proposed considering all applicable parameters so that their customer could make informed investment decisions with reduced financial risks.


Are You Ready to Migrate Mailchimp API?

Mailchimp is one of the most popular email service providers and is widely used among sales companies to send email [...]

Mailchimp is one of the most popular email service providers and is widely used among sales companies to send email campaigns. Sales websites use the integration to manage their leads, contacts and list views.

On April 2, 2019, Mailchimp will shut down API 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3. Before this date, you must update any integration to Mailchimp API 3.0 for it to continue working as expected for you and your customers.

Make sure your integration is transitioned to Mailchimp API 3.0, so you’re on the latest version. Upgrade your integration before April 2nd or all your requests will return an http 410 status code, meaning it’s permanently removed.

It’s important to note that Mailchimp stopped its support for API 2.0 right from the start of 2017. Although Mailchimp API 2.0 will keep working for now; we highly recommend that all integrations are moved to API 3.0.

Infomaze provides expert solutions in upgrading Mailchimp API. Besides, our team has an edge for it as we’ve upgraded the API for a lot of our customers.

Mailchimp API migration

What’s new in API 3.0?

Link your data across various platforms

Majority of sales websites use Mailchimp for email marketing through which, they can create a shared view across platforms by syncing Mailchimp subscribers and link them to their existing CRM. Mailchimp can create new leads in your CRM for email addresses that don’t match existing leads, therefore providing your sales team with more people to reach out to.

Insight into marketing engagement

The integration will automatically sync and update your CRM contacts and leads, so your sales team can better understand how their leads are engaging with marketing.

Promote your leads more efficiently

The integration allows you to seamlessly promote your leads and contacts and target them with Mailchimp’s advanced marketing tools including email content, ads and more.

Tailor it to meet your requirements

Mailchimp can be customized to display data directly in your system, to help you promptly view subscriber activity and check campaign statistics.

Run successful email campaigns with Mailchimp and create compelling marketing campaigns, ads, landing pages, postcards and more with Mailchimp integration. It’s time you upgrade to version 3.0 for a smooth user experience.

Why Infomaze?

Infomaze is the best IT consultant and service provider in India that has managed to deliver over 360 web and mobile projects to clients throughout the globe. Infomaze has already upgraded many sales sites to Mailchimp version 3.0. Hurry up and upgrade to Mailchimp API 3.0 before it’s permanently removed.

Are you on the latest version of Mailchimp API? If not, contact us for a smooth integration.


AngularJS to ReactJS application migration

Infomaze can help you seamlessly migrate your existing AngularJS apps to ReactJS in a hassle-free manner with minimal costs and zero risks.

Be it SMEs or large enterprise, converting your MEAN stack application to a MERN stack application is no more a cause to worry as our skilled developers know exactly how to handle the migration seamlessly and will be with you from planning the migration to its deployment.

Our developers bring you the best migration strategy considering all of your requirements including adding a feature in the new React application while parallelly migrating from your existing Angular application using either the big bang migration approach which involves a complete re-write of the code or the strangler pattern approach that involves gradually changing the old code with the new code, or a combination of both the above approaches.

At Infomaze, we provide the best migration services and to make sure what we claim is what you get, our experienced developers go through repeated cycles of building and testing the code to make sure it runs error-free, before deploying it in your React application. From refactoring the code, taking care of the dependency injections, setting routers, directives, attributes, components, events to state, our developers make sure they cover all bases for your application to run uninterruptedly.

Contact us if you are considering moving your existing Angular application to React application and have any queries regarding the same. Our dedicated developers will help you with all your queries. Our consulting services are free and come with no obligation whatsoever.

Application Migration

Why migrate your MEAN stack application to MERN stack?

Support: One of the main reasons to consider a migration is that the Angular JS team is no longer providing active development for the application and no new features will be added to the framework. While React provides, frequent minor changes with new feature additions to minimized breaking changes. Hence, choosing a community that is vastly active is desirable.

Simplicity: When you factor in the simplicity criteria, React wins again as it lets you unify all components in the same state management system and also allows complex state management systems to emerge when a project complexity as well increases. While Angular distributes the state information, it provides complex state management even for smaller projects.

