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Reinventing Customer Loyalty Program with Zoho Subscription – A Case Study

Infomaze partnered with a loyalty program subscription company by implementing and customizing Zoho Subscription to issue redeemable discount coupons. Read our case study for more.

The customer – Loyalty program subscription company

Our client is a monthly subscription service company that offers redeemable discount coupons on dining, shopping, movies, and hotels that can be canceled anytime.

The client had multiple sites built-in with Wix, WordPress, etc., and our team at Infomaze linked their websites with Zoho subscription. We assisted them in being the first choice for optimizing and achieving operational excellence through our IT-enabled services. Furthermore, we created a Connector to link their subscription forms with Zoho subscription using Zoho’s hosted pages.

Zoho Subscription customization to offer redeemable discount coupons - Infomaze

The challenge – Low participation rate in the rewards program

With the competition mounting and a general lack of automation, they sought a solution that added value to their customers by issuing redeemable reward points and discount coupons.

They were looking for an end-to-end solution to issue and redeem reward points. The No.1 drawback they were facing was low participation rates by customers and were looking for a solution to identify loyal customers and analyze their participation rate.

Their main targets were:

1. Provide an easy to use interface.
2. An admin panel to manage the system.
3. Get better market data through insights.
4. Track points for customers and distributors.
5. Ward off competitive threats by offering greater value.

How Infomaze helped – Zoho Subscription customization and set-up

After a thorough search, the loyalty program subscription company discovered Infomaze and partnered with us to build a loyalty program application using Zoho Subscription that had the following features:

1. Secure login for the admin and users.
2. Robust reporting system to measure future growth.
3. Customizable to meet unique workflow processes.
4. Competence to track diverse business customers.
5. Custom application with commendable UI and UX.

We built one of its kind loyalty program application in no more than a few weeks. We created a custom registration page that promptly provided them with marketing intelligence and insights on what the customers buy, their preferences, what social media channels they follow etc., and most importantly – How to service them better?

After analyzing and assessing their requirements, our team came up with a mobile integrated solution for merchants as well as end-users. Compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems, the solution allows merchants to issue coupons and reward points to be shared directly with customers across various social media platforms. It also comes with in-app notifications that can be enabled or disabled as per one’s convenience.

Customer loyalty program with Zoho Subscription - Infomaze

Features included in the reward points app built by us:

  • Allowing the end-users to efficiently manage their store cards.
  • QR code generation for easy procurement.
  • Automatic payments at the end of every month.
  • OS and Android apps for the admin as well as users to issue and redeem coupons, reward points or gift cards.
  • An option to share coupons or reward points via social media platforms.
  • Hassle-free URL access for the users.
  • Integration of other apps and payment gateways.

Results that speak volumes

How the reward points app works?

The end users can register, and the admin can either approve or decline their requests into the program. As soon as the users are approved, the coupons are sent to them for subscribing to the service. There is a separate panel for the admin to support the redemption and tracking of the coupons and reward points.


a) The application is tremendously easy to navigate, allowing the admin to smoothly run all processes from the dashboard. The solution displays end-to-end information of the different offers that will release, value assessment of the coupons, the number of coupons to be issued, etc.
b) Increase in the frequency of customer visits after the solution’s release. It helped our client retain existing customers, simultaneously attracting new ones, therefore paving the way for increased sales.
c) Compatible with IOS and Android, the application is extremely helpful in generating and issuing coupons, points, and gift cards with an option to share them with the users across social media platforms.

End users:

a) The admin generously credits points into frequent user’s accounts, encouraging them to use the application more often.
b) Recurrent customers enjoy unique benefits like cashback, special offers, and discounts into their eWallet, allowing them to save more with each purchase.
c) Users earn reward points every time they mention the app on social media or refer it to their contacts.

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Results, ROI, and future plans

Customers have been flocking, and the sign-ups have increased 3x. They now have a marketing department to garner feedbacks, test new ideas, achieve speed, introduce new services, etc. and are now creating a huge buzz.

The loyalty program subscription company is closer to its customers now more than ever. The actionable data is helping them improve strategic planning to cater to varied customers. Their users are benefiting from the subscription by getting free products for loyalty points. With low operating costs, affordable development fees, and excellent uptime, the company continues to be a success.

Why choose Infomaze for your custom Zoho application development?

