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APIs are a set of defined mechanisms that give permission to access certain elements of a software between two or more systems; such as automatic tasks – to create, update, or delete elements.

Zoho has announced that all old API methods and codes based on v1.0 will cease to operate from December 31, 2019. If you have any third-party applications integrated with Zoho API V.1.0, you will have to migrate to the latest version of CRM APIs as soon as possible, as the older version will not be available from next year onwards.

Migrate to Zoho API V2.0 with Infomaze

What API V2.0 has, that V1.0 doesn’t

Zoho CRM V2.0 API is offering a lot more flexibility, enhancements and additional features intended to ease your workflow and improve the integration security, along with the functionality improvement and reliability of the API interface.

If you’re still using the version 1.0 API, it’s time to move to version 2.0 at the earliest for faster and easier business processes.

1. Higher security on using OAuth 2.0, that comes with scope for every API call. This guarantees that even though tokens are disclosed, they cannot be misused. Besides, the tokens are valid only for an hour.

2. Multi DC support is also added.

3. The daily limits of API calls have been changed to hundred thousand calls per day.

4. API 2.0 adheres to REST standards.

5. It supports easy JSON parsing, in which all APIs follow a similar response structure.

6. API dashboard for better usage analysis.

7. “API Names” have been added and as a result, any changes in custom fields’ and custom modules’ labels won’t affect your existing integrations.

8. Date/Time field values are updated to the ISO 8601 format that includes the time zone.

9. Enhanced Support for Mobile SDKs, JavaScript SDKs, and Server-side SDKs.

10. You can now share some of the permission accessibility on the modules and records.

Talk to our expert consultants if you need help with the migration.


Features of Zoho CRM API V2.0

OAuth 2.0 – The OAuth2.0 rule lets you share data with any third-party application while keeping your usernames and passwords confidential. This protocol gives the users an easy and secure way to exert authentication.

Connections – A simple authentication tool used to request any third party applications’ REST APIs and get access to your authenticated data from your functions or widgets.

Functions – Zoho CRM Functions help you to renew the data in related CRM modules or third-party applications by executing simple program scripts. With functions, you can program scripts using Deluge Script (powered by Zoho Creator), associate them to workflow rules, custom buttons, related lists, schedules and more.


Upgrade from API v1.0 to v2.0 with Infomaze

Hire Zoho developer (s) from Infomaze to help you move from Zoho CRM API v0.1 to v2.0. Our team will come up with a comprehensive action plan with a proper impact assessment of CRM functionality.

  • To start with, our certified Zoho developers go over and scrutinize your existing Zoho API’s scripts, workflows, and integration functionality, which will make the entire process hassle-free and result in smooth delivery. After the audit of Zoho API integration, we will make changes in the existing code which involves changing the authentication type, change in API urls and response parsing.
  • Next, we will test your whole system and authenticate the new code to make sure there are zero disruptions with the Zoho API v2.0 migration. You, on the other hand, can track the migration process, while we effectively troubleshoot any challenges that arise.

Being certified Zoho CRM consultants , we can help you move to v2.0 regardless of your industry type and size.

Moreover, if by any chance, your CRM account may be integrated with any third-party application like Mailchimp, Zendesk etc. that still uses the v1.0 APIs. In this case, we can urge the third-party vendors to migrate to version 2.0 at the earliest.

Please refer migration document from API v1.0 to API v2.0 and migration of Zoho CRM APIs and Functions to v2.0 for more information.

Contact our team of expert Zoho CRM developers, if you aren’t familiar with the process.

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Certified Zoho Partner for Business Process Automation

Are your business processes functioning in different directions and not meeting any of your goals? Infomaze is a Zoho certified cloud solution provider that renders a variety of Zoho customization services ranging from CRM and accounting to email services that are professional and on-time. Now take your CRM needs to the next level and get organized with our business process automation services.

Zoho certified partner Infomaze

As certified Zoho partners, we build solutions that seamlessly integrate with various systems using APIs built by our team. Infomaze can provide you with a long-term vision to reconstruct the way you work. We develop enterprise-level, Zoho business automation solutions that have the potential to run your entire business. Efficiently manage, connect, and automate your business processes across the enterprise. Our team can customize your designs and develop your business app in no more than a few days.

Infomaze has built robust, integrated solutions for various growing and enterprise businesses, and our goal is to provide technology-related solutions to the maximum. We have provided Zoho business automation services to manufacturing, visa processing, and visa migration companies in the past.

What’s new in Zoho CRM?