Flexibility: React, being a library provides more flexibility while adding functionality than Angular, which is a framework that comes with mostly integrated functionalities.

Dynamic: React offers fast rendering as it comes with a virtual DOM that allows changes to be made and applied in the virtual document object model (DOM) and changes in the original DOM are updated accordingly, resulting in the consumption of less time. While in Angular, the instances created/destroyed requires more time to be recognized and responded to.

NativeScript: When it comes to Angular vs React while moving your application to Andriod or iOS, React offers an overall better performance and a UI with Native when compared to Angular JS.

At Infomaze, we take advantage of all the above features to its full extent and provide you with a top-notch React application that meets all your needs.


Why choose Infomaze for your Angular application to React application conversion?

Our expert developers have worked on multiple application migration projects and with their experience can handle code migration from your MEAN application to the new MERN application with ease, irrespective of the size of your application. Our developers are adept when it comes to adding any new features while parallelly migrating your code to the new application in an agile manner and make sure that your business is not affected. Reach out to us with any queries regarding application migration and we will clear all your doubts. Or if you have similar projects on your mind and are not sure how to approach it, our knowledgeable developers are here to help.


Application Migration to the latest .NET core framework

Infomaze offers application migration services including database, network and cloud-based migration using Azure and AWS application migration services, to name a few.

The Customer

The client is a large enterprise that had to manage huge data chunks that were present both on the cloud and on-premise legacy systems and were using an outdated .NET application built-in Visual Basic 6.

The Challenge

The client had been using Google storage to store a part of their data while a lot of their important data including their customer data, and the company data, were still not backed-up in the cloud. This heavily caused an inconvenience to our client, as they had to spend more time and energy in porting from one data source to another to fulfill their business needs.

Our client wanted to put an end to the use of legacy systems in their organization and instead wanted to rehost using a SaaS cloud-based application migration. One of the main reasons to choose application migration was, their MIS application was built using an older version of Visual Basic, VB6, which did not possess backward compatibility with the latest version of the .NET framework. Also, for this very reason, our client did not have cross-platform access for their MIS application which was a huge downside for the growth of the company. The client reached out to us with the above concern as our developers are well versed in AWS application migration, and application migration to Azure, to name a few.

The Requirements

The client wanted to eliminate the use of legacy systems in their organization by migrating their outdated .NET application to the cloud with additional features in the application using the latest .NET Core framework package that will make their MIS application compatible across multiple platforms. Our client also required a complete migration deployment with backend data migration to the cloud platform of their choice i.e., Google Storage Platform.

Application Migration Services

Technologies and tools used

Our expert developers used ETL technology along with the application migration tools such as Oracle DIPC inside the Microsoft Azure platform to migrate their legacy application data to the cloud and Azure App Services Visual Basic upgradation companion (VBUC) to migrate the existing server-side web application in an agile manner to the latest .NET Core framework.

The Solution

First, using the App Service Migration Assistance from Microsoft Azure, our experienced developers determined what the data migration process will involve and made an efficient workflow chart to follow. The next step was to migrate the application data from their legacy system into the existing cloud service that they had been using and with the help of Oracle DIPC inside the Microsoft Azure platform, our developers migrated their data to the Google Cloud Platform. Before data migration, we also helped them with data cleansing from their on-premises directories.

Secondly, using the Azure App Services VBUC, our dedicated developers carried out moving the application to the cloud through an automated migration of their MIS application built with the older VB6 to the latest .NET Core framework providing cross-platform accessibility along with adding new features to the application that our client had requested.

With our app migration services, the client benefited from migrating to a lightweight and scalable .NET Core framework that provided a high-performance application with better networking and security from managing authentication, authorization, HTTPS enforcement, data protection, anti-request forgery protection, app secrets to CORS management, and a flexible Management Information System that provided efficient management of their cloud data and easy gateway to reach actionable insights.


Our client found a solution that provided 100% user satisfaction with Infomaze. The lift and shift of their legacy system and application migration to the cloud, saved time for our client as they no more had to access on-premises data and the data stored on the cloud, separately, to achieve an increase in their ROI.

