Application Migration Services in India

Modern methods for seamless and error-free application migration

More often than not, migration is inevitable due to reasons like server maintenance, website consolidation or storage equipment replacements.

Although it may seem like it is not worth investing in newer technologies, it is imperative to understand that newer technologies make way for newer possibilities too! This investment actually helps your business reduce operating costs and improve overall performance of your business processes immediately as well as in the long run. In fact, it is one of the best business decisions that one could make.

Why Infomaze:

  • With the perfect blend of technology and common sense, solutions that we provide here at Infomaze can top the chart those provided by other similar service providers.
  • Before any further steps, team Infomaze in India ensures that enough time is allotted for the assessment & planning stages as this is where the process actually begins. How the process goes on, entirely depends on these steps.
  • Infomaze also ensures that there are no complications in the process so everything is transparent for you to see.

Application migration is a type of data migration and involves porting an existing solution and database into a better and improved platform, technology or device with little data loss or none at all. 

Since the process involves all or most of your data including the data that’s crucial for your business, you cannot take any risk of losing that data when you are opting for Application Migration Services.

While constant data security is a concern, protecting your data from loss during the process itself is equally important. Infomaze understands how important legacy applications are to any company and we take good care to optimize the same in as lesser cost as possible.

No matter what your concern or the reason you require these services, Infomaze provides you with such seamless solutions from India that you will be pleasantly surprised. 

Specialization of team Infomaze in India:

  • Database Migration in India – older versions of MSSQL SERVER to MSSQL SERVER 2008/2012; PostgreSQL to MySQL and vice versa; MS Access Database to MSSQL SERVER or any other.
  • Web Application Migration in India – Classic ASP to ASP.NET (C#); CGI Perl to PHP; Desktop applications to Web-based solutions.

Along with the above mentioned services, Infomaze also masters like software upgrade, web and mobile development, the above process also tops our list. We have enough experience (far over a decade, to be precise!) to create solutions and have a good hold on suggesting you with the best ways.

During the process, Infomaze ensures that there is:

  • No or highly negligible downtime
  • No corruption or scope for data loss
  • Never a performance degradation

Infomaze renders the process seamless by recommending the right technology and plan based on your situation. Application Migration to Cloud technology is one field that Infomaze specializes in and the consists of a team of experts on cloud technology. The team creates a test environment for verifying the process prior to complete porting. All services that Infomaze provides are flexible enough to benefit clients at all time. 

Application Migration Services

No matter how great the data you have collected is, they can only be put to use via applications. Thus, your business always needs to have access to all important applications, regardless of the technical situation. 

A smooth workflow is the foundation for everything! Having a great team starts with a great work plan. This applies for every step of a project.