We keep up with the latest technology trends and proficiently employ them to automate your business processes. Zoho CRM recently rolled out new feature updates and enhancements, which are as follows:

Assignment rules feature:

There was a bug in the assignment rules feature which was recently revamped. The users were able to track their leads and potential customers much more efficiently after the issue was resolved. The new User Interface came with some additional configuration options including:

  • Selection of users to whom records will be assigned based on the condition defined
  • Check user’s availability before assigning a record through online status or shift timing
  • Assigning records to Default User

Clone your CRM blueprints:

Zoho CRM’s Blueprint is merely a web duplicate of your business process. You can clone CRM blueprints of business processes that are similar in nature rather than making new blueprints from scratch and repeating the stages and details all over again. The feature facilitates automation, validation, collaboration of groups, and will make your business operations more efficient and free from loopholes.

Map lead conversions with subforms:

The subform from the leads module can be mapped with the fields of subforms present in the Contacts, Accounts, and Deals modules. The mapping can be done between fields with similar data type and field length.

Monitor your financial activities in Zoho backstage:

The finance flow’s bar chart is now superseded with a waterfall chart, displaying the rise and fall of your revenue generation. It captures details such as the revenue generated from deals, a total amount acquired from tickets, gross income, expenditure, and net amount.

UI enhancement:

The UI (User Interface) has been upgraded in all the modules of Zoho CRM, resulting in a better display and visibility.

Business Process Automation with Zoho CRM

An approval process for locking and unlocking of records:

By design, any record will be automatically locked if someone other than its owner tries to apply changes to it. Records that are pending for approval will be unlocked if the approval process is removed. Each approval process needs to be specified with a rule criterion that is followed by actions upon approval or rejection.

Duplicate record detection:

Duplicate records can be identified during record creation. The user will be alerted about an existing record every time a duplicate record is entered in the leads module. The records can be merged if multiple duplicates are present.

CRM setup page customization:

Modify the existing fields in the CRM setup page by adding additional applications as widgets, rename and reorder features, reposition groups, and hide elements as per your preference.

Calendar bookings for customers:

Generate a meeting URL for your customers to schedule meetings according to their available date and time slots. Calendar booking will enable your customers to instantly book meetings and see when the support agents are available and permit them to schedule an event or call by themselves.

Zoho backstage, survey, and webinar integration:

Zoho CRM’s campaign module enables you to create events in Zoho backstage, conduct surveys, and webinars by inviting leads or contacts as participants. Their performance can be monitored via the record’s detail page.

Set up campaign hierarchy:

Establish campaign hierarchy by associating related campaigns through a parent campaign and monitor their performance more precisely. This classification tool helps in analyzing which campaign has performed well in terms of its effectiveness and revenue generated.

Why choose Infomaze for Zoho customization services?

Without automation, your business process can become chaotic and result in endless paperwork, incomplete tasks, and lowered productivity. Infomaze can help you save a lot of time and resources with our business process automation services. On the whole, you can achieve a better allocation of resources, reduced human errors, deeper insights, and better collaboration.

As a certified Zoho partner, we implement the best business practices and offer a complete solution to manage your marketing, sales, services, support, and more at the highest level. Look no further than Infomaze if you need customized Zoho services that are highly reliable, affordable, and efficient at the same time.


Talk to us with no-obligation and get a free consultancy on how to better manage your business using ZOHO.

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Greetings from Infomaze!

As some of you might have noticed over the last few days, Infomaze has been sporting a brand new logo. It’s an exciting era for our company — our steady growth has brought new clients, new teammates, and pushed us to be the best version ourselves, as a company. It’s a great time for Infomaze!


You’ll see it’s not just our logo that is changing; we’ve changed our website, our social media, our messaging, and our focus to better reflect the way we help our clients succeed. What we’re saying should not sound unfamiliar to those who have worked with us. Our mission is only a refined version of what we have always known well about ourselves: we make quality apps that help businesses perform measurably better. In short, we’re Infomaze Elite: Powered by Innovation

What’s changed?

Actually, not much. We’re bigger and better — our consulting-focused approach to developing apps remains, but is now a thriving team of developers, strategists, and designers working in unison. We have talented individuals and a growing client portfolio that we are proud of. It’s truly our growth and your cooperation that has helped us realize our focus and expand the breadth of expertise that Infomaze truly represents.

From developing CRMs to comprehensive Management Information Systems — it has felt like we do a bit of almost everything. That said, we have seen a few trends surface, and began to recognize we are particularly fantastic in a few different areas of development. It’s what we’re calling our “pillars,” and what is ultimately the driving force behind the utility apps we create.

We’re incredibly proud of the work that we do at Infomaze and are thankful for the employees, the partnerships, and clients that have accompanied us in our growth. We owe this rebrand to all of you.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Until then, keep an eye on Infomaze Elite, as we continue our growth and continue our campaign to be the best.



