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Customizing Zoho CRM for tour operators – A case study

As Zoho Authorized partner, we provided Zoho customization services for a travel agency to set up their Zoho CRM for tour operators without affecting business.

Organize, store, and manage all your travel agency CRM needs efficiently.

The client: On the lookout for a travel agency management software

Our client, Travel Tyme, a travel agency based in St. Loius, Missouri, required us to help them ease their workflow by bringing in automation. For bringing in a high level of organization in managing their leads, customers, and streamlining all of their processes, with the help of our Zoho customization services, we customized Zoho CRM for travel operators.

The challenge: A travel agency CRM software

The client, being a reputable travel agency, has a high inflow of new leads that comes their way every day, along with a long list of loyal customers. The broad range of services that they offer keeps their clients coming back to them for their consulting services, special travel packages to procuring travel insurance before their travels, and much more.

As a consequence, our client was overwhelmed with work that was repetitive, time-consuming, but inevitable and spent their workforce energy on accomplishing these tasks that were still prone to error. The challenge was to efficiently automate all of these tasks to ensure that Travel Tyme would never have to miss consulting appointments or deadlines for booking accommodations, and commutes, to name a few.

Zoho customization services to meet all your travel CRM software needs

The requirements: A Zoho CRM for tour operators

The client, based on the above challenges, brought us the following list of requirements in their travel agency management software:

  • Maintaining a record of new leads and a way to prioritize them
  • Keeping a record of contacts and effectively manage them
  • Automatically creating and defining tasks based on the destination chosen by their customers, including the tour plan.
  • Handling and managing our client vendors and their payments
  • Easy sharing of documents from tickets and other booking acknowledgments to sharing of agreements, including Insurance, currency exchange details, etc.
  • Travel Tyme’s data to be sorted and stored on a single platform according to their requirements.

The solution: Customizing Zoho CRM for tour operators

As Zoho Authorized partners, our developers with the experience and expertise knew precisely what our client needed. Our team brought them the best travel agency CRM software by customizing the Zoho CRM accurately to take care of their travel agency CRM needs.

From taking care of lead registration through the Zoho CRM forms to prioritizing the leads and handing it over to the right travel agent to obtain the maximum lead conversion, to store all of the data, sort the previous customer’s data including the pre-sales and post-sales info, travel itinerary plans, and much more, our Zoho developers provided a perfect custom solution along with Zoho CRM integration with Zoho Docs to store all the above data on a single platform.

Travel agency CRM software

Using the performance management feature in Zoho CRM, we customized the client Zoho travel agency CRM to create new tasks with predefined action plans based on what their customers would choose, be it seasonal travel specials to the other travel packages, including worldwide cruises, sacred travel pilgrimages, beach vacations to name a few, with custom workflow rules.

With the refined account management that Zoho CRM offers, we helped Travel Tyme by automating the process of advanced payments from their customers who need to deposit for booking the travels, accommodations, etc., to help our client in managing their vendor’s fees.

The result: Successful implementation of Zoho travel agency CRM

Travel Tyme, by hiring our Zoho developers gained immensely in their business, by saving time, workforce energy to an error-free solution by obtaining automation in their workflow process. Our developers customized the Zoho CRM for tour operators to fit perfectly for their specific needs.

The client did not have to worry about missing consulting appointments, or missing leads as the custom rules we had set, allowed them to send emails, and reminder alerts about the appointment meetings.

Managing their booking details from accommodations, flights, buses, etc. became smooth, as sharing the same with their clients or staying updated using the easy search option on Zoho Docs was made available to any agent with the right credentials to the highly organized documents.

The payment automation that we customized helped them never to miss a payment and take care of the same in advance with setting up schedules/reminders, be it for receiving payments from their customers, or paying the bills to their vendor, and they always stayed on top.

Overall, the client, Travel Tyme, with our Zoho customization services for all of the Zoho CRM projects integrations that we provided, could increase their ROI and are happy with our services.

Why choose Infomaze for your travel CRM software?

If you have a similar project on the mind or you have an industry-specific project specification, all you will have to do is reach out to us with your requirements and hire Zoho Developers from Infomaze, and everything else from there will be taken care of at Infomaze.

Hire Zoho developers

From consulting, designing, and developing, to its deployment, our team maintains complete transparency, guarantees project completion with competitively less turnaround time, without affecting the quality of the project.

As no project is too complicated for us, feel free to talk to our developers with no obligation and no credit card requirement.


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Reap the benefits of cloud computing today, and don’t let the economic impact of Coronavirus affect your business!

Infomaze highlights the benefits of cloud computing, COVID-19’s impact on cybersecurity, & how enterprise cloud adoption is on the rise in the forecast period.

Having the best digital strategy during the COVID-19 crisis is your best strategy to win over it.