Infomaze is a leading partner in implementing and customizing Zoho products along with third-party integrations. Whether it is a small, medium, or an enterprise, our custom Zoho application development services are ideal for all businesses.


Infomaze’s Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not something to be taken lightly, and Infomaze is doing everything possible to stand by its regulation.

At Infomaze, we take our corporate social responsibility (CSR) seriously and adhere to the ways that mother nature approves. And hence, while designing our workspace itself, keeping the motto Go Green in mind, we have built our office utilizing recycled materials wherever possible and maintained an eco-friendly workspace.

Infomaze's CSR

And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to us taking measures to cope up with the ever-changing environmental needs.

  • We have an exotic garden that creates a lively ambiance, increases the fresh supply of oxygen we breathe in, and enriches the soil around us. It is a simple solution to a broad spectrum of complications if you ask us.
  • Moreover, we have an STP plant that recycles water to nourish the green space in our company and, at the same time, eliminates the problem of sewage disposal.
  • Our office has a rainwater harvesting system that collects and stores rainwater, making it not only an economical decision but also an ecologically sound decision.
  • To conserve energy by ultimately depending on a renewable energy source, while planning our office building, we have assigned a designated space to install solar panels on our rooftops and have built it as required. We will be implementing the plan into action shortly.

As a software development company, we are doing everything needed to remain socially responsible. We are willing to contribute more to society in any way possible, from creating awareness to generously donating worthy contributions to NGOs.

Infomaze's CSR_Garden and environment day celebration

Our employees are equally enthusiastic when it comes to being a part of an event that creates awareness and helps create a more enjoyable and satisfying environment. Be it celebrating world environment day to raising awareness on social media about the hazardous desertification and drought that has been degrading our soil.

And that is why we also have a platform aimed to extend help from our company. If you feel you can help by contributing to the welfare of mother nature or require our assistance, write to us at


Or, If you are an NGO and want to build a custom solution to manage your day-to-day dealings, you can reach out to us with your message with your project specification, and we will get back to you in almost no time.


Six Ways to Reduce Server Response Time

Have you ever wondered “why is my server slow?” Listed below are six ways to reduce server response time to combat slow server performance. Talk to Infomaze for all your IT infrastructure needs.

Every millisecond can make a difference and optimizing your server for class leading performance is now more important than ever. There can be a multitude of reasons on why your website is running slow.

Server lags are not always the cause of slow load times, but that doesn’t mean you’re immune from SRT (Server Response Time) impacting your end user experience. Now is the time to start if you haven’t yet optimized this area.

Slow connection as a snail

What is Server Response Time and why is it important?

Server Response Time is the total time it takes for a server to respond to a request from a web browser. Irrespective of optimized your web pages are for speed, if your server response time is slow, your pages will automatically load slower.
Investing in building a website is a complete waste of time if it loads slow and the visitors abandon the site without even viewing it.

Research reveals that over 50% of mobile site visits leave a page that takes longer than 3 seconds to loads. Added to this, the more time a page takes to load, the worse it ranks on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Server Response Time influences:

  1. User Experience (UX)
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is a good Server Response Time?

According to Google Page Speed insights, the Server Response Time (SRT) should be within 200ms. A 100ms speed is considered ideal and anything beyond 500ms can be problematic.

Based on the speed score they achieve; Google categorizes websites into three groups:

  1. Fast (90-100)
  2. Average (50-89)
  3. Slow (0-49)

Google says that more than 50% of the websites online are slow and only 10% of the websites are actually fast, wherein 40% are ranked as average, hence there is a lot of room for improvement.

Proven methods to reduce server response time

Six ways to reduce Server Response Time

1. Use fast and reliable web hosting

The amount of time spent on waiting for your server to respond only adds to you page load time. The first thing you’ll need to have is adequate resources to handle your traffic, so that your pages load as quickly as possible.

To achieve a Server Response Time that does not fluctuate, it is necessary to invest in a high performing server or in a managed IT services provider to ensure security, performance, and high availability.

2. Go for a lightweight Content Management System

If you’re using a Content Management System (CMS) like Magento or WordPress, then your website will accumulate bloat. You’re still at the risk even if you don’t use a CMS due to the content (images, videos, text, etc.).