Vikash Bardia
Director / CEO
Infomaze Elite Pvt. Ltd.

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PCI (Payment Card Industry) DSS (Data Security Standard) is a security standard developed and maintained by the PCI council. Anyone who has access to the internet has come across PCI DSS at least once. PCI (Payment Card Industry) Security Standard is an information security standard for organizations handling branded credit cards from major card schemes.

PCI security standards council was founded by the top 5 credit card companies that set standards and mandated it for any business that handles, processes or stores credit cards – regardless of their size and location to be PCI compliant. The key to achieve PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance in a cost-effective manner is to establish the right scope for the credit card handling infrastructure of an organization.

Data encryption in PCI DSS

The US government has mandated PCI compliance on all online storefronts/websites/applications that make use of credit card to safeguard financial data of the end-users and manufactures. Failing to do so, the concerned financial departments can sue the website holder for the losses incurred.

The compliance is required by any website that stores, transmits or processes payment card information and is adopted by various companies like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card and JCB. The PCI security standards are the minimum requirements for protecting your customer’s payment card information.

Infomaze has a team of certified developers that will help you achieve PCI DSS compliance with much fewer efforts.

PCI Security Standards

As a result of increased identity theft and different kinds of frauds associated with credit cards; Visa and MasterCard came up with a proposal to safeguard credit card providers, banks and other financial establishments. The proposed solution led to improved PCI compliance security standards. These standards were generated for bigger security of delicate data when making payments, be it online or in-stores. Simply put, PCI compliance is imperative as it enhances security when making purchases using credit cards.

The creation of PCI standards were chiefly intended to ensure the security was covered on a larger scale when processing credit card payments. However, today they’re used as a standard to measure quality in the entire credit card industry. Those that fail to comply under these standards are fined heavily by banks and other financial institutions. Occasionally, credit card companies and banks can completely stop their services to certain merchants who fail to abide by these standards.

PCI data security for credit card industry

The security standards associated with PCI include quite a few important requirements and comprise of multiple layers of protection that need approval from merchants as well as other institutions during the payment process. To be PCI compliant, you are required to:

  • Implement effective control measures
  • Maintain a safe network throughout
  • Safeguard personal data of the card holder
  • Implement a strong data security policy
  • Regularly test and monitor networks
  • Prevent security hazards by having a secure program

Companies that follow PCI compliance standards are required to carry out frequent reviews and scans by qualified companies for data security. Added to that, PCI compliance standards are very accurate and easy to follow.

Why PCI matters?

Security is a major concern for any business that offers services, whether online or in-stores. PCI compliance proves that the company takes the security and privacy of its customer’s data seriously. It brings in more clients, as their trust will go up if they know that the company has taken necessary measures to safeguard their personal information. PCI compliance can also increase the company’s reputation among credit card providers, banks and other financial institutions.

Nowadays, following the said security measures are a standard in the credit card industry. It is an indication of good business practices and is used up to build the customer’s trust in the company. It also greatly reduces the risks associated with monetary transactions. Clients can thus feel relaxed while making transactions with a business that complies by PCI standards, even while giving away their private data.

In conclusion, PCI compliance is crucial for online businesses for various reasons whether they want to win customer’s confidence, enhance their relationship with banks or to avoid possible penalties for failing to comply by these standards.

Should you get PCI DSS compliance?

Data security is crucial when you run an online business. You need to go to all extents to reduce the risk of data fraud that could easily jeopardize your brand’s reputation. Data breach causes more damage than you can think of as it causes permanent loss of customers that will never revisit your website. Not just that, it also comes with other charges such as fines, penalties or even higher costs of compliance in the future.

The PCI DSS puts into effect a set of practices for companies to follow to protect their customer’s card details. It is therefore recommended to get the PCI DSS Compliance by filling up the SAQ form that best suits your business type.

Secure payment

PCI compliance is obligatory for all eCommerce merchants that accept card payments on their website. All sensitive data entered by customers must be well-guarded. Therefore, it’s important for your customers to know that your website is safe from identity thefts and other frauds at all times.

Why choose Infomaze?

Infomaze Elite has worked with various payment gateways including Stripe, Paypal, Zoho, etc. Our experts work closely with clients to understand their requirements and implement industry best practices. We help customers with PCI DSS integration and help avoid a costly, time-intensive on-site data security assessment. We use advanced technologies like tokenization and make sure that sensitive data is safeguarded at all times.

Contact us now for a customized quote!

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Web data scraping services

Infomaze specializes in web data scraping services. We offer enterprise-grade web scraping services throughout the globe. Read on to know why Infomaze is the best choice for web data scraping.