You do not have to take our word for it, because at Infomaze, we take our claims 100% seriously and always back it up with proof, with no room for doubts. Now that we have made our point crisply clear, we give you a through and through about how you can turn your business to rise and shine by helping you choose the right plan for your enterprise cloud adoption and protect your business midst of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Every millisecond can make a difference and optimizing your server for class leading performance is now more important than ever. There can be a multitude of reasons on why your website is running slow.

Server lags are not always the cause of slow load times, but that doesn’t mean you’re immune from SRT (Server Response Time) impacting your end user experience. Now is the time to start if you haven’t yet optimized this area.

Cloud Computing rise during COVID-19 crisis

Not taking steps in protecting your business during a pandemic like the current one can put your business in one of these following situations: From putting you at high risk with no coming back, a risk with a way out, or a way to come out as a winner.

We prefer as well as any businesses would prefer the latter option, where you come out, overcome, and nullify the negative COVID-19 business impact that might occur.

For the same to happen, proper planning, strategizing, and the successful implementation of the ideas is a must, with the help of the capable think tanks who are up to the par.

When it comes to cloud migration services, be it migration from on-premises data onto the cloud or getting a few upgrades, seamlessly, it has become crucial for businesses to remotely work during the COVID-19 crisis.

Cloud Migration Services_Cloud Computing

With mobility being one of the most affected in this crisis, getting your workplace ready for COVID-19 is undeniably one of the most important things for you to remain on top.

And, setting up the right cloud infrastructure that your business-specifically needs, for your employees to work remotely, during COVID-19 efficiently, smoothly and safely becomes significant.

At Infomaze, we have been successfully conducting our business without causing any of our clients any inconvenience with almost as much as 60% of employees working from home, made possible only cause of our competent cloud experts.

They take care of and know everything from scratch about the business model that we have at our space and help us maintain more than 97% customer retention.

So, we speak from a place of enormous success, from turning our ideas into actions to not having to struggle to keep your business afloat during the COVID-19 crisis or post COVID-19 crisis.

What about COVID-19’s impact on cybersecurity?

There has always been speculation and fear about the security the cloud technology offers from malicious malware and prevents a company from having to endure a loss that scales up to fortunes when hacked.

Well, we do not deny the threat. As Microsoft cloud technology partner, we strongly recommend and highlight the importance of procuring protection for your cloud infrastructure, with the right tech firm, as you get a guaranteed best security.

Let cloud technology enable your staff to stay home and safe while at the same time allowing them to remain on top of their game with no adjustments in their performance efficiency.

Infomaze's Cybersecurity services_Cloud Computing

The eCommerce sites integrated with third-party payment apps, including Xero, Paypal, etc., Using the API integration services have led to cash-less, no contact product deliveries, leading to a safer option for their delivery employees. With The increase in the cloud presence, the rise in demand for security as a service does not come as shock.

During the forecast period with the COVID-19 crisis, small businesses have chosen to sell their products using the cloud platform and completely shut down their on-premises sales. This growth in eCommerce sites has kept a lot of businesses to stay afloat during this crisis.

The eCommerce sites integrated with third-party payment apps, including Xero, PayPal, etc., have led to cash-less, no contact product deliveries, leading to a safer option for their customers as well as their delivery employees. With the increase in the cloud presence, the rise in demand for security as a service does not come as a shock.

Covid-19 during the industrial 4.0 revolution.

During this time of industrial revolution 4.0, from the advent of machine learning, cloud computing to the Internet of things, large enterprise industries have chosen to automate their entire processes and thereby decreasing the overall human presence. A virtualization review reports that a 30% increase in the cloud business has occurred in large enterprises and a 13% in SMBs.

Industry 4.0 Revolution_Cloud Computing

Cloud computing helps prevent hiccups in your businesses

With the digital transformation drastically seen, even more so during the COVID-19 crisis, the data generated over the cloud is immense. The overall profit, loss, from every company, and other market research data gained can help predict and prepare you to overcome or completely prevent the effects of a recession, by helping you strategize and help you prioritize a product that you need to sell.

It doesn’t stop there! A published article on the Internet of Things in Elsevier, using the machine learning and cloud computing prediction framework, helps in accessing Coronavirus’s rising trends and is being used to predict the growth of the Pandemic in real-time.

Infomaze’s take on dealing with the pandemic

With years of experience, providing the best cloud services, Infomaze has the expertise to handle any complicated project and implement the same successfully. With the rise in COVID-19 cases, there is a need for automation, no doubt.

We take care of all the big names in the industry, be it Azure cloud, AWS cloud or Google cloud, we offer the best SaaS-based cloud solutions that fit your business accurately and take it to the next level, even with the Pandemic looming around us.

Let us know how can we help you
during this Covid-19 Pandemic.


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How our Microsoft Azure DevOps services helps boost your business growth?

As Microsoft cloud solution providers, we customize the Azure DevOps practices to suit your business accurately & provide top-notch Microsoft Azure DevOps services.

An overview of how an ideal DevOps organization structure provides an effecient internal culture.