Stick to a lightweight template and use a webpage monitoring tool to correctly assess which plugin is slowing down your webpage and delete plugins that use up CPU resources. Hence, when it comes to lowering the Server Response Time, it is best to compress your images into smaller files.

3. Carefully choose and optimize web servers

While Apache is an excellent option, you may also get better results using OpenLiteSpeed or Nginx. Once you’ve chosen a web server, you’ll have to set it up. While it’s tempting to go with the default settings, you might end up with using a low-optimal configuration. Because each web server configuration differs from another, our expert IT consultants at Infomaze can help you choose and optimize a web server to get the best performance. Reach out to us for a free consultancy.

4. Optimize your database

There are several ways to optimize the database to increase your website speed. Slow queries are a No.1 reason why your server responds to requests sluggishly, hence you should spend time on identifying bottlenecks that are lagging your site.

Rewrite your queries, use indexes where necessary, change your schema to group objects such as views, tables, etc., and reduce the load on your database by using external caches.

5. Monitor PHP or WordPress usage

The more processes a server has to take on, the slower it’ll be and if you’re using a PHP or a WordPress script, make sure it isn’t consuming vital resources to undertake unnecessary tasks.

Make sure your PHP or WordPress is updated to the latest version as it is directly proportional to the response time. If you cannot do this yourself, you can take help from professionals who carry expertise in this domain. Talk to us for more!

6. Remove unnecessary code

CSS, JavaScript, and external files largely influence how fast the site loads. Compressing and minifying scripts is a popularly used solution without compromising the quantity of the data or performance.

Minify your script by removing redundant code like unwanted characters, long variables, and comments. You can do this by categorizing JS and CSS files as external and internal based on their size and performance.

Why Infomaze is the right choice for all your IT needs?

What differentiates Infomaze from others is that we don’t just deliver business solutions, but also transform businesses into API powered digital platforms. The foundation of our IT capabilities spans way past software development (ERP, CRM, apps), server maintenance, security maintenance, IT infrastructure management, and more.

We have hands-on experience in helping clients attain noteworthy results on their digital journey with our IT infrastructure services. Our award-winning associates help firms to transform digitally — with IT infrastructure management, cloud migration, ransomware prevention, penetration testing, and automation, along with customization and setup of third-party solutions.

Get started today with our top-level managed IT infrastructure services and drive superior business growth.


Zoho Creator Application Development for a Law Firm – A Case Study

This case study captures the entire process of how we identified and addressed our client’s pain points and offered an effective solution with robust Zoho Creator application development.


Infomaze built a custom Zoho Creator app for a law firm based out of USA that settles debt and credit problems. They strategize and plan their client’s debt issues to build a good credit score and defend and fight debt lawsuits for them. They’ve searched the market for a robust, easy-to-manage application to manage their workflow processes for quite some time and finally zeroed in on Infomaze as their Zoho implementation partner.

The customer was looking to build an application to store data, create PDF files, generate reports along with an easy to use interface to import data from spreadsheets or from other formats into the app to make main reports. Infomaze built a Zoho Creator application for the law agency’s users as well as the admin. Having used the app for quite some time now, they’re considering further enhancements and integrations within the app.

Zoho Creator application development - Infomaze

The challenge

Being a law firm that specializes in solving debt and credit issues is relatively different from any other business. They sue debt collectors and credit bureaus when they violate consumer rights. Since they follow a strict process before taking a client on board, the intake process covers multiple steps, and the firm has to maintain accurate documents and records during each phase.

Manually managing everything became a huge challenge for them. The company was spending a significant amount of their time towards maintaining records and tracking the intake process. As soon as they purchased the Zoho subscription, setting up the application and customizing it for their exact specifications as required. Because our client didn’t have the time to go through the learning curve, they were on the lookout for a certified Zoho implementation partner with extensive experience and knowledge.

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The solution we offered

Our Zoho Creator specialists create business apps with the latest technologies that are highly professional and future-ready. Infomaze built a powerful Zoho Creator application for the law firm, through which they maintained all their customer records, including bank name, total credits, last payments, and mortgage loan information. Whereas, the Admin, on the other hand, could generate a full report based on the client’s credit/debit history from the backend.

The expert Zoho consultants from Infomaze not only implemented the Zoho Creator app but also customized it to address the firm’s unique needs. Once we developed the application, Infomaze also offered them other Zoho solutions, therefore automating their campaigns.