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Data is the essence of every business in today’s world and is crucial to identify the underlying causes of a business’s progress or decline. Most people manually extract the data through copy-paste methods. However, the same method isn’t feasible for large websites with a tremendous amount of data and hundreds of pages.

Web scraping is the process of extracting data in a prompt and well-organized manner. Web scraping simplifies the whole process of extracting data by automating it and generates easy access to the scraped data by delivering it in a CSV/Excel/TXT/PDF format. Simply put, it saves you the trouble of manually downloading data and automates the complete process.

Web scraping comes into effect when you need to constantly access and analyze a vast amount of data whether it’s for a new project or to churn out a strategy for an existing business. The process of collecting data from the World Wide Web is called web scraping. Various methods are used for scraping data like manual data extraction, HTML parsing, DOM parsing, vertical aggregation, XPath, Google Docs, etc.

End-to-end web data scraping services at Infomaze

Not all data on a website can be manually extracted; this is where web scraping comes into play. Let’s just say, you copy and paste some data, but you’re unable to convert or save it in a format of your choice. Web scraping takes care of this too. Our data scraping experts extract data from any website regardless of its size and nature. Our team will extract and save the data in a format like CSV. You would then be able to retrieve, analyze and use the data the way you want.

Web data scraping

Given that there are massive volumes of data available on the web, it can be a complex challenge in itself to organize and extract data manually. Infomaze provides web data scraping services that hold the efficacy with skilled developers and data programmers. Our dedicated team has expertise in crawling data from various websites and prepares it for operations by further cleansing it.

Infomaze provides web data scraping services majorly using two languages – Scrapy and We write custom code and deploy by converting massive into structured, organized information. Apart from that, we also employ third-party sites like and have significant experience in scraping login enabled and AJAX enabled sites.

Scraping data manually from websites can not only be time-consuming and tedious but also brings in the possibility of inaccuracy. We provide data scraping services by crawling existing websites and get relevant data out of them. Added to that, our team has extracted data from different segments of industries like finance, eCommerce, survey, retail, open data and so on. The extracted data is further broken down into easily understandable information in databases ready to be consumed by the customer.

Why choose Infomaze?

The number one way to get useful and accurate data is to opt for Infomaze’s data scraping services. Whether it’s a simple page or websites with multi-level complexities, our team can do it all. Given our expertise in the field, there are plenty of reasons for why you should choose Infomaze as your web scraping partner. A few good reasons are listed below.

Data extraction
  • Complete solution: We scrape data as per our client’s requirement by following a standard procedure of crawling, cleansing, data augmentation, organizing, and analysis. The enhanced data is later utilized by the client.
  • Diverse data formats: We leverage different scripting languages like Scrapy and to provide you with the best results in a format suited for your in-house systems.
  • Affordable: We are dedicated to providing A1 web scraping services at an affordable rate, which is reasonable to both parties involved in the transaction.
  • Experience: Given our 16+ years of experience in the IT field, we have worked on various websites with multi-level complexities. We can, therefore, assure you with 100% accuracy for your next data scraping project.
  • Rapid turnaround: Our team is equipped with different scripting languages, API’s and latest technologies in the entire process and guarantee the least turnaround time.
  • Enhanced security: We understand that our client’s data is sensitive and take every measure necessary to protect it from possible security hazards. Hence, we’re committed towards the security of our client’s information.

Our central focus, however, is to help clients in every way possible and enable them to enjoy the competitive advantage in today’s market. What’s more is that alongside excellent quality reports, the entire process involves less turnaround time due to reduced manual involvement.

Get in touch with our team for assistance!

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Are You Ready to Migrate Mailchimp API?

Mailchimp will shutdown API support for version 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 on April 2, 2019. Get your Mailchimp API upgraded to version 3.0 from Infomaze for continued support.

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Mailchimp is one of the most popular email service providers and is widely used among sales companies to send email campaigns. Sales websites use the integration to manage their leads, contacts and list views.

On April 2, 2019, Mailchimp will shut down API 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3. Before this date, you must update any integration to Mailchimp API 3.0 for it to continue working as expected for you and your customers.

Make sure your integration is transitioned to Mailchimp API 3.0, so you’re on the latest version. Upgrade your integration before April 2nd or all your requests will return an http 410 status code, meaning it’s permanently removed.

It’s important to note that Mailchimp stopped its support for API 2.0 right from the start of 2017. Although Mailchimp API 2.0 will keep working for now; we highly recommend that all integrations are moved to API 3.0.

Infomaze provides expert solutions in upgrading Mailchimp API. Besides, our team has an edge for it as we’ve upgraded the API for a lot of our customers.