Microsoft Azure DevOps, previously VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services), is a cloud platform that provides source code management control for developers for agile project management with Azure DevOps.

Our developers at Infomaze have the expertise and the experience handling the Microsoft Azure DevOps project management tools including Azure DevOps Pipeline, Azure DevOps Architects, Azure DevOps Repos, and more for providing, from Azure DevOps consulting services, Azure DevOps migration from Azure DevOps on-premises to Azure DevOps Online, implementation to upgrades for a full cycle application management in your IT infrastructure. Hire Azure Devops Engineers from infomaze now to get the best DevOps organisation structure or book a free consultation with our experts.

Azure DevOps services

Why should you choose DevOps solutions over other application lifecycle management solutions?

To answer the above question, we will first explain, “what is Azure DevOps used for?” with which we will provide a comprehensive list of Azure DevOps benefits.

How the agile planning tools from Azure DevOps can help run your businesses.

Having the right agile planning tools without the right think tanks to utilize it or otherwise, is no use to your company. With the right Azure DevOps team and Microsoft Azure DevOps services, you can get the best of the Azure DevOps project management capabilities.

At Infomaze, with our knowledgeable developers’ help, we bring you the best Azure DevOps solutions with top-notch implementation training.

  • Azure DevOps provides an Integrated Development Environment (IDEs) on its platform and GIT, using which, with the help of Visual Studio, our developers create a plethora of software that takes your business to the next level or to provide it in the azure DevOps extension marketplace.
  • We customize Azure DevOps boards, be it team dashboards, kanban boards, reporting dashboards, or any other kind, from tracking workflow, reaching better communication, to streamlining your business processes.
  • Let us know your business workflow process. With that, we will automate your specific IT software development process and bridge a gap with your operations unit with the help of Azure DevOps Artifacts for the source packages, and Azure Pipelines to obtain a Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD).
  • Using Azure DevOps Repos, with the immense GIT repository access it provides, we built custom APIs and webhooks to bring your products into the marketplace quickly.
  • With the help of Azure DevOps test plans, we help you automate and eliminate manual, repetitive testing, be it end-to-end, performance or security, by providing you with unique Azure DevOps software that we customize for your business specifically.
  • With the help of Azure Monitor-Management Tools, be it for infrastructure automation and configuration, we help you increase your visibility, agility, and manage your IT solutions with live metric tracking.

Azure DevOps benefits you reap by implementing the agile planning tools in your business

With the tools, philosophies, and practices that Azure DevOps offers, along with the advantage the Azure DevOps pricing provides, with our assistance, you get the best consulting services to let you reap the Azure DevOps benefits listed below

  • Speed. with the Azure DevOps Pipeline, using Jenkins or similar software for continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines offers a faster delivery process from building to the deployment of the application.
  • Security and reliability. with the Azure DevOps Monitor services, the performance of virtual machines, Azure Kubernetes services, networking, and Azure database, to name a few, can be managed and monitored at all times. From response time, performance health, and dependencies check to security logs to gain visibility selectively; you get secure and reliable monitoring. With Azure Repos, one can always record, monitor, and keep track of all the changes made in the code.
  • Communication. With Azure DevOps Kubernetes dashboards, team dashboards, it becomes easier to communicate and collaborate between the developers and the operations team while writing programs for microservices to its deployment, following the complete workflow in the pipeline and much more.
Azure DevOps consulting services

Why should you choose Infomaze’s Microsoft Azure DevOps Services?

Infomaze’s Azure DevOps services include Azure DevOps consulting services, CI/CD Pipeline development services, implementation management services, to name a few.

We assure you that you get the most effective, seamless planning services, implementation services, including Azure DevOps migration, Azure DevOps server installation with upgrades, and managed services. We also provide Azure DevOps training with the right implementation strategy.

In short, incorporating Azure DevOps in your business not only provides a high-quality internal culture but leads to an exponential growth in your company.

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Zoho CRM API Integration with ING Bank – A Case Study

Infomaze integrated Zoho CRM with ING bank for one of our clients based to help scale their operations as they needed an application which acquires customers, leads and tool to automate the whole business process.

The customer and their requirements

Infomaze integrated Zoho CRM with ING bank for one of our clients based out of the USA to help scale their operations as they needed an application which acquires customers, leads and a data management tool to automate the whole business process.

They required an option to upload contracts and documents so that everything is at hand as and when it is needed, in a way to centralize all of the documentation on a single location.

This wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the integration because customers wouldn’t exactly know where their money is being invested. Checking in your account, and making well-informed decisions through reports are very important factors.

This includes providing the customer with data about their financial resources, balances, and where all their money is going to.

Zoho CRM API Integration with ING bank

The challenges faced

The company did not want to go the traditional way of acquiring information from its customers using excel spreadsheets and written notes. They needed an application which acquires customers and leads since the whole business will run mostly on the app.

They were looking for a CRM system, particularly Zoho CRM, as a data management tool to automate their entire business processes.