The complete synchronization of their processes not only ensured a smooth transition of getting clients on board but also auto-generated follow-ups and emails. The Zoho Creator application built by us was completely error-free and ruled out any and all possibilities for faults.

We further customized the app to incorporate more features, to make everything super simple in real-time. We created custom workflows with automated business processes that linked up with apps they already use and integrated with third-party apps like Paypal, Zapier, and Google Drive. Our skilled developers seamlessly connected their apps to build a unified solution to allow easy access to data.

Features incorporated:

Zoho Creator app development for a law firm - Infomaze
    • Workflow builder
    • Mobile app
    • Integration and API
    • User and admin portal
    • Multi-language support
    • Custom reports and interactive dashboards
    • Database management
    • Order management
    • Workflow management

Are you looking for a similar service? Get in touch with our team for inundated support.

Results that speak volumes

Hi Vic and Gaj: Thanks for the update. First I want to thank you and Gaj for your assistance on the project. Great Job it came out better than I expected. Thanks again,

– Robert, US (Debt Law Firm Zoho Creator)

10% growth_Zoho creator aplication development


Growth month over month

3x the revenue-Zoho creator application development


The revenue

100% transparency-Zoho creator application development



With the guidance and support of our certified Zoho developers, the app development went as smoothly as the client had expected. Building the application took no more than a few weeks and the results were phenomenal as the law firm realized measurable savings with an enhanced end-user experience.

Thanks to the Zoho Creator app we built, the client is now able to better allocate their resources and noted that they will continue to contact Infomaze for all their future software development needs.

Infomaze – An Authorized Zoho Creator Application Development Partner

We have worked on numerous Zoho Creator application development solutions that integrate with various third-party systems, including e-commerce platforms, analytics software, online databases, accounting software, etc., using APIs built by our team. Added to this, we undertake high-security precautions to safeguard your data, eliminate all security concerns, and up-time worries along with back-ups and updates.

Our Zoho developers can customize fields & actions, and enable location-based data inputs to create compelling mobile apps for iOS and Android across all devices.

As soon as you’re on board, our Zoho Creator support team will be in touch with you throughout the development process. Feel free to reach out to our certified Zoho developers who carry extensive experience and skills spanning various industry verticals. Just hit the button below to talk to our Zoho consultants.

Do you have a similar requirement and need assistance? Call us to set up a free demo, and our Zoho certified development team will gather your requirements and propose a suitable solution.

Zoho premium partner-Zoho creator application develeopment
Zoho Creator Certified Solution Provider - Infomaze

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Which is the better CRM Software, Zoho vs. Salesforce?

A comprehensive comparison between Zoho CRM vs. Salesforce CRM solution by Infomaze will help you decide which is the best CRM software to opt for your business.

An overview: Salesforce vs. Zoho CRM software

If you are here reading this, it means you are asking the right questions, that being, ‘Which is the better CRM software, Salesforce vs. Zoho?’. We are all aware of what Salesforce CRM and Zoho CRM software are, but for those who are starting a business and this is all new, here’s a brief introduction for how useful the two software are in running a business seamlessly. You can skip reading the next paragraph if you are just here to compare Zoho CRM vs. Salesforce CRM software.

Salesforce and Zoho are two Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solutions that eliminate spreadsheets’ use and the hassle involved in maintaining the data in spreadsheets and the time involved in reaching an insight through data analysis while making a business decision. Here is where the two software, Salesforce CRM and Zoho CRM, come in handy. The CRM software helps manage all your business leads and prospects data, inventory data, tasks, accounts, contracts, products, and much more while saving time and workforce and helping to improve and run your business seamlessly. The two software also provides insightful dashboard reports to reach impactful business decisions.

So, Salesforce vs. Zoho, to compare the two CRM software, we are considering the following factors:

  • Client focused and economical budgeting.
  • Experienced team of IoT developers.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Rapid results.
  • Highly secure solutions.

Let us go about each of the topics, as mentioned above in detail, one after the other to decide which is the best CRM software.

If you want to skip reading further and directly contact and discuss with our CRM consultants, feel free to contact our knowledgable consultants to get our CRM consulting services for free.