Mailchimp API Migration

What’s new in API 3.0?

Link your data across various platforms

Majority of sales websites use Mailchimp for email marketing through which, they can create a shared view across platforms by syncing Mailchimp subscribers and link them to their existing CRM. Mailchimp can create new leads in your CRM for email addresses that don’t match existing leads, therefore providing your sales team with more people to reach out to.

Insight into marketing engagement

The integration will automatically sync and update your CRM contacts and leads, so your sales team can better understand how their leads are engaging with marketing.

Promote your leads more efficiently

The integration allows you to seamlessly promote your leads and contacts and target them with Mailchimp’s advanced marketing tools including email content, ads and more.

Tailor it to meet your requirements

Mailchimp can be customized to display data directly in your system, to help you promptly view subscriber activity and check campaign statistics.

Run successful email campaigns with Mailchimp and create compelling marketing campaigns, ads, landing pages, postcards and more with Mailchimp integration. It’s time you upgrade to version 3.0 for a smooth user experience.

Why Infomaze?

Infomaze is the best IT consultant and service provider in India that has managed to deliver over 360 web and mobile projects to clients throughout the globe. Infomaze has already upgraded many sales sites to Mailchimp version 3.0. Hurry up and upgrade to Mailchimp API 3.0 before it’s permanently removed.

Are you on the latest version of Mailchimp API? If not, contact us for a smooth integration.

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The Best Framework amongst React, Ionic and Swift

It’s always a tough choice when it comes to comparing frameworks like React, Ionic and Swift as they’re all outstanding in their own sense. Read on to find out what makes them different from one another.

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Both Ionic and React Native are built on Typescript or Javascript, while Swift is built with the open source LLVM compiler framework. With rising competition in the mobile app development field, the mobile application development frameworks are giving their best in order to stay ahead. However, to sustain in this market, functional and attractive apps need to be built to keep the audience engaged. React, Ionic and Swift are the three most popular app development frameworks and they come with their own fair share of advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s dive in to find out which cross-platform mobile app development framework is the best among React, Ionic and Swift; and what makes them different from one another.

React framework

React Native is a Facebook developed open-source framework that lets you create native mobile applications using the JavaScript programming language. After PWA (Progressive Web Applications), React Native framework is called the revolution in cross-platform mobile app development and is known for delivering great mobile experience.

React Native framework is regarded the most preferred programming language when it comes to developing mobile applications for both Android and iOS.

Using a single platform, React Native enables you to work on two different operating systems. React Native also proves beneficial when it comes to building attractive User Interfaces. It is one of the most popularly used frameworks.


  • Optimal performance
  • Reusability of codes
  • Time and cost efficiency
  • Supports third party plug-ins
  • Simple UI
  • Excellent performance
React Native mobile app development


  • Not completely secure: There are loopholes in React native as it is an open-source framework. Hence, experts advice not to go with React native if you need to build a banking or financial app.
  • Takes time to initialize: React Native takes relatively longer to initialize the runtime.

Ionic framework

Ionic framework is a free, open-source mobile UI toolkit for the development of high quality cross-platform apps. Ionic is used as the front-end UI framework and plays a huge role in the overall look and feel of an application. It is a popular hybrid application framework for building mobile applications using web technologies like CSS, HTML5 and SaaS.

Ionic is seemingly gaining popularity as the competition level is exceeding and it has been recognized as the most preferred framework for the development of both iOS and Android apps. Although, it isn’t the best choice as it comes with its own share of drawbacks as well.

The framework is built with intuitive UI components and can be deployed across any mobile device, be it iOS, Android or Windows devices. It has also earned the name for delivering excellent user experience. The framework has many benefits in terms of development speed, third party code access and platform support.


  • Code once, and deploy across all mobile devices
  • Builds rich and robust applications
  • Quick development time
  • Good availability of plugins
  • Can develop applications for both iOS and android at once


  • It is difficult to develop advanced graphics
  • The in-app performance is not as quick sometimes
  • Complexity in debugging errors
Ionic mobile app development

Swift framework

Back in 2014, Apple announced Swift, a new iOS app programming language. Swift is a general purpose, compiled programming language developed for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, Linux and z/OS. The framework is designed to work with Apple’s Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks and Objective-C code. On Apple platforms, it uses the Objective-C runtime library which allows Objective-C and Swift code to run within one program. It was mainly created to replace Objective-C as the chief coding language for iOS.

Swift is a native framework which enables you to access lots of iOS features that cannot be accessed through Ionic and React Native.