  • An internal application that should reflect everything placed in it to the CRM.
  • The CRM will be used as a back-end for data storage.
  • An automated system to send out regular emails, workflows, and deadlines.
  • A way to constantly engage with the customers to keep them with the business flow.
  • A ticketing system for an enhanced customer experience.

The solution offered by Infomaze

Our client’s primary focus was to have all their data entered to the Zoho CRM. Our expert Zoho CRM consultants at Infomaze integrated Zoho CRM’s API with ING Bank and provided the following features:

    • Zoho CRM as a data management tool.
    • Transfer data collected from their application to Zoho CRM. The CRM will fetch information and create the records.
    • Other business processes are also integrated into the CRM. Aside from data storage, it also sends prompts for form submission and completion reminders and assigning of internal tasks to help move forward.
    • A form builder within the mobile application. Leads can now be turned into potentials customers if they are able to fill out the forms.
    • Continuous follow-up reminders until the said task is completed.
    • A ticketing system to assign tasks to a team or team member, which can be picked up and responded to within the agreed SLA.
    • A blueprint implementer that creates a trail for all the records to get completed. It will enforce the user to go through a series of steps and actions.
Zoho CRM API integration services - Infomaze

Results and ROI

Although our client’s business hasn’t fully launched yet, the Zoho CRM API integration with ING bank has already been tested and showed the following results:

      • Easier tracking of records upon input into the application.
      • Accessible data within the Zoho CRM interface.
      • Manual records aren’t needed for desk assistance.
      • Quicker response rates to customer needs.
      • Gives out prompt reminders to customers who haven’t finished filling up the forms yet.
      • Utilizes data provided to convert them into leads and possible clients in the future.
      • No more manual inputs as everything that needs to be filled out are already within the system.
      • Integration of CRM with third-party mobile applications using API is possible.

Why choose Infomaze for Zoho CRM API integration?

Infomaze has been in the IT industry for over 19 years and has provided solutions, IT consultancy, and other IT related services, including API services to a global clientele. Based out of India, Infomaze also offers a wide range of unbeatable offshore services to any location.

Our Zoho customization services include Zoho implementation, Zoho data migration, Zoho implementation, Zoho app development, Zoho consulting, Zoho admin services, and more. As a Zoho authorized partner, we offer holistic solutions to streamline and automate business processes from finance, human resources, sales & marketing, custom solutions, etc. Added to this, we have extensive experience in the implementation and management of numerous client engagements.

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Migrate Microsoft Access database to Office 365

Migrate Microsoft Access database to Office 365 with the help of Infomaze’s migration experts before Microsoft ends all support for Access 2016 by October 2020.

Migrate Microsoft Access database to Office 365 to meet the requirements of your modern enterprise

The good thing about Office 365 is that it exists on the cloud and is extremely adaptable. You can relocate any amount of data from emails to apps to Office 365 and immediately figure out what might go wrong if you migrate the entire organization.

Microsoft has announced the retirement and shutdown of Microsoft Access web apps (2016) and will stop all support by October 2020, however the extended support will remain until 2025. You can do various things to prepare for the shutdown and migrate to Office 365 in no time.

Microsoft Access migration to Office 365

Access migration to Office365

Understanding how to migrate Access web apps to Office 365 and choosing the best data migration option can be a hard choice in itself. This is where Infomaze’s Office 365 and sharepoint online experts fall in.

Even if you have Access apps as a part of your Office 365 solution, our migration specialists at Infomaze can effectively plan and execute your migration before it’s too late.

There are several ways we migrate data from an Access app to a different data source, including relocating the data to Microsoft SQL Server, exporting the data to an Access desktop database, or exporting the data to SharePoint lists.

Our Office 365 specialists are readily available who are just a click away can help you plan and migrate all your Access web apps and data to Office 365 and Sharepoint online, all while avoiding expensive migration mistakes that could cost you time, effort, and resources.

Don’t get caught unprepared. Get in touch with us today to get started.

Why choose Infomaze for Access migration to Office 365?

Moving out-of-date Microsoft Access apps and database to Office 365 is seldom a straightforward and hassle-free process.

At Infomaze we can evaluate your Microsoft Access data to perform a smooth migration for you. Added to this, we will be immensely pleased to work with you if you wish to include improvements and enhancements as a part of the process.

We highly recommend you to move all versions of your Microsoft Access applications to Office 365 because the mainstream support for Access 2016 ends in October 2020, however, extended support will continue until 2025. Therefore Microsoft suggests migration to the current version of Access before the end of their support period.

application migration

Whether it’s converting databases to Access 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, or Microsoft 365, our developers can do it all. So, if you need to convert pre-Access 2010 databases up to Access 2013, 2016, 2019, or Microsoft 365, Infomaze can help you get there.