Zoho vs. Salesforce, the packages available

Zoho CRM_Zoho vs. Salesforce

While Zoho CRM software also offers four levels of packages- standard, professional, enterprise, and Zoho CRM unlimited edition, it also provides free software with the same features as the standard with limited users. They are available at a reasonable price, making it a suitable CRM software for small businesses and, at the same time, a good investment for large enterprises as it is available both on a monthly and annual basis.

Salesforce CRM_Zoho vs. Salesforce

Salesforce CRM software has four levels of packages- Salesforce essential, professional, enterprise, and unlimited. Although, the Salesforce essential comes with bare-minimum features and you will have to pay more for the add-ons that you require. The same is true for the other packages too. These packages make Salesforce CRM an expensive expenditure for small businesses or a thoughtful long-term investment for large enterprises, as only an annual plan is available.

The Features-Zoho vs. Salesforce

Zoho CRM_Zoho vs. Salesforce

Zoho CRM software is feature-rich and includes market automation in the standard package, unlike Salesforce, which provides it as an add-on and has more similar features included. Although some features need optimizing for large enterprises, they still work their magic.

Salesforce CRM_Zoho vs. Salesforce

Salesforce CRM software, no doubt, has extraordinary functionality features that are worth every penny paid. Alas, most features are available as add-ons, but it also means you only choose the features you want.

Zoho vs. Salesforce, Ease of use

Zoho CRM_Zoho vs. Salesforce

Zoho CRM software, at the same time, is incredibly easy to use with its simple user-interface. Also, as Zoho CRM fits perfectly for small businesses, it does not require as many customizations, which leads to a quick implementation process.

Salesforce CRM_Zoho vs. Salesforce

Salesforce CRM software is remarkable but involves a learning curve that might delay the implementation of the solution. But, once that is complete, there is no stopping you in reaching exponential growth in your business.

Both the CRM software provides excellent native mobile apps and a variety of functional features for Android as well as iOS mobile platforms.

Integrations-Zoho vs. Salesforce

Zoho CRM_Zoho vs. Salesforce

The Zoho CRM system stands apart because of the social media integration, that offers easy access to follow and stay always updated with what your leads are interested in to get a better sales forecast.

Salesforce CRM_Zoho vs. Salesforce

Salesforce, as well as the Zoho CRM system, has numerous integrations to offer and are almost toe to toe. Both the software allow various third-party integrations as well.

Infomaze's conclusion_Zoho vs

Conclusion: Zoho versus Salesforce CRM solution, which CRM system is the best? Who wins?

At infomaze, we believe in providing better user experience (UX) and hence recommend the best CRM that fits your business needs. If you run a small business, we recommend you go with Zoho as your first choice as an alternative to Salesforce CRM, while for a large enterprise, we advise you to go with Salesforce. Although this is no strict rule, and depending on your project specification, we will choose the right CRM software solution for you.

Both the software walk side-by-side on the whole, and it all comes down to choosing the right option wisely, and this is where we can help you select the right CRM software, be it Salesforce customization or Zoho customization services. Feel free to contact us. We provide quality consulting services for free or minimum cost with no obligation whatsoever.

Are you looking for a Salesforce/Zoho CRM software solution?


Zoho Bigin, The new CRM system in town

Zoho launched its new CRM system for small business called Zoho Bigin, and here is all that you need to know.


What is Zoho Bigin? And, how is it different from Zoho CRM?

Zoho Bigin is the new Customer pipeline management software from Zoho, specifically designed to suit the SME’s with just the right amount of features that are required to run the business seamlessly, without the hassle of maintaining data on spreadsheets and preventing losses incurred from errors in manual data-entry or damage of data stored on legacy systems.

Zoho has thoughtfully excluded features present in the Zoho CRM that are unnecessary for small business CRM software, making it one of the best CRM for small businesses. Zoho Bigin is also quite reasonable compared to Zoho CRM, making it an affordable CRM system for small businesses and a worthy expenditure for the SME’s.

Zoho Bigin_Infomaze Shoutout

Zoho Bigin CRM solutions for small business have a long list of remarkable features

The Zoho CRM pipeline-centric software has a simple user-interface and is mobile-friendly; you can access all the features on your phone just as you can on your desktop. Also, the Zoho flow integrations allow you to connect to any apps that you want to turn your business workflow uninterrupted.