  • Rapid development process
  • Advanced safety and performance
  • Perfectly compatible with Objective-C


  • Limited developers as the language is still young
  • Lacks support for the older versions of iOS
  • Poor exchange of data among third-party tools
Swift mobile app development


React, Ionic and Swift are unique in their own ways and there exists no conflict between these three frameworks. However, when asked to make a comparison, we would recommend all three to you as they all possess exemplary features. Hence, it is suggested you choose a framework that best suits your requirements.

Why choose Infomaze

Infomaze offers mobile application development services to clients throughout the globe. We offer our services across all the three platforms i.e., React Native, Ionic and Swift. Based on your requirement, we can develop an interactive mobile application on any of these frameworks.

Mobile app development with excellent user experience

Our team has an edge for developing robust mobile applications for Android and iOS. Need assistance for mobile app development Infomaze? Contact us for a free consultation!

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Create Dynamic Power BI Dashboard to Make the Best Use of Your Data

Build compelling Power BI dashboards in the most effective manner via graphical representation and get the best out of your raw business data.

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Infomaze specializes in data analytics using Power BI and helps companies improve their profitability by promoting optimal use of data. As certified BI consultants , we use Power BI dashboards to track our own sales and marketing metrics.

Modern day entrepreneurs face several challenges while operating day-to-day business development with very little insight into their data. However, we assist such business owners by creating robust Microsoft Power BI dashboards that in turn makes the best use of their raw data, just the way they want to see.

Power BI Importance

A Power BI dashboard is built on SaaS (Software as a Service) model and majorly focuses on predictive modeling and reporting. Dashboards built on Power BI display KPI (Key Performance Indicators) from data that resides both on-premises and in the cloud and delivers insights throughout your organization.

Just like most businesses are the most focused on building their business, they totally overlook the fact that their business needs a strategic plan too. Hence, we’re constantly trying to come up with better ways to track sales conversions.

A dashboard created with Power BI lucidly demonstrates the progress of your business with major sales and marketing initiatives. Not just that, it can easily filter and drill-down to see what caused a downfall or even a win in that case.

Analyze business growth in real-time

With the help of Power BI dashboard you can evaluate:

  • Daily/monthly sales conversations with prospective and existing clients.
  • Opportunity pipeline showing which prospects have the potential to close a deal and where they are in the purchasing process.
  • Key marketing initiatives.
  • Individual sales person dashboard that measures the conversion rate.
  • Sales team’s success.

Power BI Case Studies

We have built customized analytics dashboard with real-time, beautiful representation of analytics for our customers; due to which they’re able to view metrics such as conversions and pageviews. Given below are three case studies of Microsoft Power BI projects we previously worked on.

Power BI Solution for a Car Dealership Company

Infomaze built a Power BI dashboard for a car dealership company. The client was precisely looking for an interactive dashboard to demonstrate business metrics in real-time. They were looking for a live dashboard that would showcase sales KPI (Key Performance Indicator) and customer feedback in a graphical format.

The company’s operations heavily relied on paper-based data and manual interaction; therefore failing to understand the reasons behind the downfall of sales or even profits in that matter. They lacked an automated data visualization tool that would allow them to monitor KPIs to drive growth.

Our team deliberately built a smart Power BI dashboard to perfectly fit the client’s needs.

With our dashboard, the customer could assess:

  • Sales KPIs of Daily/monthly conversions and customer touches.
  • Customer feedback about their service.
  • Total profits.
  • Patterns and trends in marketing campaigns.

The automated Power BI dashboard that we built, allowed the client to take informed decisions and shortly improved the productivity and agility of their business.

Power BI Solution for a Restaurant Chain

We have helped a restaurant chain by developing a sleek BI dashboard. They were specifically looking for an enhanced dashboard for insights on KPIs, inventory management and team scheduling.

Their data was scattered across multiple systems and lacked a real-time dashboard to help them with data collection, data cleansing and data modeling. Since they lacked a live BI dashboard, their executives were facing challenges in driving sales and tracking inventory.

Power BI Dashboard

We developed a Power BI dashboard that allowed them to obtain their latest insights irrespective of their location.

The dashboard developed by us helped the client to:

  • Detect high-achievers and under-performers through the KPIs for each user’s dashboard.
  • Track inventory usage.
  • Manage tasks.
  • Audit trails.

This turned out to be a massive breakthrough for the client as the Power BI dashboard developed by us allowed the client to outperform their competitors.

Hire best Power BI developer India!

Power BI Solution for a Delivery Company

A leading delivery company was looking for an enhanced dashboard to track their data. Infomaze helped them by creating a customized dashboard to track courier services and forecast business profits.

The company was struggling with business management as they did not have an enhanced dashboard and failed to get insights on activities within their organization.