Our clients who have previously attempted migrations by themselves have reported that they couldn’t complete the process without errors wherein Access migration to Office 365 froze and declined their requests. Even if you end up completing the process, not all migration errors are logged as part of the method. Hence you’re left not understanding precisely what might have gone wrong during the migration.

Based on our years of experience gained through numerous migrations, we use open source cloud migration tools and outline a well-orchestrated migration strategy and shift your applications and databases to faster workloads with minimum costs and zero risks. Our expert developers hold the right knowledge, skills, and experience to maximize your overall performance and minimize data loss so that your business stays in business during the entire process.

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Want to get your migration right?

Talk to our certified cloud professionals, and they will assist you with all aspects of the migration, right from implementation to deployment. We understand your business needs and can effectively transfer your workloads to the cloud without interrupting your business processes.

Get a free, no obligation quote.

Cloud migration services - Infomaze

The best alternative to Camscanner app – Zoho Docs Scanner-PDF Scan

Infomaze talks about the best alternative to the Camscanner app, integrated with a malicious third-party app. Opt Zoho Docs scanner -PDF Scan for a secure app.

Camscanner is one of the 59 apps that the Indian government placed a ban on, and all of its users are on the lookout for a Camscanner alternative for an intelligent document management system. Not just Indians, but most of everyone is on the lookout for a mobile scanner app to replace the Camscanner app.

Although Camscanner was considered one of the best scanner apps, even before the ban, this app’s usage was unsafe due to a third-party malicious app integrated with it, which allowed unsolicited ads on the scanner app.

Are you on the lookout for the best alternative to Camscanner app?

If you are on the lookout for “The best alternative to Camscanner app” on the internet, you get multiple options. Now the question arises, which mobile scanner app to consider?

The best alternative to the Camscanner App

At Infomaze, we bring you a solution that stands out based on the rich-features it offers, the best alternative to CamScanner App, Zoho Doc scanner – PDF Scan from Zoho Corporation. The PDF document scanner app is available on multiple platforms, including Android on Google Playstore or iOS on the Apple store.

To give you an idea about the Zoho Doc Scanner app’s vast features, We are listing all the mention-worthy features below for you to consider.

  • The Zoho Doc Scanner allows easy scanning and storage of various documents, including business cards, bills, notes, and receipts. The PDF document scanner also intuitively suggests tags automatically and provides reminders while storing all the documents on your desired cloud storage platform.
  • This Camscanner alternative, the Zoho Docs scanner – PDF scan has an excellent option of converting scanned pdf to word or generating a word document from an image scan through its Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature.
  • The Zoho Doc Scanner provides an option of translating your content from English to 15 other languages, including Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, and much more.
  • The intelligent document scanner helps you stay organized with its auto-suggestive tags and categorize all of your documents, create new folders, filter or edit the scanned documents and share the documents on emails and other messaging platforms.
  • The premium version of the Zoho Docs Scanner also lets you sign with digital signatures on the scanned documents and provides an official outlook for all your documents. Zoho, at the moment, has waived the subscription charges on its premium Zoho Docs Scanner – PDF Scan app. Check out here for more details about the same.

Make the Zoho Docs Scanner- the best scanner app with our Zoho customization services.

Hire our certified Zoho developers at Infomaze to take this solution to the next level and help you grow and automate in your business. With the expertise we have, we integrate the PDF document scanner with other Zoho products, including Zoho CRM, Zoho Mail, to name a few and pave the way for automation using custom workflow processes that we set and deliver a truly best alternative to the CamScanner App using our first-in-class Zoho customization services.

Zoho Customization Services

There is no doubt that there are more options to choose from and use it as a Camscanner alternative app. The list includes Microsoft Office Lens, Adobe Scan, Google Drive, to name a few, and much more. But, why not choose a customizable PDF document scanner?

Contact our certified Zoho developers for Zoho customization services for your Zoho Docs Scanner-PDF Scan app or for any p roject specification that you may have. As Zoho authorized partners, we promise to deliver only the best scanner app customizations or customizations for other apps.

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Zoho CRM Customization for a finance firm – A Case Study

In this case study, we discuss how our certified Zoho developers linked a client’s Wix website with Zoho Inventory and Zoho CRM to automate their entire business processes.

The customer and their requirements

Infomaze built a custom Zoho solution for an Australian finance firm that offers vehicle loans and car rental/lease services with warranty, servicing, registration, and insurance.

As an integrated IT solution provider, we linked the client’s Wix website with Zoho Inventory to store all vehicle details. The client was able to automate their entire business process and could quickly manage orders and track inventory through the integration.

Over the years, consumer behavior has drastically changed with the advent of advanced devices and technological innovations. Integrating your website with other Zoho products can simplify the end user’s experience, identify the target audience, and inform your teams on strategies that work for you. More than anything, you can assure your customer base that their data is secure on your system.