As described earlier, this Zoho CRM for small business is a pipeline-based tool, which offers a clear view of all your prospects and lets you customize it easily with its drag and drop option. Zoho Bigin also allows multiple-pipeline design views making the management of the events and tasks more accessible and coordinated among teammates while closing a deal.

With this CRM system for small businesses, you don’t have to worry about maintaining a call record with your prospects, as it is automatically synced in with its telephony feature. Also, never miss a chance to turn your lead into a prospect using the unique Webforms that Zoho Bigin provides. Managing Emails is hassle-free as you can link your email account with Zoho Bigin and stay on top while maintaining an excellent relationship with your contacts by following your contacts on Twitter from your CRM system.

Zoho Bigin Logo

Manage and automate repetitive workflows and your inventory, get reminders with the ‘signal’ feature that provides alerts for all the critical updates and dedicate all your precious time saved to increase your sales. Zoho Bigin allows easy tracking and measuring your performance and gain from sales and lets you make informed business decisions by providing you the insights you need.

Data management is something you will never have to worry about as Zoho Bigin automates importing and exporting of data from your spreadsheets and provides cataloging of activities performed chronologically. The pipeline management software lets you choose who gets to see a particular data with its selective login access. You can rest assured as Bigin follows all the data protection laws from the EU, making your business GDPR compliant.

On the whole, Zoho Bigin brings you a platform that saves you from all the extra workforce hours spent on tasks and improves your overall performance in your business and an increase in your ROI. Its customizable features help you tune this CRM system for small businesses to fit your unique business needs. Still unclear or unsure what Zoho Bigin is or wondering how it might help your business? Don’t worry; we at Infomaze can help you with that. Reach out to us, and we will take it from there.


Smart Wristband, an IoT Wearable – A Case Study

Infomaze provided machine to machine connectivity using IoT for health smartwatch with the web/mobile apps we developed along with cloud server support.


The Customer: IoT wearable Manufacturer

The client, a wearable health device manufacturer, reached out to us for cloud server support. Our skilled developers at Infomaze equipped a smartwatch with wearable medical sensors with the Internet of Things to achieve m2m connections, between the smart wristband to the web and mobile applications developed by our expert developers.

The Challenge

Maintaining and automatic storage of the data continuously generated by the sensor device, a health smartwatch on a cloud database.

The generated data stored on the database server to seamlessly reflect on a web application as well as a mobile application that can process, analyze, and report the data in an easily understandable, visualizable format.

Smart Wristband, An IoT Wearable

Their Requirements:

Automatic and real-time syncing of data including data from smartwatch resting heart rate monitor and beats per minute, data from the smartwatch with BP monitor, the number of steps taken, stairs climbed, calories burnt, tracking daily exercise and sleep, to name a few, in a cloud database server uninterruptedly.

A secure web application and a mobile app that reflects the data secured through the wearable sensor device in real-time. The data includes the wearer’s blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, and map fencing feature for the client to monitor the location of the wearable device along with a secure login option.

Technologies and tools used to provide the solution

Our knowledgeable developers utilizing the Internet of Things have made the transfer of data from the sensor device to the database, Mongo DB, seamless. Also, making use of the back-end technology, Node JS and Express JS and the front-end technology, React JS, have come up with a responsive web application and using React Native technology, our developers have developed a mobile app that is user-friendly and syncs data in real-time with the web application of the same wearable device.

The Results

With the help of our cloud server support, the client could manage all the data from the health smart bracelet by effortlessly being able to store, sort, analyze and maintain the data obtained from the smart bracelet.

Also, the client could manage the sensor device easily through an effective communication established using the Internet of Medical Things between the device and the server by our developers.

The client could effectively track the wearable location using the pre-decided map fencing feature developed by our IoT developers.

With the web application and the mobile application that our IoT developers built, real-time data sync was no longer an issue. It provided a user-friendly platform for our client’s end-user, making it one of the best smart bracelets available. As a result of which, our client saw a boost in their ROI.


Custom IoT solution for a Healthcare provider – A case study

In this case study, we discuss how RFID and IoT helped to improve our client’s healthcare environment, services, and drove patient satisfaction as a result.


While technology can’t completely eradicate chronic diseases all at once, it can at least make healthcare easier and accessible. With the use of IoT, there are unparalleled benefits that can improve the quality of healthcare processes and treatments.