As certified Power BI consultants , we developed a comprehensive dashboard that helped the logistic company to view their overall performance, identify strengths and bottlenecks, and efficiently plan future business strategies.

With Power BI, the client is now able to visualize meaningful insights quickly and easily, thus leading to faster & better decision making.

How Infomaze can help

Infomaze as a company, is a business solution provider; we understand your business queries and develop solutions accordingly. Being one of the most renowned BI developers India, we build highly interactive, modern dashboards to suit your requirement. Our highly capable team comprises of data visualization specialists that create business solutions tailored to fit your needs.

An enhanced dashboard in place can help you make informed decisions about marketing and sales strategies, so you can completely focus on profitable activities only.

You will no longer have the need to assemble data through multiple sources, only for the end result to look vaguer. Instead, you can access your company data in just a few clicks. It couldn’t get simpler right?

Try us now!

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Converting Flash Application to HTML5

As Adobe Flash will retire in 2020, check out this blog to find how you can migrate your existing Flash Application to HTML5 with rich user-experience.

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Less than 4% of all websites today utilize Adobe Flash code according to the latest data from web tech survey site W3Techs. Flash’s drastic decline is the ultimate reason why Adobe announced to retire the technology by the end of 2020.

However, the slow and steady usage of Flash has given rise to technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. As Adobe will stop all Flash support by the end of 2020, all websites are expected to permanently remove Flash from their websites on the whole.

Compatible with all major browsers and latest operating systems, HTML5 is fast becoming the most effective standard to share content online with the global audience. Its cross-platform compatibility tied with Multimedia support makes it necessary for website owners to convert Flash files to HTML5 for enriching reading experience and easy access across varied mobile devices.

High compatibility across varied mobile devices

Popular websites like YouTube and Facebook have replaced Adobe Flash player with HTML5 as their default web video player. If your website still delivers Multimedia content through Flash, then it’s time to switch to a more conveniently used medium like HTML5. Unlike Flash, HTML5 doesn’t ask the end-users to access the content using an external application. HTML5 helps in keeping the website responsive and makes the content accessible on mobile devices of all kinds.

Gone are the days when you needed to have the most updated version of Flash to play Multimedia content. Thanks to technologies like HTML5, now that the end-users don’t have to deal with compatibility issues or even worry about downloading third party plug-ins.

Flash to HTML5 migration process

Identify all the areas you want to migrate : The first and most important step is to recognize all the flash content you want to migrate to HTML5. This is especially important if you are planning for a pilot approach where you can convert a few areas of your overall content and test the response of your audience. Moreover, this approach will help you in estimating the project scope and prepare an action plan for the entire migration process.


Evaluate the content : While you’re undertaking the audit, you may realize that the content developed in the recent past can be migrated directly, whereas the older content may need to be refurbished for ensuring its efficacy. You may also come across content which may be out of date, therefore needs to be deleted.

Assemble all source files in one place : Bring together all the source files containing every single one of your media, images, text and resources, whether created by your in-house team or a third party vendor – everything needs to be assembled in a single place. This will ensure a smooth migration process along with saved time and costs. This can also help you to categorize the sources based on the original technologies they were created in.

Technology update vs. complete redesign : There may be a variety of areas in your website, wherein some will do fine with just a technology update, whereas the others might as well require complete refurbishment. For this reason, you need to identify the need by evaluating the overall nature of your content.

Undertake testing : If your Flash to HTML5 conversion includes a huge amount of data, then you’ll be required to convert a small batch of your content first. This in turn will help you to give a valuable feedback whether the said approach is working or not.

Rich user experience

On the other hand, you can completely rely on the expertise that Infomaze has on offer as we have handled such projects before. Our exceptionally talented and capable team will be able to present you with a relevant and suitable solution, therefore ensuring a smooth flash migration.

Why choose Infomaze?

Infomaze Elite offers Flash to HTML5 conversion services, ensuring smooth HTML5 transition while delivering interactive content to mobile and tablet audiences across the globe. Our experts work closely with clients to understand their Flash to HTML5 conversion requirements, regardless of whether they need a simple technology update or complete redesign. Our team of developers implement industry-best practices to accurately convert Flash Code to HTML5, ensuring that the content is supported by all major devices such as iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows and Android devices.

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What is Warehouse Management System? Why is it Important for Business?

Quickly and easily manage inventory with a Warehouse Management System. The module provides flexible and automated support in terms of managing stock in the warehouse. In this blog, we’ve emphasized the importance of a Warehouse Management System for business.

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A Warehouse Management System (WMS) plays a huge role in inventory industries. The software organizes and controls everything within your warehouse to make sure it runs in the most optimal way possible.