As our client was not constrained to a single-platform audience anymore, their outreach increased in size after migrating to an MIS application that provided cross-platform compatibility including Linux and Windows and built by our developers using the latest supportive Visual Studio.

With the additional features added to their MIS application for better managing their cloud data, the client could enjoy efficient workflow management in their business enterprise which helped them reach a holistic cost reduction in their company expenses including their labour expenses, sales expenses, and production expenses, to name a few.


NAB Transact Payment Gateway Integration – A Case Study

In this case study, we discuss how Infomaze helped an Australian printing company by integrating NAB transact payment gateway into their SaaS based Print MIS.


Infomaze helped a leading Australian printing company integrate their SaaS-based Print MIS software with NAB Transact for seamless and efficient transactions. The payment gateway integration made it easy for the printing company to collect payments from their B2B and B2C storefronts securely and efficiently.

The Challenge

Despite their longstanding success, the printing company lacked some competencies to sustain in today’s market. They were looking for a payment gateway integration to collect payments online from their B2B and B2C storefronts. Because Infomaze already has a Print MIS subsidiary, the client decided it was best to contact us, given our expertise and knowledge in the printing industry.

As the client’s business expanded, they needed a payment gateway integration that could simplify their complexities of payment processes in foreign currencies. Before contacting Infomaze with their requirement, their online storefront was displaying Australian Dollars to U.S customers, and this inconsistency caused confusion and customer complaints.

They were looking for an efficient payment gateway that won’t hinder their payment processes and make it super convenient to carry out transactions. It was also important that the payment gateway provider offered 100% data portability if they ever decided to switch vendors and be able to retrieve their user’s stored data.

They wanted to accelerate their digital transformation by meeting their customers’ needs with fast and secure payment processes. Integrating payment gateway is challenging because of the stringent laws surrounding its implementation and security. Therefore, our client asked for our expert help to integrate NAB Transact into their Print MIS software.

NAB payment gateway integration - Infomaze

The Solution

Our expert developers thoroughly researched the market and evaluated all the payment gateway providers before choosing the NAB Transact payment gateway. After carefully analyzing their requirements, we integrated NAB Transact into their online storefront. The integration simplified their entire process of receiving payments through a variety of payment methods. With years of experience in payment gateway integration services, we securely integrated NAB Transact’s API into their printing solution.

It allowed their end-users to carry out financial transactions from the comfort of their home using a laptop, smartphones, tablets, or any other compatible device. They can now electronically accept payments directly from their website through debit cards, credit cards, and electronic checks.

Here’s how the payment gateway integration helped the client:

Security – All transactions are authorized in real-time with advanced connectivity options for faster processing with Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and 128-bit SSL encryption.

Tokenisation feature – The client can securely submit their customer’s card details to retrieve tokens that are safe for their system to store.

PCI DSS compliant – The cardholder’s data is stored in a secure environment with the transactions being authorized in real-time.

Faster processing – Large volumes of transactions can be processed and authorized in real-time.

Extended processing hours – NAB Transact payment gateway extends the processing hours by depositing settlement funds overnight.

Multiple currencies – The integration offers pricing clarity for international transactions and allows payments in 100+ currencies.

Track history – The company can effortlessly track the transaction history of up to 13 months all at once or daily.

User access control – The client can set access rights to multiple users depending on their role and specifications.

Other features – Online customer authentication, real-time reporting, advanced fraud management, alternative payment options, automatic recurring billing options, and more.


The integration went as smoothly as the client had hoped. They saw an immediate bump in their online sales, and their customers were equally pleased using their online storefront. Our payment gateway integration helped them make real-time financial transactions in a scalable, flexible, safe, and secure environment. The integration helped them gain a competitive edge in the marketplace due to the worldwide transaction support with an added layer of security.

We helped their business to continue growing and enhanced their customer experience. Ever since the integration, they have grown at a consistent rate of 10% month over month, meaning the integration has allowed them to scale their payments seamlessly. The discontinued orders dramatically reduced and greatly contributed to their success.