We belong to a time where virtually everything is changing before us, thanks to the internet and advanced technology. We no longer need to sit tight for the newspaper or the evening news to stay up-to-date on all the happenings. Excursions to the library or the book shop no longer occupy our time. Our brilliant gadgets are currently an augmentation of our bodies – and even our wallets. We can make purchases in a hurry while never pulling out our wallets or swiping our cards. This specific portable monetary model has moved customer conduct, and this extreme change implies that your business must be sophisticated and latest to remain competitive.


The client’s requirements were:

1. A single, ready to use software for streamlined operations and improved end-user experience.

2. Create essential endpoints in the platform’s API layer to simplify upgrades and enhance the architectural efficiency of any sales platform.

3. Process specific endpoints for improved customer management and back-end processes such as accessing customer and supplier accounts, triggering HR alerts, managing inventory, reordering supplies, and more.

The solution – integration with Zoho CRM and Zoho Inventory

From banking, finance, to wealth management, our Zoho CRM specialists can build a custom solution that works perfectly well across all departments to maximize value, build deeper client relationships, and offer top-notch customer service.

Integrating a professional eCommerce website with Zoho CRM along with other Zoho products like Zoho Inventory, can be a decision fraught with operational and financial concerns. The US-based company had similar requirements.

The solution we built helped our client in many ways, such as lower costs, higher customer satisfaction, increased customer loyalty, 3x more revenue, and more.
There’s no denying the fact that Zoho CRM works best for SMEs owing to its ease of use and cost-effectiveness as compared to other CRM software. There are enormous advantages about integrating your website with Zoho CRM and Zoho Inventory. The two platforms can speak with each other to automate workflow processes in a way so as to no data is left behind or miscommunicated.

By opting for Infomaze’s Zoho CRM customization services , comes an added confidence that your customer’s information is secure along with unmatched user experience.

The CRM integration helped our client uncover new business possibilities

Complete access to client information

Complete access to Client Information

Multi dimensional financial model

Multi-dimensional financial models

Track key performance indicators

Track key performance indicators

Up to date information

Up-to-date information

Built in authentication

Built-in authentication



Results and ROI

  • Integrating line-of-business applications for custom efficiency needs.
  • Sales report combination empowers any approved client to pull deals quotes, contracts, requesting narratives, and information on perusing conduct.
  • Integrating programming brings down operational expenses, improves the perusing and requesting experience on sites, constructs client steadfastness, and upgrades consumer loyalty.
  • CRM programming computerizes numerous assignments that incorporate the creation of precise computations of assessments, customs, and obligations associated with worldwide transportation.
  • Integrated CRM programming encourages the administration of delivery and cargo activities utilizing various bearers.
  • Integration speeds and robotizes gauge CRM capacities, for example, information partaking progressively, custom capacities, and exciting work processes.
  • Any approved client can apply custom channels to qualify leads and improve information with bits of knowledge dependent on client conduct, movement, requesting history, webpage relinquishment, and different kinds of site conduct.
Integration with Zoho CRM - A Case Study - Infomaze
  • It’s anything but difficult to scale business activities for occasional interest by gathering various information directs related to occasional deals and change rates.
  • Integrated stages maintain a strategic distance from the high budgetary expenses and stress brought about by the requirement for visit programming refreshes.
  • B2B organizations with numerous workplaces or potentially retail and discount stores can profit by custom coordination includes that empower tweaking Zoho CRM for every activity and office.
  • Integrated CRM programming interfaces with outsider partners and client confronting devices to give a prevalent client experience, outsourcing, ongoing delivery rates, and significantly more.
  • Offering customized showcases and custom substance to every customer is anything but difficult to manage without producing tumultuous exploration circumstances that squander many work hours and HR. Clearness eCommerce accompanies an AI module that can learn and follow up on your clients’ perusing and buying conduct.
  • Human mistakes are decreased in light of the fact that staff, or the client themselves, just need to enter business data once, and the associated framework sends the information wherever it’s required.
  • Integration empowers natural SEO look by creating robotized changes and SEO-accommodating adaptations of URLs for both item and class pages (Clarity eCommerce include).
  • Sales knowledge is expanded when Sales Reps have increasingly granular information into the perusing and buying practices of their clients.

Why choose Infomaze?

We have significant experience in offering Zoho customization and set up services to financial firms that are into banking, credit unions, wealth management, insurance services, asset management, investment services, etc.

At Infomaze, we offer error-free and comprehensive Zoho CRM customization services. It is the best way to utilize all options that can be merged, that you are not even aware of. Infomaze has experience of over 19 years in the IT industry and has developed, customized, and integrated hundreds of software solutions and applications for clients across the world.

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Ready to automate your business processes with Zoho customization and set up?

Whether it’s customizing Zoho products or migrating data from other software to Zoho, our expert developers can do it all. Support is just a click away!

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Zoho CRM customization services - Infomaze

Zoho Creator Deluge Script Customization – A case study

Our Zoho developers customized a Zoho Creator app using the Deluge Script library to integrate with Google Drive & automate the storage of data seamlessly.