Easily manage your stock and deliveries with our advanced Warehouse Management System

Infomaze’s cloud-based WMS prepares you for modern supply chain management to align inventory and fulfill services. The automated solution offers real-time visibility into an entire inventory which can be accessed through any device and web browser, the only requirement being an active internet connection. In addition to that, PrintPLANR and FieldPLANR are products of Infomaze and they offer warehouse management solution too.

The module allows you to manage your stock across various storage locations and trace your entire warehouse in great detail. You can get an overview of the quantities of stock in the warehouse and can also determine where exactly an item is located in your warehouse.

Integrated logistics, same-day delivery and e-commerce fulfillment are reasons why small & medium businesses are recognizing the importance of warehouse inventory management software. The modern software optimizes all warehousing functions and undertakes complex distribution functions. Its functions include – arrangement of the inventory, maintaining equipment, shipping orders, packing, managing new stock and tracking warehouse performance

The automated solution looks after all aspects of business

The system helps to eliminate human errors, maximize efficiency and productivity, and have a positive impact on the overall business. Moreover, the solution provides you with various other information such as scheduling, packaging, tracking and more to help you run your business much more efficiently.

The importance of a Warehouse Management System:

1. Improved inventory management

The advanced Warehouse Management System plays a vital role in inventory management. It improves order fulfillment and controls the warehouse’s activities throughout. At the same time, it lets you track each detail for improved order fulfillment and accuracy.

Our solution ensures that inventory management is a much faster and easier task. By providing quick and accurate results, WMS lets you respond better to consumer demands. You can map the exact whereabouts of the inventory and can determine when it needs to be replenished.

2. ROI

Our WMS solution lets you to promptly accelerate your ROI with improved sales and increased profits. It is the right fit for your business as you can sell faster and more accurately to happier customers. Furthermore, the precise and smart solution is less prone to errors, consequently leading to inflated customer satisfaction.

3. Increased productivity

Warehouse Management System optimizes the efficiency, material workflow, consistency and quality control of the warehouse at the utmost speed. The cloud-based solution improves every stage of the fulfillment process and generates jobs in much lesser time. Added to that, the system reduces labour productivity with improved shipment accuracy.

4. Lower costs

The WMS solution does not incur any upgrade, maintenance or infrastructure costs. The affordable system enables you to preserve your profit margins as everything else is installed, managed and maintained by our professionals.

There is no need for hardware or IT specialists as all data is stored on the cloud. The ready-made solution can be easily integrated with multiple systems to connect all your logistics processes from end-to-end.

Cloud-based Warehouse Management System

5. No upgrades required

With a cloud-based solution, you’re always on the latest version of the software due to automatic upgrades and updates. All data is on the cloud and hence, you can have the latest codebase at work.

6. 100% inventory transparency

One of the most crucial elements of a good Warehouse Management System is inventory visibility. The software provides real-time updates on everything that’s going on within the warehouse. Each item that enters the warehouse is documented and all the movements are tracked, thus leading to complete transparency.

Visibility helps to estimate demand forecasts of the best-selling products during specific times of the year. These forecasts play a huge role in the decision-making of products purchase and the ongoing trends in the market.

7. Manage multiple warehouses

Infomaze’s Warehouse Management System efficiently manages your inventory across multiple warehouses on a single platform. You can purchase, receive and replenish your inventory in multiple warehouses and sell at the same time.

Manage your warehouse inventory on the go

8. Improved customer service and supplier relations

The benefits of WMS are optimized by both supply and demand chains with regular use. Customers enjoy many benefits such as improved order fulfillment, decreased inventory levels and enhanced order accuracy levels. Thus, improving your business’s reputation under such a system.

When you have a Warehouse Management System in place, you don’t have to fret about the inventory’s whereabouts as the solution tracks every unit down to the lowest level of detail – for better order fulfillment and decreased inaccuracies.

9. Efficient labour management

A WMS lets you freely determine which picking and packing methods work best for your business. It not only optimizes inventory placement and route creation, but can also assign a suitable employee for a particular job based upon factors like skill level and proximity.

The software schedules and assigns tasks and helps identify areas of improvement, therefore allowing you to comprehend how all your resources are being spent.

10. Reduction on inventory paperwork

An automated WMS can greatly impact the usage of paper. The real-time updates reduce paperwork to a great extent and makes sure that inventory and information flow are in perfect harmony. Also, you can ditch the traditional methods of information retainment as it can now be maintained digitally.

With Infomaze’s cloud-based solution, you can accelerate your business and concentrate only on what is necessary as the Warehouse Management System looks after the rest.

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