Infomaze helped a leading healthcare company from UAE to leverage the full potential of IoT by building web and mobile application that tracks the whereabouts of the patients as well as hospital staff. In this case study, we discuss how RFID ( (Radio-Frequency Identification) and IoT helped to improve our client’s healthcare environment, services, and drove patient satisfaction as a result.

The Challenge

Before contacting Infomaze, our client was manually handling patient records on spreadsheets and word docs. They were seeking to establish better patient security, increase patient satisfaction, update the hospital staff’s availability, improve internal processes, and identify gaps in general. They were hence looking for a centralized IoT solution to bridge the digital divide.

IoT app development for the healthcare industry

How Infomaze helped with their IoT app development requirements

After analyzing their requirements, we came up with a unique IoT solution to automate their processes in real-time. Our expert IoT developers built a web app on React JS using MongoDB database and mobile application on React Native to drive about automation across the hospital. The IoT app we built seamlessly communicates with the smart bracelet by incorporating advanced features such as Geo-fencing, RFID activation, contact syncing, fall detection, tracking patient’s medical history, setting up boundaries, along with instant alerts and notifications.

The smart bracelet uses RFID to pass information such as the patient’s data as well as past medical records. It alerts and sends notifications to the admin on the patient and the staff’s whereabouts. It also allows to set up boundaries wherein employees and patients have to be present within a specific range, and the admin will be alerted if they move out of the specified border. The bracelet tracks step count, calories burnt, heart rate, Blood Pressure, and body temperature, therefore providing an early warning for any disease.

How the user benefited through our IoT app development

Improved real-time visibility
The solution enables the hospital staff to better monitor the patients, the family members can be notified about the next appointment, and the housekeeping staff can be informed when the patient leaves the room for cleaning purposes.

Instant notifications
With the geo-fencing and fall detection sensor, the hospital staff will be notified in case of mishaps, and they can also detect potentially dangerous areas to avoid the patients from going there as a measure to prevent accidents.

Enhanced internal processes
All the events connected to the patients (movement across different departments, appointments, and so on) are recorded in one place, therefore giving insights on how to proceed further without having to juggle through papers.

Assessing patient flow and hospital admissions
The RFID data that is amassed help healthcare professionals in predicting the patient flow and admissions for long-term planning to properly utilize medications and pieces of equipment, so that they don’t remain idle.

Regular treatment tracking
The RFID tracking helps the patients receive notifications on their smart bracelet if they forget to take medication, miss out on a specific appointment, by pinpointing the exact location and send reminders of upcoming events.

Improved monitoring of the patient’s location
Real-time visibility into each patient’s whereabouts is especially important for elderly patients, children, patients with neurodegenerative diseases, etc., so that they don’t wander about and lose their way back to their ward.

Why choose Infomaze for IoT app development?

Why choose Infomaze for IoT app development
    • Client focused and economical budgeting.
    • Experienced team of IoT developers.
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
    • Rapid results.
    • Highly secure solutions.

Unlike others, we don’t just make tall promises but deliver quality solutions at affordable rates. We bridge the gap between the real and digital world by offering our clients, the most innovative IoT solutions that streamline their internal and external processes and generate revenue at the same time. Our highly skilled developers build enterprise and consumer IoT applications that harness the power of machine learning and analytics. Added to this, we make use of the fastest and most competent IoT platforms, including IBM Watson, AWS, and Microsoft Azure.

We offer a complete range of custom IoT app development services from hardware integration to custom IoT app development services to transform your devices into AI-powered smart devices. We offer high-end IoT app development services tailored to fit the unique business requirements of various industries from retail, manufacturing, sports, technology to healthcare. Want to discuss your project idea with us? Talk to Infomaze, and we will quickly analyze your requirements and provide a free proposal.


We have a highly competent IoT application development team, each having 5+ years of experience in building state-of-the-art IoT apps that drive growth and revenue. We build IoT applications for all major industries, including clothing, manufacturing, healthcare, BPO, supply chain management, banking, finance, logistics, retail, marketing, etc., where devices, appliances, or machines need to communicate with each other to efficiently perform their unique functions.