The client: Looking to hire Zoho Creator developers

The client, an illustrating and design company, used the Zoho Creator app to collect data about their clients, leads, and sales, and was looking for automation in data storage in Google Drive.

Infomaze helped them by integrating both the applications using the Zoho Creator integration task successfully.


The challenge: Overcoming manual data-entry from their Zoho creator app

The client had been using a Zoho creator app to collect all relevant data about their customers, sales order and leads, and was manually making the data entry in .txt format.

The manual data entry increased the occurrence of errors, be it messing the delivery date or the time of pre-booked appointments that led to the incurrence of loss for the company.

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The requirement: Zoho customization service provider for Zoho Creator Deluge customization

Zoho Creator app integration with Google Drive

The client wanted to integrate their Zoho Creator app with Google Drive for automation in storing data.

The client also wanted the data being stored in Google Drive to be in .txt format and required us to customize the Zoho Creator Deluge.

The client came to our Zoho Creator consultants with the above requirements and their concerns to procure a secure and uninterrupted data integration between the two applications.

The solution: Zoho Creator Deluge script customization to automate data storage in .txt format in Google Drive

Our Zoho Creator developers, with their expertise in providing the most reliable Zoho customization services, used the Zoho Creator deluge script-library to render a fast and secure integration between the Zoho Creator app and Google Drive.

Our developers for the automation of the Zoho Creator documentation process on Google Drive to occur in .txt format used the right Zoho Creator deluge field actions and deluge variables needed.

The Result: A successful implementation of our Zoho Creator deluge script customization services

Our Zoho Creator developers using the right Zoho Creator deluge field actions and deluge variables to get automation in the process of data storage from the client Zoho Creator app on the Google Drive in .txt format provided a successful implementation of the first-in-class Zoho Creator deluge script customization services.

The client saved time and workforce due to the Zoho Creator deluge script customization services that we provided as it overcame the challenge of manual data storing requirements. Also, the client could improve their business performance along with an increase in ROI.

On the whole, the client benefited from our Zoho Creator deluge script customization services and is planning to hire our Zoho Creator developers for further Zoho customization services.

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Zoho Creator Deluge Script Customization

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Migration to Zoho CRM with Zoho ATS set-up – A case study

Infomaze helped an interior design company with migration from their existing CRM to Zoho CRM along with Zoho Recruitment software set-up.

The Client: Looking to migrate from legacy CRM to Zoho CRM

A reputed design company in search of data migration services to migrate from their existing CRM software to Zoho CRM and an online recruitment software setup.

Infomaze helped them by providing a successful implementation of the Zoho CRM and the Zoho Recruitment software.

Migration to zoho CRM with Zoho ATS set up

The Challenge: Managing the recruitment process without an online recruiting system and shuttling between software for data retrieval

The existing CRM software that the client had been using was not from Zoho. As they had plans of setting up other Zoho applications in their business for higher efficiency, it would mean juggling between the new Zoho applications and their existing CRM software to reach an insightful decision. Also, it would increase the amount of time and workforce spent while reaching a business decision.

Also, the client had plans of expanding their business for which they were hiring recruits, which would lead to an increase in workforce hours during the recruitment process.

The Requirement: Seamless migration to Zoho CRM and Zoho ATS setup

The customer to negate the amount of juggling between their existing CRM system and the new Zoho applications, and to enjoy the complete Zoho CRM features, opted to migrate from their existing CRM to Zoho CRM system and wanted a rapid and secure migration of data.

Also, the client wanted to custom set the Zoho CRM workflow management system to suit their business process specifically.

The client wanted to keep a check on their business performance from dropping and not waste too much time or workforce on the hiring process. They wanted us to set up the Zoho Applicant Tracking Software (Zoho ATS) or Zoho Recruitment software to help them run their business seamlessly.

Zoho CRM migration with Zoho ATS set up

The Solution: Zoho customization for Zoho CRM and Zoho ATS

As Zoho authorized partners, our developers at Infomaze seamlessly carried out the migration into the new Zoho CRM software without disrupting the client day-to-day business processes after repeated testing to ensure every step of the process would go smoothly from re-organizing to filtering out duplicated data on their legacy CRM system.

With the expertise and the top-notch Zoho customization services we render, we customized the Zoho CRM workflow management system for our client with custom actions, triggers, and task assignments for a productive workflow.

Our Zoho experts initiated a successful setup of Zoho ATS or the Zoho Recruitment software and customized it to sort, store, and manage the candidate resumes efficiently.

The Result: Successful implementation of Zoho CRM and Zoho Recruitment software.

The migration from their legacy CRM to the Zoho CRM that Infomaze carried out enabled our client to handle all of their data from all Zoho applications on a single platform and with the easy Zoho CRM integrations available, our client plan to get more Zoho applications implemented in their business.

The customized workflow management system we offered through our Zoho customization services, made it impossible for the client to miss sending a quote/sales order or commence a new task at the right time. The client could also track, prioritize their leads, and set a follow-up efficiently.

Also, with the pre-set criteria that we customized in Zoho Applicant tracking software, including years of experience, recommendations from former employers and more, the client could easily filter out the candidates and automate the process of recruitment.

Overall, our client saved time during the recruitment process and did not have to shuttle between different data sources because of the migration to Zoho CRM. Along with time, our client saved workforce energy and increased their business performance and their ROI effectually.

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Zoho CRM API Integration with Zoho Campaigns – A Case Study

This case study shines light upon how Infomaze helped a US based Mortgage company with Zoho CRM API integration with Zoho Campaigns to run email campaigns.

The Summary – Zoho CRM API integration with Zoho Campaigns for a mortgage company

Infomaze built a custom solution for a US-based mortage company that assists people with purchasing houses by providing low-interest rate loans by integrating Zoho CRM API with Zoho Campaigns.

We linked their Zoho Campaign with LoB for an automated direct mail process to send personalized letters, payment reminders, etc., to their clients. The Zoho CRM API integration provides high-quality direct mail services; including automatic triggers, smart delivery networks, and dynamic control over not just emails but also letters.

Zoho CRM integration with Zoho Campaigns - Infomaze

The Challenge – Synchronization between Zoho CRM, Zoho Campaigns, and LoB

Our client being a mortgage company started their email marketing using LoB, a powerful email marketing solution entirely unrelated to Zoho. Previously, they were using LoB to send mass emails to their customers and leads.

The customer found it hard to send out the same letter but customized for each lead with a specific status. Thus, they had to send a separate message for each lead. This took up most of their time.

They required an option to upload contracts and documents so that everything is at hand as and when it is needed, in a way to centralize all of the documentation on a single location.

While LoB is a great email marketing solution in itself, it doesn’t have a fully automated two-way sync to manage leads and contacts that are handled on a daily basis along with campaign stats. The company’s target goals were:

  • They needed more in the way of integration between LoB, Zoho CRM, and Zoho Campaigns, which would allow them to sync data in two ways.
  • They were looking for an automated system that would help improve their sales processes, to handle a higher volume of sales without adding headcount.
  • They needed a system that helped them to organize their massive database of contacts, which included contacts from all segments of the industry, from real estate agents to brokers to their own subscriber database.
  • The client also needed to be able to track new subscribers to their membership program.

How Infomaze helped?

The client’s requirements were well-defined in detail at the start of the project for a secure collaboration, seamless lead management, task management, and running email campaigns.

The first step in developing the solution was to implement Zoho CRM so that our client can capture leads and generate sales directly into the system.

API integration was not something they were looking for. They had a different requirement that we decided to address through our Zoho customization services. Their goal was to provide timely, relevant, and a custom experience by running fully automated and trackable email campaigns.

We integrated Zoho CRM with Zoho Campaigns to synchronize leads and contacts on a daily basis to target campaigns accordingly. Their old newsletter list was also migrated, and the newsletters are now sent via Zoho campaigns. Stats such as locations, clicks, bounces, reads, etc. can be easily found in the backend and automatically syncing each time an email is sent out.

Zoho CRM is an ideal tool for capturing leads and segmenting them by any number of demographics like name, business type, location, contact information, and more. Lists were created in Zoho CRM and then synchronized to Zoho Campaigns to target those lists depending upon the type of email campaign. The synchronization between Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns meant that it wasn’t required to export spreadsheet lists and import them into a third-party email marketing software to run campaigns every single time.

The process of shooting bulk emails got much more straightforward, allowing their staff with zero experience of HTML coding to generate visually appealing emails. At the click of a button, the mortgage company can see stats such as clicks, reads, bounces, and more.

Zoho Compaigns Integration
  • Capturing new leads from the business website contact form
  • Lead conversion management
  • Storing contact data, business-related fields, financial information, and so on.
  • Email templates for repetitive accounting processes
  • Workflow alerts based on time triggers such as tax return dates etc.
  • APIs to send out customized emails based on specific action events.

Results and ROI

So far they’ve been sending out numerous campaigns to make announcements, generate sales, and manage their workflow from a single place. Their staff is now recording all their potential projects in the CRM along with the stage and various other data fields. Added to this, they’re currently using the system on their mobile devices, enabling them to track the status of leads and deals in real-time.

By migrating to Zoho Campaigns, the company now has a single place to look after all their CRM and email marketing needs. They are now able to create target lists in Zoho CRM and automatically sync Zoho Campaigns to shoot emails and then view the stats in Zoho Campaigns, each time you run an email campaign.

The long-term benefit of this Zoho integration is that all new leads as a result of email campaigns are automatically pushed to Zoho CRM and then converted to sales. This wouldn’t be possible with a separate CRM and email marketing solution.

A project portal was added that allows the staff to create milestones and add tasks to track business development amongst the team, therefore giving an effective project management tool for the company.

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