Ajax File Upload is not working in the latest Chrome Version 83.0.4103.61 (Official Build) (64-bit)

From the latest version of Chrome 83.0.4103.61 (Official Build) (64-bit), AjaxFileUpload is not working, while it’s working perfectly fine in the older version of Chrome and other browsers. Read more to find out how Infomaze can help you.

Ajax File Upload is not working in the latest Chrome Version 83.0.4103.61 (Official Build) (64-bit) as the update has affected images/media widgets. The POST request to upload files shows as canceled and the upload fails.

When “iframeSrc” is set to “javascript:false” on https pages, Chrome now seems to cancel the request. Changing this to “about:blank” seems to resolve the issue, but what other consequences might this have? Talk to our expert consultants to get this right.

Here’s what we do:

* Patch existing jquery.form plugin or update to a newer version.

* Test affected modules on Chrome version 83.0.4103.61

* Test jquery.form functionality on all browsers.

This problem seems to go away if we ensure the iframe jquery.form uses for the upload has an src of about:blank rather than javascript:false, which has been used for https requests for years.

Google chrome version 83 is not supporting AJAX file upload

If you’re facing a problem with AJAX file upload on Chrome version 83.0.4103.61, feel free to contact us, we have helped resolve the same issue for various clients.


QuickBooks to Zoho Books Migration- A Case Study

Infomaze helped a glass company to migrate from QuickBooks to Zoho books and integrate it with the other existing Zoho apps the client had in use.

QuickBooks to Zoho Books Migration

The Customer: In search of QuickBooks to Zoho Books migration service

The customer, a company that sells glass for residential and commercial constructions, approached Infomaze with a problem, a time-lag and the requirement of additional manpower hours in their business operations as they were using two different software for managing their Customer Relationship Management and their finances and our dedicated team overcame the issue with no interruptions in their day-to-day business by helping our client migrate from QuickBooks to Zoho Books.

The Challenge: An error-free migration from one online accounting software to another

The company had been using Zoho apps for managing its customer relationship management (CRM), Desk support, and marketing via Zoho CRM, Zoho desk, and campaigning. Although, the accounting software that they had been using was QuickBooks. This resulted in a time-consuming process of managing their accounts as they had to shuttle between different software. And also, as this process involved manually entering data from one data source to another, it was prone to errors that rendered our client to a high risk of encountering huge losses.

Also, as migrating from one online accounting software to another was not simple as the customer had huge data pertaining to their finances of all sectors of their business, required careful planning and an extremely cautious execution and a trusted service provider like us helped calm our client nerves to go ahead with the elaborate process.


Their Requirements: Migration to suitable accounting software for business management

The company dealt with residential as well as commercial orders of glass for windows, and doors, to name a few which required them to maintain a disciplined, organized inventory and the transactions related to the same.

End-to-end process automation while processing and maintaining estimates, purchase orders, and invoices to their customers along with due consideration to the billable hours for glass installations, repairs, replacements, and maintenance.

As our client already had been using Zoho apps to maintain their CRM and campaigns, to name a few, they wanted us to configure Zoho Books apps including Zoho expense, Zoho Invoice, Zoho Inventory, Zoho payroll, and Zoho Subscriptions, after migrating all the data from their existing accounting software, QuickBooks to Zoho Books.

Technologies and tools used

Our skilled developers used ETL technology along with the suitable Zoho APIs available on the Zoho-cloud platform to conduct a seamless migration from the existing SaaS online accounting software to Zoho Books online.

The Solution: A successful migration to Zoho Books apps

Being a certified Zoho premium partner for years, our developers handled the mapping of fields of our client business, the listing of transactions, and developing a new connection to their existing online accounting software, QuickBooks to export data easily, accurately, and in a time-efficient manner to Zoho Books.

The client, who was initially worried about losing data while data migration, could rest assured as our team took extreme care with planning the migration, testing the migration strategy before jumping into the actual migration to achieve a secure migration of data along with a successful implementation.

The Results: Our client benefited immensely from migrating to Zoho accounting software

The data migration enabled our client with easy access to the finances and the much-needed automation in maintaining it using Zoho finances. As the need to manually enter data was completely eradicated, it not only saved time but also saved the company from any incurrence of loss due to manual-errors that might have occurred during data entry. Thanks to the affordable Zoho Books price, the Zoho Books features available, and an effectual team that Infomaze provided, our client, as a cumulative effect could achieve an increased ROI.